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The big boom: The ABCs of preparing your company for the exodus of retiring baby boomers


is on the brink of an inevitable employment crisis: the Baby Boomer generation – comprising nearly 75 million Americans – has begun to retire in large numbers. In 2010, the percentage of retired baby boomers was 10 percent; that figure has nearly doubled today. Collect data on when key employees plan to retire.

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Motivating employees close to retirement


Earlier this month, motivating employees close to retirement surfaced as one of the most popular topics in the Everwise user community of Learning & Development (L&D) professionals and learners. Just because Baby Boomers are nearing retirement doesn’t mean that they will stop contributing to the workplace in a meaningful way.


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Prepare for Nurse Retirements and Shortage with Intelligent Workforce Planning


With baby boomers heading into retirement — by 2050 an estimated 88.5 But there is another retirement population that is perhaps even more worrying to them: nurses. This means that more than one million RN’s will reach retirement age within the next 10-15 years, leading to a drastic shortage of skilled, tenured nurses.

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How to balance paying off student loans while saving for retirement


trillion as of June 2020, with student loan debt growing around 7% annually since 2010. For those paying off student debt, the idea of saving at the same time—be it for retirement, a down payment, a wedding, or an emergency fund—can seem impossible. You can still open up an individual retirement account like a Roth or traditional IRA.

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The Best Benefit to Address the Manufacturing Talent Shortage


million retirements are expected in the industry over the next decade, the industry is estimated to have 2.1 Nevada saw nearly 50% growth in manufacturing employment and GDP from 2010 to 2020, while California had a 45.6% The Department of Labor’s database shows the losses in skilled employees in this sector from 2002 to 2021.

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How to Solve Hiring Problems in Manufacturing with Employee Recognition

Semos Cloud

million in 2010. As more workers migrated to white-collar jobs, and seasoned professionals move closer to retirement, the entire manufacturing sector faces an unprecedented number of missing laborers. The situation will only worsen because of older professionals’ retirement rates. million (in 2000) to 17.8

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Is Disability Retirement ‘Honorable’ if Retiring Police Officer is Facing Termination?

HR Daily Advisor

After the internal investigation was completed and the notice of intent to impose discipline was sent, the officer’s lawyer tried to extend the deadline to respond to the notice so that the officer could complete an industrial disability retirement application for a recent back injury.