Is Corporate Talent Management Dead?

Josh Bersin

Over the last few months I’ve been looking through the last ten years of our research and realized that the whole world of corporate talent management has changed. In this somewhat long article. Business Trends HR Systems Talent Management

Top 10: HR Daily Advisor 2014 Year in Review

HR Daily Advisor

As we reach the end of 2014, we take a look back at some of your favorite articles. Today, things not to include, plus an introduction to a timely BLR Bootcamp on performance management. Here’s a list of the top 10 posts on the HR Daily Advisor website this year. ‘My

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Start with Managers When it Comes to Performance Management

Cornerstone On Demand

Interested in making performance management less dreadful? It may be nothing more than a time suck, the thinking goes, and even worse, a way to alienate employees from each other and their managers. This implementation, he suggests, must start with proper education of managers.

How to Help Get Your Performance Review Process Back on Track

TLNT: The Business of HR

Every day on the Internet, for each article written with ideas for solutions, there are another five dedicated to the problem itself. HR Basics Talent Management Best practices HR basics HR communications HR management Performance management Performance reviews talent management

Groups 104

The Conversations You Need to Really Boost Employee Engagement

TLNT: The Business of HR

In our TLNT article Despite Your Best Efforts, Why Aren’t Your Employees More Engaged? , we promised to provide follow-up “How to” articles on how get the information you need from your employees about how to boost their engagement. Talent Management

The Five Reasons That Your Job Postings Just Aren’t Working

TLNT: The Business of HR

Although this articles about the handful of reasons why your job posts just aren’t working, there is really one real reason: The best candidates always come through referrals.

Company Culture and “Fit” Are Real – and Really, Really Important

TLNT: The Business of HR

But to claim in your recent TLNT article that firms don’t have a culture, or that “fit is nonsense,” is itself nonsense. Culture Best practices Company culture HR blog talent management

The 3 Things That HR Should Stop Trying to Apologize For

TLNT: The Business of HR

I got this idea from the Fast Company article 3 Things Professional Women Should Stop Apologizing For , which are: Their financial expectations (i.e., HR Insights HR Management Company culture HR blog HR communications HR management talent management

Why We Hate HR: It’s Often A Problem of Professional Development

Josh Bersin

Over the years I’ve read article after article about what’s wrong with Human Resources. Bersin & Associates, Leading Research and Advisory Services in Enterprise Learning and Talent Management. The most famous was “Why I Hate HR” published in 2005 in Fast Company, followed by. Human Resources

A Players or Top Guns: Call Them What You Want, You Need More of Them


Despite the obvious answer, Kleiman notes that employers and managers frequently keep mediocre workers around rather than replace them with top talent (whom he refers to as “A players”). Recruiting top talent isn’t easy by any stretch.

The Human Resources Intern Site

New to HR

One of the best features are the articles that are posted. HR Intern Talent Management graduate programme Human Resources New to HR

Simplify! The Decluttering of Human Resources

Josh Bersin

I recently read a wonderful article in The Economist entitled Decluttering the Companyand it reminded me of the tremendouslyimportant job we have to simplify business at all levels. Bersin & Associates, Leading Research and Advisory Services in Enterprise Learning and Talent Management. Well we in HR. Human Resources learning investment model simplification simplify

Do You Know Who Your "Top Guns" Are?


Not long ago, the TLNT website posted an article titled, “ Just What Really Is ‘Top Talent,’ Anyway? ” When top talent is in action, most of us have no trouble recognizing it.” She then went on to offer a list of characteristics shared by the top talent she has encountered.

A Case Study of Tasty Retention


Retention of your top talent can taste oh-so-sweet.but it requires determination. This was the point of an article, “ Keep Your Top Talent: The Return of Retention ,” published recently on SHRM''s website. The article then goes on to offer suggestions for doing so.

