Celebrate the 25th Birthday of Employee Engagement

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An idea as powerful as employee engagement seems like it should have been around forever. But managers haven’t always talked about the need to engage employees the way they’re talking about it today. Actually, employee engagement is a fairly young idea. In December 1990, Boston University professor William Kahn published the first-ever mention of “engagement” as we know it today. In need of engagement. Engagement theory changed that.

Employee Engagement – A Silver Bullet


Employee Engagement is much discussed by HR Executives and Organisational Development professionals alike. The question we are most asked is “How do we improve engagement?” , followed closely by “Do we use a performance development system, leadership training, incentives, work-life balance or something else ?” This White Paper outlines a systematic way to increase engagement across the entire workforce and then maintain high engagement.

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What drives employee engagement?


Our new poll for the next couple of weeks is on the topic of employee engagement. Specifically, what, in your opinion, are the most important drivers of engagement? The responses are based on a 2003 report from Towers Perrin called “Understanding what drives employee engagement.” Strategic HR Talent Management Employee Performance Management Performance Reviews Thinking About HR Workforce Performance Management

Employee Engagement – A Silver Bullet


Employee Engagement is much discussed by HR Executives and Organisational Development professionals alike. The question we are most asked is “How do we improve engagement?” , followed closely by “Do we use a performance development system, leadership training, incentives, work-life balance or something else ?” This White Paper outlines a systematic way to increase engagement across the entire workforce and then maintain high engagement. Changing Employee Needs

Loyalty is fragile


Strategic HR Talent Management Employee Engagement Talent in Healthcare Thinking About HR Workforce Performance Management A colleague sent me this article from the Studer Group called “The Long Goodbye” It caught my eye because it formalized something I’d been considering for a long time: When someone decides to leave his or her company, it’s rarely an immediate reaction to a shockingly negative experience.

Joe Torre on management


Strategic HR Talent Management Employee Engagement Employee Performance Management Thinking About HR Workforce Performance Management I was sent this article written by Joe Torre, the manager of the New York Yankees, that was recently published in BusinessWeek. Now, regardless of what you think of the team, you have to admire Joe. Just being able to remain the manager of the Yankees for this long while working for George Steinbrenner has to give […].

Do you shop at TalentMart?


A good little tidbit from McKinsey on creating talent marketplaces that allow employees to find the best opportunities for them within their existing companies. I’ve seen huge reductions in recruiting costs and higher employee engagement come from better succession planning -which lets companies have more visibility into their own talent pools. Imagine if we let employees […].

Engagement is core to retention


A management issues article points out that employee engagement is THE KEY concept in retention: Rather than working on employee engagement in parallel with staff retention and talent management, a high quality strategic emphasis on employee engagement will as a matter of course positively influence both staff retention and talent management. Make employee engagement your ‘hub’ […].

Poll results: the I in engagement


The question asked was “What are the most important factors in employee engagement?” Talent Management Employee Performance Management Workforce Performance Management (Note: click on the graph to see a larger version)I’m closing the vizu.com powered poll that’s been running on the blog for the past few weeks and the results are pretty interesting. ” and I based the answers on a Towers Perrin Survey […].

Employee Engagement Is Out, Employee Experience Is In: What the Shift Means for Small Business Success


It wasn’t until 2000 when Gallup began tracking employee engagement across the U.S.—and and discovered that less than a third of workers nationwide were engaged at their job—that everyone started to take notice. Jump to: What is employee experience?

LIONs DEN 03: Keeping millennial employees engaged

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In the third episode, we discuss how to keep millennial employees engaged! Many employers believe that their millennial employees are NOT engaged, but is this actually a myth? It is possible that millennial employees are engaged, but perhaps they just aren't excited about the work they are assigned, or the tasked they are expected to complete. The important question to ask is WHY do we believe our millennial employees are NOT engaged?

How Many Times Can You Say Something Before it Means Nothing? – Like Employee Engagement


I’ve been writing a blog since 2006. I wrote about how to use those tools to better engage your employees and other audiences in order to help you help your people and your business succeed. I’ve poked holes in the theory du jour on what “really” motivates people (hint: there isn’t one thing – you need to provide a range of options and let them engage.) the drum that engagement is the only real competitive advantage your company has.

Manager Guide: Boosting Employee Mental Wellness


By having frequent 1:1 meetings, listening with empathy, and directing employees to helpful resources, you can help them better cope and navigate the rollercoaster of 2020. What’s on employees’ minds right now? What impact have these stressors had on employees’ mental health?

