People Analytics: How to Solve Business Problems

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Every business has problems they want to solve. The key to solving business problems is. One approach to make for better data gathering and problem solving would be to use analytics. The organization wants to collect information and data on the who, what, when, and where.

The True Value of the Vendor Hall at your next HR Conference


Look beyond the giveaways and trinkets to opportunities for vendor education, thought leadership and efficiency in the buying process. I know what you are thinking – the Vendor Hall is the area within the conference venue that I’ll visit for receptions (hello, free cocktails and hors d’oeuvres!), walk through to grab the coolest tchotchkes I see, and enter to win prizes. Don’t say yes if you know that you aren’t going to answer any of their phone calls or e-mails.

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How to Plan Time For Self Learning

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I came across this article from Harvard Business Review titled, “ 6 Ways to Take Control of Your Career Development If Your Company Doesn’t Care About It ”. I’d recommend bookmarking it and carving out time to read it. They are being asked to do a lot at work.

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How to Resign From Your Job Properly

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Over the years, we’ve spent a lot of time talking about the right way to get a job. I think it only makes sense to talk about the right way to resign when you leave a job. Because there is a right way to do it. So, think through how you want it to happen.

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Real Examples of How HR Certification Can Advance Your Career

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While speaking at the SHRM conference in Illinois, the audience had a great conversation about the value of human resources certification that is worth sharing! Here’s what some real HR professionals have to say about getting their HR Certification and how it impacted their careers.

How To Include Your Remote Workers In Holiday Festivities

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According to a FlexJobs report , 65% of workers believe they’re more productive at home than in a traditional office. So how can you include remote workers in holiday traditions? Then, donate the gifts to a children’s charity of your choice.

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How to Find Mentors Who Will Support Your Goals

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(Editor’s Note: Today’s post is brought to you by our friends at Capella University. Capella is an accredited online university dedicated to providing an exceptional, professionally-aligned education that puts you a position to succeed in your field. Up to $2,500 for MBA.

How to Attend an HR Conference (and make it worth your while) [Podcast]


One of the greatest compliments I get from you, the listener, is when I have the opportunity to share something highly practical with you that you can use to improve your results in a powerful way. Think about the last conference you attended. Research tells us that within a few days we forget most of what we hear in a single training session, much less a whole conference with a wide range of topics.

10 Great Examples of Workplace Wellness Programs


Developing a fitness or health habit can take considerable effort, with estimates ranging from 21 to 66 days of daily repetition. Related reading: How to Design an Effective Employee Wellness Program. 10 Great Examples of Workplace Wellness Programs.

So you want to speak at HR conferences? Advice for the journey


Conferences. I’ll talk to pretty much anyone about anything related to HR. If I show up to the pre-conference party myself, I’ll eat quickly and leave for the safety of my hotel room and a good book. It’s great to have some areas of specialty.

How to Reduce Individual Stress Levels at Work

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I must admit, it was a great way to wrap up our day. I don’t know about anyone else…but I love going to conferences for the learning and ideas. Of course, this means I’m learning and adding to my own stress. Or we want to be on a special project that will get us noticed.

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New Hires Not Engaged? How to Design an Onboarding Intervention

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( Editor’s Note: Today’s post is brought to you by our friends at Readex Research , which provides expert survey services to help businesses understand their internal and external customers. So, when new hires arrive, the goal is to get them productive as soon as possible.

Stories that Matter: Internal Communication Professionals in Canada Finally Get an Industry Conference in Toronto


Where can you go in Toronto to find the latest best practices for internal communicators? Up until 2018, IC professionals in Canada had to make those connections where they could—perhaps on LinkedIn, or traveling overseas or to the U.S. KEYNOTE: From Order-Taker to Oracle.

How to Find Bottlenecks In Your Talent Acquisition Process

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Being able to deal with constraints is an important part of business. Constraints are stages of a process that causes the entire process to slow down, be less effective, or stop completely. It’s about getting to the root cause of the constraint.

Finding Inspiration at Work: How to Get Your Mojo Back


To feel motivated, most people must first be inspired by something or someone — whether it’s a new project, a different direction, or a new colleague with which to try new approaches to big company problems. Do people cause you to feel drained or recharged, energy-wise?

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How to Turn HRBPs into People Analytics Evangelists


A key point made in the piece is that HR continues to struggle to deliver effective talent strategy. However, a great HRBP is hard to find and the structure of the HRBP role requires re-engineering. They must be able to measure talent performance.

Keep Fighting – Thoughts from a Nonprofit Conference


In the past I would have imagined (based on my own experiences working in and with nonprofit organizations) that many nonprofits and NGOs are backward at worst and behind the times at best due to limited resources. ” But how? Honestly, I’m not here to beat you up.

