Social Recruiting: It’s All About the Mobile

China Gorman

With the fiercely competitive nature of talent acquisition, what can organizations do to make sure their recruiting and organizational talent management functions are up to speed? 69% of recruiters expect competition to increase in 2015.

Q&A with Laura Carstensen: Why You Can't Afford to Ignore Senior Talent

Cornerstone On Demand

While workplaces often focus on recruiting younger talent, they’re ignoring the opportunities that seniors bring to their businesses, says Laura L. What are companies often ignoring about the value of older talent? Talent Management Talent Management Baby Boomers Generations

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Why Should You Want to Work There?

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But consultants and their client companies have to pay more attention to what''s actually happening: "The War for Talent" is really "the system-to-make-it-as-difficult-as-possible-to-ever-get-in-the-door.". Many tout their Talent Management initiatives.

The MUSTS of Talent Management

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Coinciding with Cielo’s brand launch on May 12, 2014 , and to demonstrate the importance of proactively supporting cultural diversity, work-life balance and employee engagement, we introduced the Cielo Talent Activation Index.

5 Culture Trends for 2019

2018 Global Culture Study uncovers 5 big culture. attract, engage, and retain top talent should. talent with technology. Talent as core to HR. PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT The saying “the annual performance review. management. performance management.

Weekly Must Reads: Fears Rise Over Robot Job-Takers

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Turns out CEOs share more traits with HR execs than others in the C-Suite, according to a new study. According to the newly released 2014 “Best Places to Work in the Federal Government” survey, some agencies have bucked the trend to drastically improve morale.

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HR: How Disconnected Are You From Employees?

China Gorman

ADP recently released a report which, based on data they’ve collected from several studies, examines the causes and implications of a persistent disconnect recorded between HR’s and employees’ perceptions. ADP China Gorman Data Point Tuesday HR Human Capital Workplace Studies HR Studies

Study 159

Case Study: Using Hackathons to Attract, Develop, and Engage Talent


Leaders stay out of hackathon management and leave it to the engineering staff.”. By 2014, the hackathon events were a standard practice within the company. My manager and I have these kinds of discussions regularly.”

Supply Chain Management: Closing the Skills Gap

China Gorman

So how do we remedy this talent shortage and close the skills gap? USCCF’s approach, dubbed talent pipeline management , is expected to provide more effective transitions for students into the workforce and improved career advancement for current workers.

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Will 2015 Be the Year of Worrying About Employee Burnout?

TLNT: The Business of HR

Developing policies and procedures that relieve employees’ sense of being overwhelmed at work and promote sustainable work habits will be one of the top organizational change management initiatives of 2015,” says ClearRock , a leadership development, executive coaching, and outplacement firm.

Study 110

6 Easy (But Smart) Ways to Keep Remote Workers in the Loop

TLNT: The Business of HR

In fact, an estimated 3 million Americans consider home their primary place of work, according to a study by Global Workforce Analytics. It’s hard enough to keep employees in the office up-to-date on company affairs, so how do you manage to keep virtual employees within the company loop?

Three Engagement Trends to Plan Next Year’s Strategy By

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Since 2007, Modern Survey has been releasing the results of their annual State of Engagement survey each Fall, and since it’s pretty much the only large-scale engagement study released in Q4, it is extremely helpful in giving organizations an idea of workforce attitudes heading into the New Year.

Whether Employers Realize It Or Not, It’s Now a Candidate-Driven Market

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MRINetwork’s most recent Recruiter Sentiment Study says that 83 percent of the 333 responding recruiters describe the current employment market as candidate-driven. The candidate-driven market is here to stay and the pace at which candidates are rejecting offers is quickening.

Cielo 2014: The 10 Best Stories You May Have Missed!

Cielo HR Leader

And so the sun sets on 2014. 2014 was a remarkable, unprecedented year shaped by change for all involved in HR, recruiting and talent strategy. Many recruiters and talent strategists understand the importance of leveraging social media.

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Labor Department Going After More Wage and Hour Laws Violations

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Employees in New York and California are being cheated out of millions in wages by their employers, a new study reveals, and the U.S. These two states were selected for the study because of their large workforce. Legal overtime talent management wage & hour

Study 98

Talent Acquisition 2014: A Look Back and Ahead

Brandon Hall

Talent acquisition is the most complex area of human capital management, yet many companies lack the necessary resources, tools and capabilities to build a results-driven program. In fact, only 8% of companies have an optimized talent acquisition strategy.

The 3 Most Important Questions to Include in Your HR Software RFP


Ask for similar case studies and reference sites. It’s all very well for suppliers to be promoting themselves, but what you need for real re-assurance is a number of case studies and reference sites.

The 3 Most Important Questions to Include in Your HR Software RFP


Ask for similar case studies and reference sites. It’s all very well for suppliers to be promoting themselves, but what you need for real re-assurance is a number of case studies and reference sites.

A Players or Top Guns: Call Them What You Want, You Need More of Them


Despite the obvious answer, Kleiman notes that employers and managers frequently keep mediocre workers around rather than replace them with top talent (whom he refers to as “A players”). Recruiting top talent isn’t easy by any stretch.

The Human Resources Intern Site

New to HR

The end of school or study approaches faster than anyone will readily admit and, with that, comes the need to find internships that have the potential of leading to successful careers. HR Intern Talent Management graduate programme Human Resources New to HR

Reskilling and Upskilling Our Workforce Are Essential as Talent Gaps Expand


More than a third of the world’s employers are struggling to find the right talent. ManpowerGroup’s 2013 Talent Shortage Survey canvassed more than 38,000 employers worldwide, and 35% of them reported “difficulty filling jobs due to lack of available talent.”