Employer Sends Invoice to Former Employee – Ask #HR Bartender

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But after thinking about it, overpaying employees is a serious issue. Before this job, I worked in the government sector from 2006 to 2010. First off, the employee has been gone from the company for five years. Generally, private employers do not have five years, but it would depend on the state where the employer does business and where the employee resides. I know that companies do accidentally overpay employees.

Employee Engagement: How Can Your HR/Payroll Help Retain Your Employees and Save You Money? (Pt1)

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Capitalizing on Employee Engagement. An organization that is able to connect the dots and link employee satisfaction to payroll and HR activity, will find that they save themselves not just a lot of employee/employer tension, but also a lot of savings. Tensions over issues such as benefits, classifications, workplace policies and working conditions, as well as correct and timely payments can cause employees to abandon an organization droves.

Employee Retention Challenges are the Result of Changing Labor Force Economics


Why Employee Retention and Hiring Plans Matter Now More Than Ever, Part I. But leaders beware: you’re likely to face some daunting employee retention challenges in 2016—if you haven’t already. Employee retention more important than ever. Our survey research shows an average of 37% of employees—more than one in three—considered pursuing a better job last year. But it’s a different story for organizations with significantly lower engagement levels.

Retaining Millennials: Solve This Problem and Get an HR Job Anywhere


People who graduated college between 2006 and 2010 averaged nearly three jobs the first five years of their career, which is more than double the average of the prior generation. Retaining high-potential employees is key to staying competitive for years to come. Retaining those high-potential employees is key to staying competitive for years to come. This involves providing regular feedback and consistent communication about how an employee is performing.

HubSpot’s Own Katie Burke Joins C.A. Short Company for Live Webcast

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Founded in 2006, they’ve since become a measuring stick for how businesses should engage their employees, which is evident in CEO, Brian Halligan’s memorable quote, “ We take our best people and put them against our biggest opportunities.”. Employee Recognition Employee Engagement Employee Recognition Strategies CommunciationHubSpot is one of those rare companies who have actually managed to change the way businesses operate.

Why Are Diversity Initiatives Failing?

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According to the Diversity council report, most leaders aren’t basing their initiatives on best practice and research, they aren’t seeking employee feedback before, during, or after implementation, they aren’t training staff appropriately, and they aren’t setting realistic goals based on desired outcomes and prior experience. Engage and enable staff to lead your change – identify influential staff and build change capability. 2006).

Gen Z: Agents of Change

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In order to attract Gen Z employees, it is crucial to leverage technology intelligently right from the beginning of the recruitment process. Moving beyond transactions to create engaging experiences – crafting an impactful digital candidate experience. Engaging new hires even before their first day and retaining a strong online connection. Gen Z employees value connections and relationships. PWA offer Gen Z employees the flexibility to work where they want to work.

Preventing Employee Burnout


when you are engaged and motivated?—?you There are multiple factors that can lead to employee burnout, but one of the main things is the lack of satisfaction that one has with their work¹. These are just a few of the factors that can lead to employee burnout, especially if no preventative measures are being taken. Preventing burnout The first step to preventing burnout, is learning more about yourself and your employees. 2006).

How HR needs to change and what it will mean for our organisations


It is really about how you stay focused engaged and motivated in a work setting that is ever-changing. They happened to work within employee branding, so I started working a lot in the space between branding and communication where employee branding kind of lives. During 2006 companies also started to realize that maybe is not only the top talents with top grades from the top universities they should look for. Employee engagement employee expecations digital HR

Key Steps to Improving Employee Retention


Why Employee Retention and Hiring Plans Matter Now More Than Ever, Part II. Leaders are often surprised when I tell them their employees are considering better opportunities elsewhere. to 2 times their annual salary, and the cost for employees and team members is approximately 70% of their salary. Combine this with changing labor-force economics , employee retention has become a challenge leaders need to pay attention to in 2016. Are employees connected?

How to Build a Strong HR-Finance Partnership


Human capital costs account for nearly 70% of a company’s operating expenses, according to a 2006 SHRM survey. This means that employees—and the spend associated with them—have a huge impact on the bottom line. And then imagine a company with outstanding profit margins, but unengaged employees. HR professionals own the data on employee metrics, workforce engagement, and talent performance, while finance has a 360 degree view of operating costs, the budget, and revenue data.

