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What I Learned About Performance Management From Working at Facebook


Through my collective experiences shared below, I think it’s important for companies to have some form of performance management in order to keep employees motivated and improve employee retention. NexTag (the need for structure/performance management process). Am I being compensated appropriately? Click To Tweet.

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This is How Google Redefines Performance Management


Google’s commitment to its employees can explain why the company has topped the Great Place to Work list in 2013 and 2014, and it has remained in the top five in the preceding years. A closer look reveals another important factor in this victory: Google’s carefully constructed and truly nurturing performance management system.


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Two Types of Compensation People

Compensation Cafe

Compensation people seem to come in two types: employee judges and employee advocates. Another group (which I will carelessly label "advocates") prefers to ignore individual performance distinctions and instead would confer identical generous compensation rights to all employees. Or am I seeing things that aren't there, again?

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5 Keys to Building a Human-Centric Performance Management Process


Here are four keys you can begin implementing today to support a more human-centric performance management process: Build Genuine Relationships. Inadequate monetary compensation. In an Entrepreneur Magazine article, Andre Lavoie lists five simple things managers can do to show the love. Lack of non-monetary rewards.

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Update: Employee Compensation at Wells Fargo

Compensation Cafe

Compensation Cafe has covered Wells Fargo's pay practices since 2009, when the Bank canceled prefunded employee recognition and rewards events in the midst of the Recession, blaming it on federal government restrictions on bank practices following the subprime mortgage crisis. That means your compensation plan, too.). Trick or Treat?

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20 Must-Have HRMS Tools for CHROs


Human Resources (HR) has diverse tasks, making managing complicated. They have to handle the payroll system, recruitment, retention, training, and performance management of employees. They can provide a more efficient job when it comes to managing recruitment, payrolls, employee performance and compensation, and timesheets.

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More Performance Management Survey Results—What Might Your Supervisors Be Doing Wrong?

HR Daily Advisor

In yesterday’s Advisor , we presented some of the results of our 2015 Performance Management Survey; today, the rest of the results, including the role of HR and the top five errors supervisors make. When setting individual performance pay factors, employees are heavily involved for 8.5% (up from 6.8% Forms and tools.