Congress Mulls Comp Time for Private Employers

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Lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow private employers to award workers compensatory time off in lieu of overtime pay. half time), receiving $10.88 to attend her son’s baseball game. Employees cannot accrue more than 160 hours of comp time. 2004)).

Meeting The Faces Of Philanthropy

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And technology allowed the relief workers to map and track everything that was needed in real time. In fact, the spirit of philanthropy at Keen goes back to 2004 when the Indian Ocean tsunami hit Southeast Asia. “We By its own description, students attending BTECH will learn how to help the world run better using technology to solve everyday problems. Humanitarianism has always been a fundamental component of our society.

Eleven Years and Strong: Finding Conference Value Year After Year

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Building Relationships and Sharing Wisdom with Fellow Great Workplaces As an eleven-time Best Small Workplace, we have been deeply engrained in the Best Companies world since the 50 Best Small and Medium Workplaces list began in 2004. We have attended every Great Place to Work® Annual Conference as well as every Small & Medium Workplace Conference for the past eleven years, plus a handful of Executive Strategy Network meetings.

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Advice from Fiona Gathright, A Minority Business Owner

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In the fall of 2004, my business partner Juliet Rodman and I founded Wellness Corporate Solutions , a national provider of workplace health screenings and corporate wellness programming. We now manage almost 100 full-time employees and thousands of subcontractors across the country. Corporate wellness was a relatively new concept in 2004 and I faced a steep learning curve. In our company’s early days, Juliet and I pitched to (mostly) male CEOs and CFOs time and time again.

Predictive Scheduling Provides Shift Notice and Income Consistency for Employees

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Imagine having difficulty scheduling childcare or attending classes after work to further your education, because your schedule was constantly changing from day to day and from week to week. Employees may request a preferred schedule in order to meet their commitments outside working hours.

CPG at the Speed of Tech


By all measures, it is an amazing time to be a CPG entrepreneur. Meanwhile, new platforms are meeting consumers where they are – in the break room, on-demand at home, in curated retail within co-working spaces , and even in rideshare vehicles. CPG at the Speed of Tech.

Making something people want isn’t good enough


I haven’t attended Y Combinator, but I suspect that this concept is repeatedly drilled into the minds of the budding entrepreneurs during the program. According to Graham in his 2004 essay ‘How to Make Wealth’, it’s not necessarily easy to get this right: “When you’re starting a business, it’s easy to slide into thinking that customers want what you do.” By Elijah Moore. You’ve probably heard of Y Combinator.

New Research on Cutting-Edge Performance Management: What Are We Learning?

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Ratingless reviews eliminate the use of any grade or score of performance; ongoing performance feedback involves at least four meetings per year between managers and subordinates; and crowd-sourced feedback uses social media to provide 24/7 feedback from peers and others about performance. For those of you who are attending the WorldatWork Total Rewards Conference in San Diego this week, you may be interested in seeing our innovative session on Tuesday afternoon (3-5 pm).

Leveraging Collective Knowledge: NASA’s Constellation Program

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David Delong wrote about NASA' loss in Lost Knowledge , Oxford Press 2004. What Lengyel needed in order to meet his commitment, was a knowledge capture strategy that would provide direction over the next year as the program shuts down.

Your Action Plan for the DOL’s New Overtime Rules


If you have not already started preparing, the time to do so is now—the countdown to December is on. Conversely, an executive or manager earning less than the minimum salary for exemption would have to be compensated for time worked over 40 hours a week.

Creating an Impactful Culture - A View of NUMMI From the Inside


For example, the Corolla was ranked “Best Compact Car in North America” in 1999, 2001, 2002, 2004, and 2006. When I attended a meeting in his area, I passed his desk only a few feet away from the walkway. The meeting often lasted only 15 to 30 minutes.

Employee Engagement: Getting Everyone on the Bus…Really!

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New operators work both day and night shifts, at times changing from one to the other with little notice. The CAO attended mass meetings with the ATU membership and, after listening to their issues, assured drivers that if they accepted the contract, Transit would embark on changing its culture and working conditions. When the harder tasks arrive on the agenda, their practice and confidence have created the foundation needed to meet these challenges. In Transit.