How to ensure that your online conference calls are successful


You need to be sure that you have the attention of all the attendees, and that something productive result from the meeting. Obviously you’ll want to have a good grasp of the application you are using for your online conference calls.

ICYMI: How to Actually Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

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Editor's Note: In today's fast-paced news cycle, we know it's difficult to keep up with the latest and greatest HR trends and stories. To make sure you're updated, we're recapping the most popular trends, events and conversations every month in our " In Case You Missed It " series.

The Art of the Employee Referral: a complete guide with tips and examples


Have you ever thought that when you’re posting your job ads, you’re spending money to advertise to people you already know or could know through your colleagues’ network? This is a more structured way to organize how your company requests and receives employee referrals.

How to Show the Value of Your Next HR Initiative

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Whether it’s a flawless plan to support a flexible work culture or an idea to increase employee engagement that you learned at a recent conference, you have confidence that your new initiative will benefit your employees and your organization. What needs to be done?

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Employee Perks: 9 Affordable Examples for Any Company


Is your people and culture team looking for affordable ideas on how to attract and retain employees? For instance, one of our clients, the David Suzuki Foundation , offers a 4-day work week to their employees to foster better work-life balance.

How to Evaluate the Success of Your Company’s Onboarding Program

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(Editor’s Note: Today’s post is brought to you by our friends at SilkRoad , a global leader in Talent Activation. At this year’s HR Technology Conference and Expo, SilkRoad announced a strategic partnership with CareerBuilder to provide client companies an enhanced onboarding experience.

How to Develop Healthy Habits When You’re Busy All the Time

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Ever since I saw the headline that “ Sitting is the New Smoking ”, I’ve been trying to figure out ways to add more activity into my daily routine. But I have to admit, developing healthy habits is hard. Getting a little activity would help to reduce stress and stay focused.

People Analytics Conferences Data-Driven HR Leaders Can’t Miss in 2018


The HR teams that will succeed in 2018 and beyond are those that have a grasp on how the developments of the data age will impact the workforce and their business. Why is it so important for HR to attend at least one conference on data and analytics? Be sure to check back!

How to Get Hired as a Cybersecurity Specialist


A well-rounded background ensures the ability to work well with marketers and web developers on a team, as well as the ability to remain flexible in terms of industries in need of cybersecurity specialists. Be Open to Different Industries & Alternative Positions.

How to Ask for a Raise So You Actually Get One


There are so many un-fun things about being an adult: being sleepy all the time, having to remind yourself not to ruin your appetite before dinner, and being responsible for your own professional advancement. And finally, you might not know what to do if you’re told “no.”

TED Talk Tuesday: How to Speak So That Others Listen

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From delivering a presentation at work to having a casual conversation with a colleague, the way individuals speak can have a massive impact on their career. According to Treasure, these "speaking sins" make others less likely to listen to what individuals have to say.

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Job consolidation: How to effectively merge positions


But it can be a challenge for managers and teams to pick up the slack. Here’s what you need to know about redistributing a departing employee’s work, including: How to talk about it. How to get the work done. How to keep your team engaged.

Bet Big on These HR Tech Conference 2017 Sessions


This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the HR Technology Conference. In 1998, a panel of HR experts and futurists were asked to predict how HR would change in 2008 , and in 2008, another panel was tasked with envisioning the HR of 2018.

How to harness the power of personalization


Cristina Goldt, vice president of HCM products at Workday, is one of the presenters who will speak during the opening keynote, In Data We Trust , at the upcoming HR Technology Conference & Expo , Oct. And how does it enable better employee learning and development?

How To Participate in an #HR Twitter Chat


Several exist—SHRM’s #NextChat and TalentCulture’s #WorkTrends are popular and notable examples. Conferences and Expos Marketing & PR Tips SHRM TwitterTipsHave you ever participated in an HR industry Twitter chat?

Bet Big on These HR Tech Conference 2017 Sessions


This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the HR Technology Conference. In 1998, a panel of HR experts and futurists were asked to predict how HR would change in 2008 , and in 2008, another panel was tasked with envisioning the HR of 2018.

Bet Big on These HR Tech Conference 2017 Sessions


This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the HR Technology Conference. In 1998, a panel of HR experts and futurists were asked to predict how HR would change in 2008 , and in 2008, another panel was tasked with envisioning the HR of 2018.

PayScale Is Headed to #SHRM17 Conference. See You There?

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Next week, June 18 – 21, the PayScale crew is off to New Orleans for SHRM17 Annual Conference and Exposition. We’re excited – we love the chance to talk with customers and future customers. We’d love to talk to you and hear how things are going at your org.