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Workday Publishes its 2015 Global Impact Report


At Workday, we take great pride in providing our customers with enterprise applications that help them tackle some of today’s most complex business challenges. Our Global Impact Report details Workday’s sustainable business practices and the efforts we are taking to make a positive difference for our customers, employees, the communities in which we operate, and the environment. Our 2015 Global Impact Report covers the reporting period of our fiscal years 2014 and 2015 (Feb.

How Your Brain Works During Training


We have known for a while that classroom training was losing its luster compared to social, video, mobile, and other informal delivery methods. This experiment shows that it’s not just time that is affected by distractions, but overall work quality as well.

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Corporate Culture: Small Changes Create Big Results – #RethinkTheDailyGrind

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They believe the workday can be much more than the daily grind. Community : Organizations that build employee teams where trust and freedom are valued at every level of the organization…well, they’re really building community. It values the well-being of people.

Workday Rising Europe 2015: Growth is a Beautiful Thing


It’s been a fantastic week here in Dublin with more than 1,100 Workday customers, partners, and employees at Workday Rising Europe 2015. I’ve been learning more about our customers’ experiences, and sharing with them what’s coming next from Workday. From its beginning in the US 10 years ago, Workday has grown into a large company serving customers worldwide. Recognising our Workday Rising Europe customer event on the River Liffey in Dublin.

The Wonders of a 6-Hour Workday

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In yesterday’s Advisor we discussed the history of the 8-hour workday and some beliefs about how it might be modified with great success. Today we’ll look at the potential benefits of the 6-hour workday. Potential Benefits to a Shortened Workday. Tuesday, December 15, 2015.

Smackdown: Workday vs Successfactors


Here I’ll break down two of the giants of the talent management software world to show you the nuance between Workday and Successfactors. Workday. Rated 4 of 5 stars by over 50 reviewers, Workday is a popular software that’s out here trying to do it all.

The Business Case for Culture: Interview with Workday’s Ashley Goldsmith


Ashley Goldsmith is chief human resources officer (CHRO) at Workday, with global responsibility for all human resources functions, internal communications, and the Workday Foundation. Earlier this month, Goldsmith was named to the San Francisco Business Times’ list of “The Most Influential Women in Bay Area Business 2015.”. You’ve been at Workday for a little more than a year now. I was a big fan of Workday already. How does Workday compete for Bay Area talent?

Six Leadership Tips for Thriving Wellness Programs


When corporate wellness works well, it starts from the top-down. Leadership buy-in of corporate wellness programming can make a big difference in the success of the program. Be a wellness role model.

David Clarke: Driving Technology Development at Workday


If you’re in a technology strategy meeting with David Clarke, senior vice president of technology development at Workday, you may also get a brief lesson in history. One can see where this past/future duality plays into his contributions and leadership at Workday. Clarke oversees Workday’s core transaction processing, reporting, and integration frameworks. Over the past year, Clarke spearheaded a multi-year partnership between Workday and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

An Inside Look at the Life-Saving PulsePoint Mobile App


was sitting down to dinner on March 25, 2015, when he received an alert through his PulsePoint mobile application. This is the power of PulsePoint, a location-aware iOS and Android app that alerts people trained in CPR when someone within walking distance is having a cardiac arrest.

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Well-being for Remote Employees: Inside HP’s CubeFit


Throughout this evolution, organizations have significantly increased their investments in well-being. One example of a global company that’s doing this quite well: HP — developed a model for how to think about engaging remote workers with effective well-being programs.

Announcing the Workday Opportunity Onramps Conference: Connecting Driven Individuals with In-Demand Jobs


If you’re intrigued by this idea, I hope you’ll join us for the inaugural Workday Opportunity Onramps workforce development conference. It’s designed for any organization interested in providing training, internships, and job opportunities for nontraditional candidates from diverse backgrounds, as well as workforce development organizations seeking to learn more from their corporate hiring partners. We’re entering 2018 with a good economy and a low unemployment rate.

Step it up! 5 ways to make healthy lifestyle part of your company culture


Corporate wellness programs can lead to better employee engagement , greater productivity, and fewer long-term health care costs. Even small and mid-sized businesses can introduce changes that will support a culture of health and wellness, and many of them don’t cost anything.

Workday Community Voices: Louis Salamone, CFO at CityMD, on the Need for Speed


To support its rapid expansion and growth, CityMD chose Workday for its financial management, human capital management, and payroll needs. He recently sat down with us in New York, where CityMD is headquartered, to discuss how the CFO role is changing and how the company is leveraging Workday. Workday Financial Management has been key, as we can quickly set up a new entity, with all the accounting infrastructure in place, for each new location. Is that why you chose Workday?

Hiring Military Veterans: The Hidden Skills That Make Them Remarkable Employees


military needs and trains HR specialists, doctors, purchasing agents, police, IT professionals, mechanics, building engineers, linguists, recruiters and administrative clerks. What’s more, they are trained to think in terms of their team while being aware of individual contributions.

Avoid These 3 Workplace Pitfalls That Can Hurt Productivity

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Unfortunately, cubicles don’t help create the necessary sound barrier your support, training or creative departments may require. Frequent phone calls throughout the workday and workweek can be disruptive to your employee’s productivity and workflow processes.