5 Ways to Help Get Employees to Think More Strategically

TLNT: The Business of HR

Best of TLNT Best practices Change management Company culture HR communications HR management strategy talent management Editor’s Note : It’s a TLNT holiday tradition to count down the most popular posts of the year. This is No.

Study 83

Employee Recognition Should Be Pervasive


Yet the report goes on to say that “only 14% of organizations provide managers with the necessary tools for rewards and recognition.” As decades of studies have shown, employee recognition is an integral component of effective performance management.

The Girls of HR

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Human Resources should be about getting the best out of people so isn''t it ironic that we sometimes struggle to bring in a culture of creativity because we spend more time fighting each other than trying to pool our talents and achieve as a team.

Study 82

Ignore Youth, Destroy The Economy?


There is no way of nurturing talent unless we’re bringing people through, teaching them the ropes, and giving them the opportunities they desire. As an employer, he is fascinated by talent development and management.

Being Great Means Being Grateful


While studies show that 88% of employees found praise from their manager highly motivating and 76% found peer praise very motivating , we don’t need surveys to know that thanking someone for the work is a good thing to do – our own experience tells us that.

How Can We Be Happier At Work?


It seems that for every important aspect of our work lives, there is a study telling us that we just aren’t getting it right. Consider that managers might hold the key. The puzzle as to what constitutes a great manager may be more easily solved than we might have thought.

7 Trends to Expect in 2015

Cielo HR Leader

As recruiters, talent acquisition professionals and leaders in HR, the importance of employee engagement, culture, job satisfaction and retention is often discussed. Do you see competition for talent as an obstacle? 3.) Hiring manager satisfaction. 1 in 2014.

HR’s Guide to Compensation Communications


And what about your managers? More than half (53%) of respondents in’s 2014 compensation survey felt their organization does not offer manager training to teach them how to talk to employees about compensation.

Talent Management Scorecards: Templates to Get Started

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Jayson Saba, vice president of Market Strategy, Ceridian HCM, offered his tips at the SHRM Talent Management Conference, held recently in San Diego. Your dashboard can help to bring this home to management. HCM Trends 2014, Aberdeen Group, January 2014.

Are You Prepared for the 2020 Workforce?

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of employed professionals “hoped” to leave their job at some point in 2014 , with 52.6% On November 5, Cielo hosted a webinar – Talent Activation Index LIVE! Laggards are between “average” and “poor” in achieving their top strategic talent objectives.

5 Steps to an Effective Internal Investigation

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Talent management challenges like Millennials managing Baby Boomers you once thought would have retired years ago. To help you get your head around big-picture strategy for 2015 and beyond, HR’s Game Plan for the Future provides a detailed rundown of trends, case studies, and best practices in the following areas: Recruiting and Hiring. Talent Management. HR Policies & Procedures BLR HR Talent Technology

Recommended Human Resources Conferences To Attend in 2015

Unbridled Talent

If you’re an HR, talent acquisition or learning and development professional, you should definitely make plans to attend #shrm15. The sheer size (12,000 – 15,000 attendees) typically means there are numerous networking opportunities, the chance to visit and connect with vendors who provide every conceivable product or service in the industry, and a wide variety of speakers on topics ranging from compliance issues, to talent management, to personal growth, and strategic leadership.

A New Focus on Team Development and Performance

Brandon Hall

If you have any interest in the Human Capital Management technology space, then you likely heard the news that HR and technology expert Jason Averbook, has joined The Marcus Buckingham Company (TMBC) as CEO.

Employee Recognition: Keep it Simple

Brandon Hall

That’s surprising because more than 80% of organizations that responded to Brandon Hall Group’s just-completed 2014 Employee Engagement Study cited recognition as a valuable tool for driving engagement. I work for a company where recognition flows freely from managers and peers.

HCMx Radio Episode 3: Talking Talent Acquisition with Kyle Lagunas

Brandon Hall

Tune in for episode 3 of Brandon Hall Group’s HCMx Radio, Talking Talent Acquisition with Kyle Lagunas. In this show, my guest is Kyle Lagunas , Talent Acquisition Analyst at Brandon Hall Group.

“I know the perfect person…”

HR Times

Posted by Robin Erickson on October 21, 2014. Talent is universal. is the Vice President for Talent Acquisition Research at Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting LLP. She writes about various topics in talent acquisition, including integrating with talent management, improving quality of hire for critical jobs, leveraging social recruiting to build talent pools, and building a global recruiting function. 3 The Talent Acquisition Factbook® 2011.

Your Organization Most Likely Has a Skills Gap. Here’s How to Close It


By Mark Brandau, Vice President, Talent Solutions, SuccessFactors, an SAP Company Think there isn’t a skills gap in your organization? A new study by Accenture shows that 46% of executives at large U.S. Learning HCM hr HRTech Leadership Shortage Skills Assessment Skills Gap Skills Management Talent Management companies say their organizations lack the skills they need. The gaps exist at all levels, including leadership.

Study 57

What Is Skills Management All About?


By Steven Venokur, Managing Partner with People Sciences, Inc. and a contributing partner with SuccessFactors (Originally posted on SAP Community Network) This is first in a series on Skills Management. It includes discussions on the establishment of a skills management program, skills assessment process, skills architecture, skills library, best practices, and case studies.

Top 10 Talent Trends

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Summer is in full swing, and 2014 has reached the halfway point (albeit a couple of weeks ago, on July 1). As the year continues to race by, today we take a step back to recap the most noteworthy 2014 statistics to date. How has the mindset of today’s talent shifted in recent months?