Insurer Puts Integrity in its Name and Appreciation at its Core


A Focus on Service, Gratitude, and Calm Helps American Integrity Insurance Recruit and Retain Highly Engaged Employees. In 2006, company President and CEO Bob Ritchie created American Integrity Insurance after the 2004 multiple hurricane season significantly reduced the number of sound homeowners insurance options in Florida. It also offers an employee-centric workplace environment that not only wins awards, but fuels recruiting, retention, and revenue growth.

The New Art Of Intrapreneurship


His wisdom has not only helped me pursue a successful career at SAP, but it also opened my eyes to entirely new possibilities: Driving technology and business innovation at a new scale by instilling the same entrepreneurial spirit and mindset to all employees within the corporation.

Four Ways HR Can Support M&A Success


In a 2006 study by the Corporate Leadership Council , senior executives reported that integration was the greatest source of failure in M&A and rated several human capital aspects as most critical to successful integration. Additionally, if done right, special attention is paid to understanding the culture of the organization to identify any potential challenges that might occur as the acquiring organization begins to integrate these new employees into their organization.

Overcoming the challenge: Communicating to the alternative workforce


Originally made up of contract workers or “desk-less” employees who may work from home or in the field, the alternative workforce has evolved to include outsourced teams, freelancers, gig workers and many more. Recruiting and onboarding these workers is typically the first barrier; keeping them informed and engaged is the next. Tip: You can use app-enabled pulse surveys to get feedback on your communications and to ask questions to gauge engagement levels in real time!).

7 Benefits of Giving Gratitude to Your Employees


We keep hearing all about communicating and engaging more with employees. Whether it be through performance-based feedback or monthly team bonding events, you should show that you’re paying attention and that you know what your employees are doing. The following benefits prove why engaging and showing some gratitude can help your employees and your overall organization. . Being gracious to your employees is not only free, it’s smart.

Learning To Learn


Either way, the message is a powerful reminder that the nature of work has changed, and that enterprises in all sectors need to rethink their training (and retraining) activities if they are to prepare their employees for the future and avoid the negative economic and societal impact of layoffs and workforce alienation. jobs, and people who graduated between 2006 and 2010 averaged nearly 2.85

Embracing The Future: Surviving And Flourishing In The Gig Economy


A 2006 report from the U.S. are likely to make overtime very expensive for employers, which have increased the numbers of contingent employees across many industries. Until we have tools that make employee onboarding and training fast and effective, the gig economy will not scale. Who and where are your contingent employees? What do contracted employees need to know before they can get to work?

QAspire Blog: Practical Insights on Quality, Management.


Home Go to QAspire.com Guest Posts Disclaimer Engagement, Leadership and Power of Storytelling Last week, I had a short conversation with one of my colleagues in HR about the all important topic of employee engagement.

Should Big Data Be Used To Measure Employee Productivity?

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Namely, what effect does electronic monitoring have, if any, on those from whom the data are collected, specifically employees? Under what circumstances might employees care? This research has uncovered some intriguing patterns about employee attitudes and behavior regarding organizational data mining practices, and the subsequent organizational impact of these behaviors and attitudes. Research has shown that employees prefer the latter. 2006).

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Guide: Burnout Prevention and Recovery


Without support from their manager or organization, and/or the ability to resolve stressors for themselves, engaged employees can eventually burn out. Engaged employees drive real business results — they’re energized, enthusiastic and focused. Engagement Well-Being

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5 Microlessons from HR Innovators at Cornerstone Convergence 2015

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According to a study conducted by Daniel Pink for his latest book, To Sell is Human , we spend nearly half of our workdays trying to move or convince people—whether we're recruiting new employees, pitching our colleagues on an idea or convincing our children to study. "The employee of the future has to be committed to lifelong learning—not just one event." " "HR needs to be the light, not the lampshade, on employee culture."

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Engaging to Earn: 3 Ways Engaged Employees Boost the Bottom Line


The impact of workforce engagement on a businesses’ bottom-line is measurable and very, very real. Now, there is a wealth of evidence showing that engaging your workforce does more than improve attentiveness and satisfaction—it enhances organizational performance. [1] Productivity It’s easy to assume that engaged employees are more productive than disengaged ones. Branch performance Practical on-the-floor engagement can have a direct impact on the bottom line.

Predicting Employee Turnover using R

Analytics in HR

Employee turnover is a major challenge for companies today, especially when the labor market is competitive and certain skills are in high demand. When an employee leaves, not only is the productivity of that person lost, but the productivity of many others is impacted.