Future Skills 2020 and the Implications for Professional Development

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Computational World --a massive increase in sensors and processing power that turns just about anything into a programmable system, requiring us to see patterns and use data in ways we never have before. .

Social media and Soiled underwear

Strategic HCM

Keeping social data out of recruitment seems to be the main viewpoint in HR, eg in the CIPD’s guidelines, though it isn’t in workshops I do on social media with HR practitioners, and doesn’t seem to be actual practice (or at least it wasn’t back in 2009) either.

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What to Watch for When an Employee Leaves Suddenly


You may soon be slammed with a discrimination or harassment lawsuit, or you could become the victim of intellectual property theft. “In today’s world of technology, when large amounts of data are being moved, you have to be diligent,” Pogar says. When an employee leaves suddenly or unexpectedly , it may be an indication that trouble is on the horizon. It isn’t wise to simply write off the employee as a bad egg.

Pat yourselves on the back, employers. EEOC Charges dipped to a new 27-year low!!!??

The Employer Handbook

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission announced ( here ) its Fiscal Year 2019 Enforcement and Litigation Data. The percentage of EEOC Charges that include sex discrimination claims was basically flat. Race discrimination claims return to No. By U.S.

KPMG Settles with the OFCCP to Pay $420K to Asian Applicants.


The firm entered a conciliation agreement with the DOL/Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) after applicant and hiring data was found to have had a disparate impact on the hiring of Asians for the associate audit positions in the Short Hills, New Jersey location.

Recent OFCCP Agreement with Meadowmere/Mitchell Manor

Berkshire Associates

The agency analyzed Meadowmere/Mitchell Manor’s applicant and hiring data during the period of October 2011 through October 2013 and found the contractor’s selection process was ‘subjective and non-uniform’ which resulted in the disproportionate non-selection of African-American Dietary Aide applicants. Affirmative Action Workplace Discrimination OFCCP

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Meaningful Work Tops Company Culture, Compensation, and Perks as Workers’ #1 Must-Have in New Global Employee Survey


The report also looked at several key workplace issues that directly impact employee well-being and humanity, such as diversity and inclusion, gender equity, discrimination, and celebration of work anniversaries. However, discrimination is not the top reason people don’t feel safe at work.

Bass Pro to Pay $10.5M for Discriminatory Hiring Practices and Retaliation

HR Daily Advisor

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) that alleged Bass Pro discriminated on the basis of race in its hiring and recruiting practices at its retail stores and then unlawfully retaliated against employees who opposed those practices. 21, 2011.

The Everchanging World of Performance Management

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They dropped their formal appraisal process in 2011 and were quickly followed by others. Short-term goals are becoming more the norm, with automation and “big data” providing the means for teams to monitor their own performance against established goals.

Employers Paid Out $174M to Resolve Background Check Lawsuits


Before making an adverse decision based on data in the report, the employer must give the applicant a copy and allow time for the person to challenge any inaccuracies in the document. Since 2011 more than 40 employers have paid out FCRA employment settlements of $1 million or more. The FCRA cases are the fourth compilation of employment-related class actions to be added to Violation Tracker, following ones covering wage theft , workplace discrimination and retirement-plan abuses.

Performance Appraisals: Should You Grade Your Employees on a Bell Curve ???


Research conducted in 2011 and 2012 by Ernest O’Boyle Jr. A lawsuit in 2017 against Uber by a former engineer, felt the company’s ranking system was discriminating against women and the lower rankings meant lower pay and fewer promotions.

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Lonely, Burned Out, and Depressed: The State of Millennials’ Mental Health Entering the 2020s

Thrive Global

According to a report analyzing data from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Index, major depression diagnoses are rising at a faster rate for millennials and teens compared with any other age group. The lack of resources can even result in discrimination and bias over their mental illness.

Accommodating the “hard of hearing” employee

OmegaHR Solutions

According to the EEOC: In 2011, a study led by researchers from Johns Hopkins reported that nearly 20% of Americans 12 and older have hearing loss so severe that it may make communication difficult.

Allies Of Women And Minority Groups In The Workforce


These statistics come from data released by the National Partnership for Women and Families before Equal Pay Day, and concluded that women lose out on $500 billion annually, thanks to the gender wage gap.

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Are your job ads gender biased?


These are largely related to best practices for attracting applicants, but some of these rules are specifically designed to help prevent businesses from creating an advert which discriminates.

ICYMI: Potential, Mindfulness and Communication at Convergence 2019

Cornerstone On Demand - Talent Management

Over 7 million jobs remain unfilled, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, but employers are missing the talent opportunity right under their noses. That's a wrap on another Cornerstone Convergence, our annual event that this year brought together over 2,000 attendees.

Larry Dunivan is Now a Cop!


At Lawson, he eventually became senior vice president for global HR products, until 2011. Remember when HR was dumped on for being the “rules police,” focusing on its key role in compliance to the exclusion of everything else?

Workers win OT case against Tyson, but who’ll get paid is an open question

HR Morning

The researchers then paired that data with workers’ time sheets. Tyson’s lawyers argued that the analysis was faulty, given the differences between the time various employees might spend in the donning/doffing process, and the fact that the data included workers who hadn’t worked any overtime. Adam Liptak, writing in the New York Times , said the most recent ruling limited the sweep of the court’s 2011 decision in Walmart Stores v.

Book Review: Applied Psychology in Talent Management (8th ed.) by Wayne Cascio and Herman Aguinis

Workplace Psychology

Like the 7th edition (published in 2011), Applied Psychology in Talent Management (8th ed.) No single type of job analysis data can support all talent management activities (Cascio & Aguinis, 2019). 2011).

10 Weeks To Davos: Searching For The Land Of Equal Opportunity

SAP Innovation

Discrimination has been ingrained into societies across centuries and continents and continues in many countries around the world. Officially frowned upon as a violation of rights in most countries, discrimination persists. And so can data. 17 weeks to Davos.


True Faith HR

For over a decade, Conte has been trying to collect enough data to develop a compelling methodology. only we could avoid those pesky genetic testing discrimination concerns. One of the major themes of last week''s Transform HR Conference was wellness.

HR Finally Gets a RoboCop!


At Lawson, he eventually became senior vice president for global HR products, until 2011. Remember when HR was dumped on for being the “rules police,” focusing on its key role in compliance to the exclusion of everything else?

6 Changes Your Company Must Make To Develop More Female Leaders


What Susan Fowler’s story highlights is that not only do women face direct discrimination from managers and peers, when they speak out they often feel the backlash in their opportunities for advancement.

Leadership: It’s All in Your Mindfulness

SAP Innovation

At stake were the jobs of thousands of people who would likely lose their employment if the deal was blocked by the Federal Trade Commission [FTC],” says Marturano, whose team was providing truckloads of data, expert witnesses, and other evidence in response to the FTC inquiry.

Compassion For Self 2020 – Part 5

Thrive Global

It is especially acute during adolescence and in school, and he warns that, “From destructive behaviors to low self-esteem to discrimination, the known negative effects of fat stigma should cause significant concern.” Erickson’s ability to connect climate science, copious data, and public policies with the lived experiences of people and other creatures sets this book apart. 11, 2011 [link].

Stop Spying on Social Media


According to a 2011 court case, NLRB v. Or, employers may mine LinkedIn data to determine if an employee is a flight risk.

Trump's First Labor Nominee: Burgers, Bikinis and Mocking Low Wage Workers.

The HR Capitalist

It’s kind of the bottom of the pool,” he said in a 2011 speech CNN recently dug up.". Department of Labor’s investigations into CKE restaurants turned up at least one violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act , according to data compiled by Bloomberg BNA.