Wed.May 11, 2022

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Learn What Today’s Candidates Really Want


An unfortunate consequence of today’s social media-influenced, click-driven news environment is that facts often take a back seat to the truth. A recent survey of 25,000 journalists at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism revealed that 94.3% of respondents blamed social media for spreading inaccurate news.

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Close to 2,500 Carvana Employees Get Laid Off Over Zoom

HR Digest

Carvana employees were in for an unpleasant surprise last Tuesday. Over a Zoom call, the company announced that it will be reducing its workforce by no less than 12%. The used-car retailer informed stakeholders that it will be laying off 2,500 employees. The company was founded in 2012 with an aim to change how people bought and sold cars. Carvana offered a simple solution to run down customers who did not wish to jump numerous hoops as they tried to purchase a car.


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INTOO’s On-Demand Coaching Wins Gold and Silver at the Globee® 2022 Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, and Operations Awards

Intoo USA

INTOO is proud to announce that The Globee® Awards , organizers of world’s premier business awards and business ranking lists, has named our on-demand coaching team a winner of two awards in the 9th Annual 2022 Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, and Operations Awards. These prestigious global awards recognize individuals, teams, and departments in sales, marketing, customer success, and operations.

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IRS Proposed Ruling Could Change ACA Affordability

ACA Times

Last month the IRS published a proposed regulation that would amend the existing rule regarding employer-sponsored Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) for family members of an employee. . The proposed rule would effectively solve the “family glitch” and make coverage more affordable for spouses and dependents, instead of just for the employee.

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6 Strategies to Navigate Social Determinants of Health for a Better Workplace

In today’s dynamic work landscape, where the lines between personal and professional life blur, understanding the intricate interplay between social determinants of health (SDoH) and emotional wellbeing is paramount. Employers must acknowledge that the whole person comes to work and every aspect of a person’s personal and professional life, especially their mental health, comes with them.

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Streamline HR Workflow with Online eSignature Technology


Many companies are already familiar with electronic signatures, specifically employees working in HR teams. The solution enables you to sign offer/resignation letters, government applications, and other employment-related forms. It’s just a small aspect of the several advantages that the system can bring to the entire department. To become successful in 2022, the HR department must leverage robust applications along with automation to understand and simplify their business operations.

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3 Examples of a Job Description Checklist


Writing JDs is time-consuming. Using a job description checklist saves time, and keeps things consistent. Here are 3 example checklists, plus some useful tips on writing better JDs. What’s in a Job Description Checklist? If you aren’t sure what to include in your JD, here are a few questions you can answer to start your own job description checklist template: Who is your ideal candidate?

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my manager yells at her boss through my office wall

Ask a Manager

This post, my manager yells at her boss through my office wall , was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager. A reader writes: I’ve been with my current employer nearly five years. My current boss has just reached her third year with our company, after spending 20+ years with a different company. She has been struggling to adapt, throwing screaming tantrums whenever she doesn’t like a procedure.

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The 7 biggest hybrid-working challenges, and how to fix them


Workhuman’s senior VP of strategy, Derek Irvine, is quoted in this Digiday Worklife article highlighting the effectiveness of peer-to-peer social recognition programs in boosting employee engagement during hybrid work. The post The 7 biggest hybrid-working challenges, and how to fix them appeared first on Workhuman.

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updates: asking for more money to stay, the disorganized project manager, and more

Ask a Manager

This post, updates: asking for more money to stay, the disorganized project manager, and more , was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager. Here are three updates from past letter-writers. 1. How to ask my company to pay me more if they want me to stay. I was the reader wondering how to ask for a raise as a coworker was leaving, I was taking on more work, and I was being approached for jobs that pay more than mine.

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Here Are the HR Trends to Watch in 2024 + Plus Advice for Driving Impact!

The pressure is on to create a positive onboarding experience. Plus, a sub-par onboarding process can domino into other concerns such as low performance, burnout (for you and new hires), and retention challenges. Our 2024 State of HR report will give you a realistic picture of the HR landscape and tips to onboarding effectively in the year to come.

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The Workplace Privileges We Rarely Talk About

Blu Ivy Group

It has been two years since the summer of 2020, when diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) became an urgent priority for many organizations as they reckoned with the systemic injustices and disparities within their workplaces. Many made bold declarations and promises to promote DEIB in all facets of their work. However, almost two years later, very little progress has been made.

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#CauseTheEffect: What Does it Mean to You? #SHRM22


I was looking at the SHRM22 website today and saw the line: “There’s no cause we can’t effect when we come together as One HR.” It was at that very moment that I finally understood what ‘Cause the Effect’ meant. I won’t lie, I kept hearing that over and over again as I prepared for the SHRM conference, which is just a month away, and I really couldn’t grasp what it meant.

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Health Welfare Plan Limits for 2023

HR Workplace Services

Due to the recent surge in inflation, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced (via Rev. Proc. 2022-24), inflation-adjusted limits to health savings account (HSA) contributions and high deductible health plans effective for 2023. Adjustments will also be made to the maximum amount that may be made available for excepted-benefit health reimbursement arrangements (HRA’s).

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Productivity Playlist for the Workplace

Vantage Circle

Today's workplaces are full of distractions. From pinging computers to casual conversations, disruptions are an everyday part of our offices, making concentration difficult. This leads to a decrease in productivity. But did you know that music can be amazing for dealing with these everyday distractions? Music has the power not just to affect our emotions but also to work.

