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Company Refuses to Reimburse Expenses – Ask #HR Bartender

HR Bartender

I’ve always said never mess with an employee paycheck. Especially final paychecks. But do the same rules apply to expense reports? That’s what today’s reader question is all about – expense reimbursements. I left my employer to take a position in my field. Now they are refusing to reimburse expenses which I incurred during the final month of my employment. My monthly allowance for expenses is $250. Please let me know if there is anything I can do or if they are obligated to pay me. Thank you.

7 Things You Need to Know Before Onboarding New Employees

ClearCompany HRM

Any business which grows large enough will need to start thinking about how they introduce their hires to the ways they work. Many companies assume pitching a powerful culture will attract great candidates who will work hard no matter what, and that the rest will take care of itself. This is unfortunately not the case. Companies need to create better programs for onboarding new employees if they want to make great hires and keep them too.

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Understanding Open Organizations


By Cheryl Tyson I have found the Open Source movement compelling for many years now, and have watched open source software grow and become a movement with a life of its own. In particular, I found it very interesting when Bob Young and Marc Ewing created a highly successful company in the early 90’s called.Read More » The post Understanding Open Organizations appeared first on HRchitect. Tech Trends Bob Young Cheryl Tyson HCM HRchitect Marc Ewing Open Source Red Hat

Why It's Up to HR to Illuminate Company Culture

Cornerstone On Demand

When picturing HR departments, most people think of compliance—not creativity. But that's a sorely outdated notion, according to Denise Domian, SVP of HR at the Bon-Ton Stores. As Domian put it at Cornerstone Convergence , it's the responsibility of HR to "be the light, not the lampshade," on company culture. Which means being a bridge between tradition and innovation, and maybe even doing a little rule-breaking.

How Businesses are Managing the New Reality of Work: A Paycor Survey

We wanted to know how COVID-19 impacted businesses and their workforces. Did they need government funds? How many workers did they layoff or furlough? Are employees working from home now? How’s team morale? And perhaps most importantly, what are their plans for the future? This guide offers a pretty good idea of how business leaders are feeling, what keeps them up at night, and what approaches they’re taking to solve problems. Download the guide to see all the survey results and where your organization might stand comparatively.

4 Ways to Use Your Onboarding Technology For More Than Onboarding

HR Bartender

(Editor’s Note: Today’s post is brought to you by our friends at SilkRoad , a leading global provider of cloud-based talent management solutions. SilkRoad recently launched an online resource center showcasing how Human Resource Management Systems can benefit your bottom line. You can check it out here. Enjoy the post!). I must admit, I was a bit surprised by this conversation.

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5 Manager Must Do Tips to Create an Engaged Workforce


The following article originally appeared in our friend Ruth K. Ross’s blog. . Ruth K. Ross is a highly respected engagement evangelist and thought leader who writes and speaks on achieving high engagement and the need to cure the disengagement affliction that is spreading uncontrollably in today’s global workforce. She works with organizations to create an engaged workforce by focusing on passion, performance and productivity.

Bring on the Ping Pong: Why We Should Have More Fun at Work

Cornerstone On Demand

Roll your eyes all you want at startup headquarters filled with ping pong tables and plastic ball pits, but there's reason to believe that silly office playthings aren't all distraction and fluff. New research from the University of Konstanz in Germany shows that employees who feel young at heart get more done in the workday than those who act their age.

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Make Sure Your Employees Know the Plan – Friday Distraction

HR Bartender

We’re officially in hurricane season here in South Florida. That means we need to dedicate some time to reviewing our annual disaster recovery plan. Regardless of the size of your business, it’s important to be prepared. And your employees need to be prepared as well. From the hurricane perspective, I can’t emphasize enough developing an inclement weather plan. Know what you’re going to do with furniture, fixtures and equipment. How will computer back-ups get handled?

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Mid-Size Business Owners, Your EEO-1 Report is Due in September. Are You Ready?


We know many of you are concerned, confused and maybe even going crazy trying to stay in compliance with all the government regulations. Don’t worry – TriNet is here to help. EEO-1 Report? Visit site for full story. Compliance Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOC Compliance

Report 177

Mission Critical: Leveraging Learning Engineering to Drive Digital Transformation

Speaker: Trish Uhl, Founder of Owl's Ledge LLC and the Talent & Learning Analytics Leadership Forum

Digital is disrupting every part of an organization's value chain at a record pace, creating a critical need to transform operations and employees' ways of working. Formal training alone can't keep up; it's often too slow, too generic, inconvenient, inefficient, unduly expensive and lacks or lags methods for measuring business-related effectiveness. Trish Uhl show you how to start leveraging Learning Engineering, a multidisciplinary approach that combines modern technology, data analytics, decision science, learning sciences and change management with human-centered engineering design methodologies to ultimately deliver targeted learning outcomes and business results that keep pace with the business and merge learning into the flow of work and lead Digital Adoption.