Creating Happier, Engaged Workplaces: A Conversation


Managers should now be giving thought to how to accommodate these upcoming demands.” ” The Role of Managers. Managers quickly became central to the unfolding conversation. Research on the role of managers has also been recently discussed at Harvard.

3 Ways Leaders Create Change Resistance


As a result, they don’t see a setback as a personal failure or a hit to the ego, but more something to learn from and manage around. In a recent New York Times article , Thomas Friedman shared why Google values people who learn from failure.

The Limits Of Lists For Leaders


If you read any books or articles about improving management and leadership, you may have noticed that many of them feature a list of actions for you to take in order to achieve better results. Leadership Talent Management Employee Engagement lists Management

Boomers’ Love/Loathe Relationship with Millennials and How to Overcome the Generational Divide


Rikleen’s findings were consistent with the outcome of the Class of 2014 survey that ConnectEDU and Achievers partnered on to understand exactly what the next generation of top talent is looking for from their future organizations. Download our Class of 2014 whitepaper.

Top 5 Things to Do When You’re Stuck Working the Day After Thanksgiving

TLNT: The Business of HR

Editor’s Note: Readers frequently ask about past TLNT articles. Classic TLNT Holidays HR blog HR management talent management Thanksgiving That’s why we republish a Classic TLNT post every Friday.

10 Good Reasons You Should Be Hiring Overqualified Candidates

TLNT: The Business of HR

Well that’s exactly what happens when hiring managers reject candidates who have “too many” qualifications. Best of TLNT Best practices Change management hiring HR communications HR management Performance management Recruiting recruiting & staffing talent management

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The TalentSpace Blog: The Best of 2014


We put a lot of effort into making the TalentSpace Blog an interesting and fresh resource for HR and talent management best practices, and we’re blessed to have some amazing contributors who are leaders in the HR field. And in 2014, our contributors offered some great resources and insight on everything from employee engagement to leadership best practices.

Gazing Into the Crystal Ball


As 2014 draws to a close, folks — as you might expect — now have their eyes set on 2015, and are figuring out what might be in store for their organizations as far as HR and the workplace are concerned.

Out of the Box

Compensation Cafe

She has nearly fifteen years of experience envisioning, designing, developing, implementing and evangelizing global Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions and holds a certificate in Strategic Human Resources Practices from Cornell University.

Performance Reviews Dull Your Brain. Do We Still Need Them?


By Mark Brandau, Senior Director, Product Marketing at SuccessFactors (Originally posted on the SAP Community Network) Earlier this year, I was stuck by an article in the Washington Post, “The corporate kabuki of performance reviews,” which started with this sentence: “Among the hundreds of reasons to hate performance reviews, here’s another: They dull certain parts of our brains.” […]. Performance & Goals Talent Management

Who Moved My Manager?

Compensation Cafe

In my last post The Politics of Performanc e I wrote about how manager bias during the performance review process may impact an organisation''s ability to accurately identify and retain critical talent. But how do you identify the best managers?

Top 50 HR Twitterati


Tweeting on talent and culture to leadership, tech and law. President of Cincinatti-based Unbridled Talent. Founder of Fistful of Talent and HRCapitalist blogs. Influential figure in HR and managing partner at her own firm, Bloom and Wallace in the US. The best in talent acquisition, sourcing candidates and the hurdles of hiring. Head of Talent at Vend, the ‘destroyers of cash registers’. Founder and CEO at Basecamp, the project management app.

Mom Was Wrong – Playing Video Games Does Help You Get A Real Job


FastCompany recently published an article, “Why SpaceX and Other […]. Recruiting Talent Management Gaming Jeff Mills Millennials Workplace Technology By Jeff Mills, Director of Solutions Marketing at SAP. Originally Posted on SAP Community Network) Parents have been nagging their kids for years to quit playing video games to get a better job or pay more attention to their education. Turns out it was bad advice!