Tech Updates: Smart Tools For Peer Feedback and Performance Management

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There are two elements: One is a great deal of work on training and encouraging people to have effective conversations. Improved performance management is less about technology than training, less about data than the determination to change.

Five Ways We’re Building Opportunity Onramps in the Workday Community


Since the day I joined Workday, I’ve had the privilege of meeting a lot of talented people from all walks of life. At Workday, people are at the core of our business, and every product we design has people at the center. Yet I’m humbled by the hard work of many people to make a difference both at Workday and within all the communities we’re a part of. We welcomed our inaugural Returnship Program at Workday.

4 Reasons Your Best IT Pros Are Leaving


The leadership crisis extends to the tech industry, as well. Evaluate your current leaders and train new ones early to keep your IT all-stars around. It happened again. One of your best IT employees found another job and is taking it—leaving you with a big talent gap to fill.

Common Employee Complaints About Bad Bosses

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Such things seem like they would fall under basic courtesy—and when basic courtesy and good management are lacking, employee morale can easily be lacking as well. When employees are dissatisfied at work, one of their most common complaints is a bad boss.


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In short, it creates protections for uniformed servicemembers to keep their civilian jobs during a deployment or training period. Periodic training, such as National Guard and reserves, can continue for more than 5 years.

Pros and Cons of Telecommuting

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For hourly employees, if working time is not tracked well, it could risk unpaid overtime wage/hour violations. Employers often fear that employees may waste time or overreport hours when there is no one to actively supervise their workday.

Ask the Expert: How Does FLSA Apply to International Travel and Work?

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Travel away from home is paid work time when it “cuts across the employee’s workday.” The time is not only hours worked on regular workdays during normal work hours, but also during the corresponding hours on nonwork days. It does not matter that Saturday is not a normal workday.

Ask the Expert: What Are the Rules for Work Travel?

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Do we pay for the time they spend traveling to and from the work site as well as the when they are doing their work on the site? Local, Workday Travel. The employee is instructed to leave Washington by train at 8 a.m. and the employee arrives back in Washington by train at 7 p.m.

Money on their Minds: Financial Wellness as a Benefit


Several reports from 2017, including the PwC Employee Financial Wellness Survey and the Center for Financial Services Innovation , conclude that anxiety about individual financial wellness is rampant among the majority of today’s workers. Here are a few of the top trends to consider if you’re looking to implement a financial wellness program: 401(k) education. Nationally, seven out of ten 2015 college graduates left school with substantial student loans.

Hiring Military Veterans: The Hidden Skills That Make Them Remarkable Employees


military needs and trains HR specialists, doctors, purchasing agents, police, IT professionals, mechanics, building engineers, linguists, recruiters and administrative clerks. What’s more, they are trained to think in terms of their team while being aware of individual contributions. Regardless, soldiers must adapt quickly under pressure to get a job done well. This adaptability and mental toughness translate well to the civilian workforce.

Another View of HR ‘Big Data’

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The article relates how VMware is using Workday to predict when and/if certain employees are in danger of leaving the organization. Workday’s Insight Applications, summarized here , are rolling out in 2015 and are designed to predict future business outcomes. Businesses can input decades of historical staff data into Workday to inform and customize the system’s recommendations.

Is Meditation The Answer To Employee Happiness?

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But companies don’t need to go to Google lengths to incorporate meditation and mindfulness training into employee wellness programs. Human Resources employee engagement employee well-being employee wellnessGoogle does it. So does Apple.

How to Get Important Things Done This Year

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It''s the second workday of the year for most of us. Unless you''ve made really good lists during the last year, some of your best ideas for innovation in 2015 have circled the drain, I bet. Want to make 2015 the year you actually achieve something through manager training?

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Second Stand-Down for Safety is Set


During that time, the agency notes in its release, “employers and workers will pause during their workday for topic talks, demonstrations and training on how to use safety harnesses, guard rails and other means to protect workers from falls.”

No Ordinary Disruption - Labour Market Challenges in the Digital Age

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Resetting Intuition I was pleased that even though McKinsey is well known for being very data based (and you can certainly see this focus in the book) the firm still sees a role for intuition. We talked about three other needs supporting this as well: 1.

Monitoring employee stress and physical activity


As many office workers know all too well, a large portion of the day is spent sitting at a desk. Establishing a company sports league or playing recreational sports each season is another way to not only boost activity but camaraderie as well.

The Pace of Business. The Pace of HR.

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Well, certainly more hip than me. I took a stroll through Grand Central Station, purposefully at commute time, to revel in the frenzied activity of harried suburbanites catching their trains. I grew up in Wisconsin.

‘Guilty Feminist’ Podcast Host on the Power of Including Yourself


says Deborah Frances-White, appropriately delivering that advice in more of a roar than a statement in her stage-trained voice. She also hosts “The Guilty Feminist,” a podcast she started in 2015 that’s been downloaded more than 70 million times.

Employee Well-Being Impacts The Bottom Line: 4 Factors To Know

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You’ve heard that investing in wellness can help reduce healthcare costs – but is that all it can do? What’s the real ROI of employee well-being? Employee wellness plays a bigger role in the workplace than you may think, and savvy businesses are reaping the benefits. Here’s a closer look at employee well-being and the impact it has in the office: 1.Well-being is much more than physical health. And yes, factors outside the workplace influence well-being.