Elevating HR


A recent article by the Harvard Business Review titled, People Before Strategy, discussed how CEOs should be working with the CHRO to elevate HR’s role as a high level strategist within the C-suite. In the article, research showed that CEOs consistently name human capital as their top challenge, yet the same CEOs rank HR as only being the eighth or ninth most important function. This discrepancy causes major business alignment issues within an organization.

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Kick Your Cookie-Cutter Hiring Strategy to the Curb

Cornerstone On Demand

Companies are at the crossroads of "flourish" and "flounder" when it comes to filling open jobs—because much to the dismay of many managers, hiring isn't cut and dry. In fact, it may be the defining difference between business success and failure. As the complexity of work grows and talent shortages increase, talent management vulnerabilities are being laid wide open.

The Surprising Difference Between Millennials and Baby Boomers at Work

Grovo HR

What exactly makes millennial employees different from their older colleagues? We know that it’s something. Research reports, with titles like “ Millennials at work: Reshaping the workplace ” and “ How Millennials Could Upend Wall Street and Corporate America ,” commonly portray them more like an invading army than a generation maturing into adulthood. Businesses are terrified of not being prepared to engage, retain, or even communicate with millennial workers.

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How to Control Unemployment Costs with a By-The-Book Approach


Each year, employers pay thousands of dollars into state unemployment tax accounts for unemployment benefits. While some of these costs cannot be avoided, there are several ways in which employers. Visit site for full story. Uncategorized Unemployment employment benefits unemployment unemployment cost control

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The Best Sales Forecasting Models for Weathering Your Goals

Every sales forecasting model has a different strength and predictability method. It’s recommended to test out which one is best for your team. This way, you’ll be able to further enhance – and optimize – your newly-developed pipeline. Your future sales forecast? Sunny skies (and success) are just ahead!

How to Level the Playing Field For HR and Finance


It’s time to put HR on an equal footing with Finance. Who decides what is the right budget to cover the people resources or how many resources are affordable within the budget? Typically it’s Finance. Still, because people are hard to define only by numbers, CEOs want the CHRO to be a strategic talent advisor who can also speak the language of the business with hard data.

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Is Two Weeks’ Notice an Outdated Standard?

Cornerstone On Demand

In high school, my friend and I strategized exactly when to quit our mall jobs in order to enjoy our summer break. We may have been entitled brats, but we knew that 14 days' notice was a standard courtesy—and it was unthinkable to leave our managers in the lurch. The professional workforce tends to mirror my teenage mindset, taking the standard two-week departure for granted.

Pros and Cons of a Results Only Work Environment (ROWE)


If you dabble in the latest management and human resources trends, you might have heard of ROWE. ROWE stands for “Results Only Work Environment ,” and it was created by Cali Ressler and Jody Thompson. This strategy focuses on the output of employees rather than many hours they clock in each day, making it quite the shift from the traditional workplace environment. However, it’s taken a hold in some of the biggest workplaces in the US, including the Gap and the White House.

Let’s Talk About the Importance of Great Talent Assessment Ability

Something Different

<> This evening I had the pleasure of reading a great Harvard Business Review piece by Claudio Fernández-Aráoz highlighting the importance of great talent assessment skills. It’s a really fantastic read, and I recommend checking it out here. With that said, there is one particular aspect of the article I want to talk about.

Benefits benchmarking data for better employee and organizational wellbeing

Recognize your strengths and identify opportunities to retain valuable employees, increase employee engagement and achieve organizational goals. See where you stand against trends informed by nearly 4,000 employers and face your future with confidence.

Q&A with Cesar Villa from The Hershey Company


A couple weeks ago we hosted a webinar with The Hershey Company to share the success of their Hershey Smiles recognition program. You can check out the recording here. As an added bonus, I recently had the chance to chat with Cesar Villa, Director, Compensation Global Functions, and ask him more about the Hershey Smiles program on its one-year anniversary. Can you tell me a little bit about your role at The Hershey Company?