Video 57

SPORTS AND HR: The 8 Man Rotation - The 2014 Season (Ebook)

The HR Capitalist

For those of you not down with the whole comparing our corporate talent lives to the world of sports thing. However, if you see sports news, signings, roster decisions and more through your lens of HR, Talent and/or Recruiting, then do we have an eBook for you. It''s the next installment of the world-famous free Ebook on Sports and HR - The 8 Man Rotation - The 2014 Season. And in 2014, we have a great introduction from Talent Pro Paul Hebert as well.

eBook 107

HR and IT Partnership: Observations from a Veteran CIO

Oracle HCM - Modern HR in the Cloud

Companies looking to differentiate themselves are turning to HR technology as it becomes clear that attracting and retaining skilled talent is key to providing superior employee experiences. RO: HR executives are seeking new tools for data-driven people management.

Why It is Time to Rethink Performance Reviews


Why It is Time to Rethink Performance Reviews The RiseSmart Team Thursday, October 16, 2014. If you want a high-performance organization, you have to reverse the destructive effects of conventional performance management [KP1].

Skills gap or not; why can’t we agree? (Part two)


This is supported by two recent articles in CLO Magazine; Malcom Poulin’s ‘In Learning, Size Matters’ which advocates for ‘microlearning’ strategies, and Bite-Sized Strategy , by Sebastian Bailey, in which he speaks to the idea of ‘miniaturization’ which is the distilling of a learning experience into smaller, more easily consumed packages, or shorter with immediate practical application.

Video 47

HR from the Outside In: Learnings from Dave Ulrich, Father of Modern HR


In December 2014 Dave Ulrich published the article Why Chief Human Resources Officers Make Great CEOs in Harvard Business Review, in which he shared the results of his research with Korn Ferry’s Ellie Filler.

CHRO 443

A look at skills assessments, bias and stereotypes

CLO Magazine

In 2008, Sarah Blithe, the article’s author, was working at a consulting firm where she delivered strength-based training sessions to the firm’s clients. The levels of segregation by gender also vary by race, the article notes.

Why Great HR Strategy Shouldn’t Be About Making HR Better


In December 2014 Dave Ulrich published the article Why Chief Human Resources Officers Make Great CEOs in Harvard Business Review, in which he shared the results of his research with Korn Ferry’s Ellie Filler. HR Leadership HR leadership advice talent management

Women in Finance Charter: What HR Should Know

Get Hppy

In this article, we examine how this circumstance has prompted the HM Treasury to put into place the Women in Finance Charter. Establishing targets for gender equality within senior management. HR Trends Talent Management

Five reasons why diversity and inclusion at work matters


In 2014, the nearly 12 million disabled people in the UK were estimated to have a combined disposable income of around £80 billion. It’ll be easier to hire and retain talent. This article was first published in September 2014. Advice Diversity and inclusion Leadership and management Talent managementFrom encouraging better team performance to improving your ability to hire, here are five reasons why HR needs to focus on D&I.

11 Things You Need to Know About Generation Z

Kevin Sheridan

Very much in line with Millennials’ insatiable desire for recognition, it seems like the last ten years of articles, videos, and speeches, were all about Millennials. The rough consensus on what years they were born is from 1995 to 2014. Millennials, Millennials, Millennials.

Study 83

Transforming Onboarding to Help Maximize Success


That’s why after successfully attracting and recruiting talent into your organization, a positive onboarding experience is the next step to ensuring you retain them. Today’s workforce expects more and the talent you invite into your organization deserves a better experience.

How Social Recruiting Helps Target Quality Talent


Chances are that your company is turning to social media more and more to recruit the talent it needs. This article was written by By Dave Imbrogno, President of National Account Services for ADP’s Global Enterprise Solutions unit. How Social Recruiting Helps Target Quality Talent.

Talent strategies for 2015: The world has changed

HR Times

While the business world expands, the world of talent has completely shifted. This year our Talent and HR predictions for 2015 has some important new ideas to consider — in this article I will give you some highlights, and you can download the report here.