Solidifying a Competitive Advantage with Engagement Benchmarking

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Benchmarking enables companies to compare organizational metrics with their peers and competitors, confirming strengths and opportunities for improvement. Of course, this data is even more insightful when weighed against industry benchmarks.

Raising the bar in benchmarking

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Even the legendary Chinese general Sun Tzu was a sucker for benchmarking. In this article I’ll explore the origins, future, flaws, and benefits of benchmarking. . The origins of benchmarking. The term benchmarking (in its current meaning) originated in the eighties.

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Industry Verticals, Organizational Cultures, and Benchmarking


These groups are so large that they often self-insure many of their insurance coverages, and soon terms like “benefits administration,” “workflow” and “benchmarking” become a regular part of your vocabulary.

Intent Industry News: ABM Benchmarks, Data Strategy, B2B as B2C, and More

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The roundup includes articles that cover ABM benchmarks, the push for stronger data strategies, treating B2B marketing more like B2C, challenges for the modern marketer in the B2B industry, and an obsession with intent data. Live Webinar: ABM Benchmarks for 2020.

Intent Data Industry News: Buyer Intent Data Tools Insight, ABM Benchmarks, 2020 B2B Marketing Predictions, and More

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We cover a 2019 market report on Global Buyer Intent Data Tools, the improved ROI of data-driven marketing, 2019 ABM benchmarks, B2B marketing predictions for 2020, and what’s working in intent-based strategies. Key Findings from the ABM Benchmark Survey.

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Top 5 Trending HR analytics Articles of October 2018

Analytics in HR

Welcome to this fall edition of our ‘Most Trending Articles’ of 2018! Enjoy the following top articles in the HR Analytics space of October 2018! #5: Starting off this month, we have a great article by Eric Siegel on predictive analytics. Read the rest of his article here ! #4:

Compensation Management: Salary Benchmarking and Beyond


This process is called compensation benchmarking. How is compensation benchmarking done? The first step in compensation benchmarking is to build a list of salary ranges for current and future job roles. Compensation benchmarking is designed to maintain fairness for both the employer and the employee. What are some other means to evaluate compensation without benchmarking? This article is intended only for informational purposes.

3 Must-Read Digital HR and HR Tech Articles of October 2018

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Welcome to another brand new edition of our ‘Must-Read Digital HR and HR Tech Articles’. The top articles of October feature a piece on employee engagement 3.0, In this topical article, John Hollon highlights the importance of a workplace smartphone policy.

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5 Ways To Benchmark Your Digital Learning Strategy


Read all of my Forbes articles here. The digital economy is opening up tremendous opportunities for forward-thinking companies and their employees.

A Strong Dose of Strategy

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He supplemented this feedback with data, leveraging metrics like time to fill, number of hires, hiring manager satisfaction, candidate satisfaction, and industry benchmarks to identify opportunities and develop a business case for change.

This Week in Employee Engagement: July 7, 2017

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What We’re Reading This Week: Employee Engagement and the New Employee Experience — Author Jacob Morgan walks readers through the evolution of employee engagement in this article in TLNT. The utter explosion of digital content presents countless opportunities for learning.

Strength in Numbers

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We undertook a thorough review of each of the legacy company’s policies and benchmarked industry standards as well. Engaged Workforce Talent Retention Workforce Management Benefits CHRO-Focused Article Culture Data & Analytics Magazine Article October-2019

This Week in Employee Engagement: After #HRTechConf

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Learn more what Bersin shared about the future of HR Tech in this article from HRE Daily. Webinar: Employee Engagement and Recognition Benchmarks — How do your engagement and recognition programs stack up within your industry? of Maritz Motivation Solutions and Recognition Professionals International (RPI) will share key takeaways from our most recent research study, how to use benchmarks to gauge success of programs, and tips for improving your engagement strategy.

Cutting-Edge Change

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We developed a kind of database as a benchmark. The AI tool then compares each candidate’s language with the benchmark. Enabling Technology APAC APAC-JulyAug-2019 CHRO-Focused Article HR Technology Leadership Magazine Article

A Complete Guide to Employee Engagement for 2020


With this study as a benchmark to describe Employee Engagement, one can safely say that hiring and retaining the right talent is an organic process that needs to be part of your company’s basic structure. An Engaged Employee is the Holy Grail for any business.

HRO Today Association Update: TAlent Acquisition—TAke Note

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Certified service and technology providers have been evaluated against industry standards and benchmarks, and have been vetted by HRO Today to ensure ethical standards of operation and customer satisfaction. Uncategorized December-2019 HRO Today Association Magazine Article

Keeping Work Travel Balanced for Employees to Prevent Turnover

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In the event an employee decides to leave, make sure you get insight into turnover benchmarks with in-depth analytics through an outsourced exit interview, like ExitRight®.