5 Human Truths in the Modern Workplace and How to Address Them


by Derek Irvine. Recognize This! – We are all human. Our workplaces, relationships and interactions need to reflect our humanity to help us all deliver more productively and achieve success together. I had the pleasure and honor of speaking again this year at SHRM’s 2015 annual conference. My topic – “The Power of Thanks: Bringing Workplace Gratitude to the Next Level” – involved a wide range through the history of humans at work, most of which was hard labor.

Three Persuasive Ideas

All Things Workplace

If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend six sharpening my axe.--Abraham Abraham Lincoln. We never outgrow our need to be persuasive. Managers have to persuade employees to "get on board" with a new idea or change; salespeople get paid to persuade customers to buy; and potential customers persuade salespeople that a change in the "deal" just might make them a paying customer. We're all faced with the challenge of persuasion and influencing.

Recruitment in the New Talent Marketplace

Something Different

<> …So Tim Sackett has a great new post up on his website here wherein he highlights that – due to an improving economy and the exit of boomers from the workforce – filling vacant positions is becoming exceedingly difficult for companies the world over.

How to Elevate Employee Voice to Guide a Culture Transformation

2020’s boldest people leaders are building and living core values along with their employees. Elevating Employee Voice engages an organization’s “collective hearts and habits” to drive transformation at scale. It connects every individual, manager and team in an authentic dialogue to create shared alignment, ownership and trust in the path ahead.

What Your Company Culture Could Learn from Burning Man


In late February, when tickets went on sale for Burning Man 2015, they sold all 40,000 passes in less than 45 minutes. That, I think we can all agree, is very high affective commitment to a culture. In case you’re new to the Burning Man phenomena, it is the annual art and performance community that creates, overnight, a self-governing virtual city in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. One week later that city vanishes, leaving virtually no trace of its existence.

The Microeconomics of Human Capital

ATD Human Capital

Let’s consider human capital a branch of microeconomics, a study of how the scarcity of workers impacts your company’s decisions about operating performance and expansion of market share. In other words, it’s time to examine how your remaining workers, after the economic downturn, are your only “supply and demand” option for filling the skills gap with fewer workers. Click here to read full version

Study 129

Millennials To Business: You’re Doing It Wrong!

China Gorman

Deloitte’s 4 th annual Millennial Survey sends a message from more than 7,800 degreed and employed Millennials from 29 countries around the world to employers: “Business should focus on people and purpose, not just products and profits.” It’s easy for the Gen Xer and Baby Boomer business leaders to respond to this message with the corporate equivalent of “Get off my lawn!”

The Impact of Financial Wellness Programs

Something Different

<> Check out this WorldatWork video featuring Steve Ulian (Head of Institutional Business Development, Bank of America) as he discusses the need for a personal approach to financial wellness, the prevalence of programs in different sizes of organizations, measuring the impact, and employee communication. Best, Rory. Benefits hr human resources wellness programs

Group Demonstration Webinar: 100% Remote New Employee Onboarding

Speaker: David Secunda, CEO, WorkBright

Companies are looking to adjust their new hire onboarding to accommodate unique ‘social distancing’ challenges like securely collecting personally identifiable information and understanding new compliance regulations like Form I-9 verification. Join Workbright on Thursday, August 27th, to get a first-hand look at how a 100% remote onboarding process works using their system. They'll cover a few of the new COVID-19 related legislation changes and how they can be easily facilitated with their platform.

July 2015 Leadership Development Carnival – hosted by @thehrgoddess

The People Equation

This month’s Leadership Development Carnival is hosted by my co-author and friend Jane Perdue. On Twitter Jane is known as @thehrgoddess. She’s rounded up a wonderful collection of essays on leadership, with diverse topics such as: – leadership through the lens of moral character. – becoming an agile and adaptable leader. – how to make better, faster leadership decisions. – Holacracy and freedom.

Are You Free to Disagree?


We have all worked in organizations that get caught in group think, or that stagnate. We have all experienced projects with people who aren’t open to feedback, who are passive, or who just echo without adding. For most of us, it is instinctual to avoid conflict. We don’t want to deal with it or the impact it might have on our relationships or mood.

What the Grateful Dead Can Teach Us About Employee Engagement

Grovo HR

A lot of L&D leaders are spending their summer days cooped up inside, thinking L&D thoughts, and worrying. Specifically, many are anxious about employee engagement. How exactly does one get a changing workforce to engage in the work they do every day? How should we define engagement beyond platitudes? What does engagement feel like? Luckily, summer is jam band season.