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Improving Access To & Utilization Of Cancer Screening With Color

Discover how Color's comprehensive care solution is revolutionizing cancer screening adherence and knowledge. Through an in-depth case study, Color's unique approach to comprehensive cancer care has shown significant benefits in increasing screening rates and enhancing patient knowledge. Participants reported a 2-3x increase in adherence to screening guidelines over just 8 weeks, with 84% of participants increasing their familiarity with timing and frequency of cancer screening.

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Four Primary Challenges of Managing a Distributed Workforce

BizLibrary - HR

While having virtual employees or multiple locations comes with benefits, there are some challenges to keeping everything running smoothly. The post Four Primary Challenges of Managing a Distributed Workforce appeared first on BizLibrary.

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Do you have the courage to accept failure—and grow from it?

Turning the Corner

By Kendra Prospero, CEO. “Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor.” – Truman Capote. I just came from the spring event for the Colorado Thought Leaders Forum (CTLF). At each event, I join local executives, leaders, and business owners focused on a common goal: to become the best leaders we can be, both personally and professionally.

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Exploring The 3rd Wave Of Resourcing At The Resource Management Global Symposium


Optimal resource management is often the key to profitability and sustainable growth for any project-based organization. Unfortunately, with rapid changes at the workplace, the labor markets, and industry conditions, managing resources efficiently in the.

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What Is TRIA Insurance?


TRIA insurance is a type of insurance that is specifically designed to protect businesses from terrorist attacks. TRIA was created in the wake of the September 11th attacks and has been renewed multiple times by Congress. TRIA insurance provides reimbursements for losses that occur as a result of terrorist attacks, up to a maximum limit. This type of insurance can be critical for businesses in high-risk industries or those who are particularly vulnerable to terrorist threats.

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The Rules Do Apply: Navigating HR Compliance

Speaker: Ann Meyers Piccirillo

HR Compliance is like a giant game of whack-a-mole. Once you think your company is compliant with all policies and procedures documented and in place, there’s a new or amended law, regulation, or final rule that pops up landing you back at ‘start.’ There are shifts, interpretations, and balancing acts to understanding compliance changes. Keeping up is not easy and it’s very time consuming.

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Outsourcing To Get Your Time Back

Forbes Coaches Council

Far too often we only look at the cost of things, rather than analyzing the price we're paying by wasting our time on tasks that do not serve our business or our mission in this world.

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From Hybrid To Homeroom: Why Hybrid Companies Are Taking Attendance


After learning the benefits and drawbacks of remote work, many companies are opting for a partial return to the old way of doing things. Specifically, they are implementing a hybrid arrangement where workers come into the office on some days but not others to create a best-of-both-worlds scenario.

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The Impact of Psychological Safety on Leadership Development


Connecting Leadership Practices to Inclusion and Innovation. The pandemic gave us all the opportunity to reflect on what is important in the “now”—and, at FlashPoint, we are hearing from our clients that employees are losing tolerance for toxic bosses and unhealthy work environments at a faster pace than pre-pandemic. It seems the financial security their job brings doesn’t outweigh the very real physical and mental cost that working in a toxic environment can have.

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Unique Employee Benefits Ideas | PeopleKeep


Providing your employees with a comprehensive employee benefits package is essential for attracting and retaining workers. With a tight labor market, organizations have to go the extra mile to hire the top talent they seek. Employee benefits and perks are the best ways to support your current employees while making your organization stand out to job candidates.

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From Prevention to Survivorship: How HR Can Support Employees Facing Cancer Diagnoses

Explore the latest insights from the American Cancer Society's “Cancer Statistics 2024” report, which unveils multiple alarming trends in cancer data. Cancer is on the rise among young adults, and diagnoses for 6 of the 10 most common cancers are escalating. With over 2 million new cancer cases projected in the U.S. this year, employers face increased challenges when it comes to supporting employees.

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How to Protect Your Team’s Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace

Corn on the Job

Image Pexels CC0 License. As a business owner, you need a strong team of employees to help you reach your goals and ensure your business operates smoothly and successfully. But, understanding that your team is at the heart of your business and that each individual needs to feel valued is essential. Nurturing your employees and supporting their mental health is crucial to creating a positive workplace.

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Are You Helping Clients Prioritize Their Own Needs or Your Needs?

Babette Ten Haken - Human Capital & Industrial IoT

You all serve clients regardless of your respective professional disciplines. So it follows that when you serve those clients, your focus primarily is helping clients prioritize their own needs. That focus is truly noble. However, as you work with those clients, at what point do you shift your focus towards meeting your own needs first? Crossing that barrier, or interface, is where theory meets practical reality.

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Guide to mid-year plan changes


Health insurance can be confusing and challenging for both employers and employees. If you feel stuck in your current health plan, you may be asking yourself, “Can I change my health insurance plan mid-year?”. The good news is that you’re not locked into your health insurance plan forever. However, there are rules for mid-year changes that are vastly different based on if you’re an employer or an employee.

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Clan Culture: An Informative Guide for HR Professionals

Analytics in HR

Good teamwork and strong employee engagement are important drivers of employee and organizational performance. They are also the key characteristics of clan culture. Here’s all you need to know about clan culture in organizations and how you can foster its aspects within your business. Contents What is clan culture? Key characteristics of clan culture Advantages of clan culture Disadvantages of clan culture How HR can help foster elements of clan culture.

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Automate Your Onboarding Process In 7 Steps

Efficient employee onboarding is more than a warm welcome—it's a catalyst for business growth. Automated onboarding transforms new hires into productive team members faster, fostering long-term satisfaction and talent retention. For HR, automation means replacing inefficient manual processes with streamlined, cost-effective operations. Our eBook reveals how automating employee onboarding delivers these benefits, reducing HR challenges and elevating new employee readiness.