Singapore: Poor Numbers Belie Economic Transition

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Professionals in these areas can command salary increments of between 10 and 15 percent when switching jobs, according to Page’s Singapore Salary Benchmark 2020 report, which is based on more than 10,000 data points, including job advertisements and placements.

Mobility Metrics That Matter

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Engaged Workforce Relocation Benefits Data & Analytics Employee/Candidate Experience July-August-2019 Magazine ArticleHarnessing the power of data is leading to better decision-making and improved employee satisfaction to boot. By Debbie Bolla.

CEO’s Letter: We Should Be Better (If CEOs Would Only Join Us)

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So, while HR has benchmark data and justification capability for virtually every other job in an organization, the CEO or comp committee of the board does not use the same level of rigor. Payroll December-2019 Leadership Magazine Article


The Intelligent Business Show: EP05 – Intelligence Driven UX: Insight Between the Clicks

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Decibel Insight is a company whose digital experience intelligence platform helps companies measure, benchmark, and improve customer experiences.

Employee Disengagement – Not the Same As Being Grumpy

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If you haven’t seen it, there’s an interesting article in The New York Times titled, “ Generation Grumpy: Why You May Be Unhappy if You’re Around 50 ”. Which leads me to the title of The New York Times article.

Steps to building your own high-performance culture

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If it’s high-performance culture, then this article is for you. Organize internal seminars and benchmarking programs. Articles performance management process continuous feedback“Talent is the multiplier.

Handling Employee Harassment by Customers

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We offer several survey solutions, including our StayRight program to help strengthen your employee retention, and ExitRight® to provide insight into turnover benchmarks and more.

GDPR is Changing the Enterprise Outbound Sales Landscape

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Keep consistent tabs on what each department needs to succeed in order to hit each other’s benchmarks. Featured Articles Marketing and Sales cyber security data protection data security EU europe European Union GDPR general data protection regulation Privacy protection

Going Beyond Basic Benefits

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According to Corporate Senior Vice President and CHRO LeighAnne Baker, the organization’s benefits strategy has resulted in lower turnover than its competitors, higher employee engagement rates than industry benchmarks, and improved year-over-year diversity and inclusion metrics. Benchmark.


Employee performance management tool for the modern HR professional

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The system also enables you to do company-level performance reporting which you can use to help benchmark performance against the external competition. Articles employee performance management employee performance

Future-Proof Payroll

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enhancing analytics offerings to include more predictive capabilities, with 54 percent of HR service partners offering some level of predictive analytics and nearly 15 percent offering a benchmarking capability.

Forget Traditional Leads: Close More Deals with IQOs

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Find out where you stand amongst your peers and get tips on weaving intent data throughout your sales and marketing efforts to transform missed opportunities into win-rates by taking our 5-question benchmark assessment, How Much Do You Know About Intent Data? Featured Articles Intent Marketing and Sales B2b B2C close deals intent intent qualified opportunity intent scoring leads Marketing marketing and sales marketing funnel Sales sales funnel SalesForce third-party intent wins

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Handling Conflict between Different Workplace Departments

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Using exit interviews, like ExitRight® , will give your company turnover benchmarks and analytics, so you are able to effectively improve your employee retention for others. In any office setting, there will almost always be a division of teams.

Transportation Talks Podcast – Are Your Recruiting, Screening and Retention Programs Optimized for Success?

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In this first edition of the Transportation Talks podcast, Dr. Todd Simo, HireRight’s Managing Director of Transportation and Chief Medical Officer provides a sneak peek into the results of the Transportation Annual Benchmark Survey results. Visit the HireRight Blog to read the full article.

5 inspiring books to help you improve employee engagement


In our previous article, Insights from Culture Amp’s 2018 Benchmarks , we shared the top five questions that were drivers of employee engagement across all of our customers.

Promoting from Within Should Be a Priority

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Whenever an employee chooses to leave, be sure to utilize an exit interview, such as the ExitRight® , which presents you with turnover benchmarks and provides quick turnaround on the feedback received, allowing you to take action sooner.

ExitRight® Norms and Retention

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Our article about the most important turnover causes for employees in 2017 illustrated trends across all industries and drew out some interesting exceptions. Articles Employee RetentionData-driven Ways to Improve Retention.

ExitRight® Norms and Retention

HSD Metrics

Our recent article about the most important turnover causes for employees in 2017 illustrated trends across all industries and drew out some interesting exceptions. Articles Employee RetentionData-driven Ways to Improve Retention.