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Employee Retention: Tomorrow’s Recruiting Metric


Today I want to talk about first year retention, a measure that I believe is going to continue to grow as a recruiting metric, even though many companies wouldn’t consider it even remotely linked to recruiting as of today. The future of recruiting metrics.

7 More Fascinating Employee Engagement Trends For 2017


It’s no surprise that employee engagement numbers have been abysmal for the last few years (and if that is a surprise, you need to read our blog more often.) Here is what the experts are saying we can expect for employee engagement in 2017: 1) Employee Engagement Will Grow…Slowly.

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The Secret To Selecting and Measuring Key Employee Performance Metrics


Measuring critical employee performance metrics offers organisations key benefits for attracting and retaining top talent while meeting operational imperatives. The primary benefits of employee performance metrics are tied to fostering better employee engagement, which enhances productivity, innovation, creativity, employee loyalty and longevity. That’s why today’s software applications for measuring key performance metrics are so valuable.

Overcoming Internal Communications Metrics Anxiety


Despite the essential, strategic role internal communications metrics play in their profession, many communicators shudder at the thought of crunching numbers. Even communicators leveraging digital tools are still figuring out how to make internal communications metrics materialize. Consequently, these communicators will resort to measurement, well, half-measures, tracking how much content they’ve put out (i.e. Invest in systems that provide internal communications metrics.

The problem with employee wellness programs


Employee wellness programs are morally questionable and misguided. Instead, companies should focus on less intrusive ways to encourage wellness, and let employees manage their own health. What are employee wellness programs? The problems with employee wellness programs.

4 Key Reporting Metrics for HR Leaders


This same line of thinking also applies to which metrics HR leaders should focus on to achieve business success and this definition of success will also vary from business to business.

15 employee engagement ideas to try in 2017


Well it may be hard to believe, but even with all the attention that report’s gotten, our situation is no less dire. The report includes a number of other troubling statistics as well, such as that 51% of employees are currently looking for new jobs. Employee Engagement in 2017.

Your Organization’s Last Differentiator: Human Capital

HR Bartender

To do all of these things well, an organization must harness the intangible qualities of people and understand the same of their customers. And check out his blog, “ Your Last Differentiator ”.

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It’s About More Than HR: Analytics Learnings from Tom Davenport and Dr. John Sullivan


stage, HR is integrating and curating their workforce data from various transactional systems , as well as developing the business acumen to tell a story with the data that will lead to better and more productive business decisions.

Developing a Talent Analytics Function: Build, Buy, or Borrow


If you’re interested in more details that don’t make it into my blog or LinkedIn Pulse content, feel free to reach out to me. It can’t be static and based on a single snapshot in time, and that includes our discussion of talent analytics as well.

Remote Workforce NPS: The Most Important Metric You’re Missing


There are so many different metrics and acronyms, you’re forgiven if you don’t recognize this one. NPS may be the one metric you’ve never heard of that meets the speed and flexibility of the modern workforce. You’re going to be so happy you read this blog post. Engagement remains a hot topic in 2017 because people are more mobile and have greater expectations of meaning and growth in the workplace.

Top 5 Takeaways from the 2017 ASHHRA Conference


Top 5 Takeaways from the 2017 ASHHRA Conference Sep. 26, 2017. The 2017 American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (ASHHRA) Conference took place this past week in the Emerald City of Seattle, Washington. Bryan-Barajas.jpg. Bryan Barajas Marketing Director.

INSIGHTS Thursday Wrap-Up: Lessons in Leadership


He drew from his real-life example, the well-known story behind Michael Lewis’ best-seller Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game , which focused on Beane’s strategies to create a more competitive team when he was the general manager of the Oakland Athletics baseball team.

Career Experience Management: Developing the Potential of Your Human Workforce


Personalized, latticed careers – which have lateral, diagonal, as well as vertical options for progression – are filling the vacuum slowly, but require concerted attention to formulate. The result is a more well-rounded and valuable employee who stays longer.

Power of Pods: Teamwork in the Workplace


Well, it’s a lot easier to drive a go-cart than a semi-truck. Someone on the team should be well versed in technological solutions, while another should be more people-oriented. Set Metrics for Success: What goals will they work toward?

How to Get 100% Participation and a Committed Team


Well, what are we going to do? It’s not chaos and it’s not anarchy because responsibility also comes with the need to hit agreed-upon metrics. People are exponentially more likely to hit those metrics when they can make the decisions that most impact their performance.

New Tech Tools Key to Improving Engagement

Ultimate Software

The most recent “State of the American Workplace” report found that high engagement levels are directly associated with lower turnover, absenteeism, and even workplace theft, as well as higher productivity, profitability, and sales.

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7 Metrics That the Most Data-Savvy Recruiting Teams Are Tracking

Linkedin Talent Blog

This powerful data-driven recruiting approach requires you to shift from the traditional intuitive and past practice-based approach and start tracking metrics beyond the popular quality of hire and time to fill.

Want to Increase Employee Engagement? Hold Managers Accountable

ATD Human Capital

But how can we make improvements on a metric that has been declining the past three years ? Managers are expected to lead, coach, supervise, and manage their teams, so why shouldn’t they be expected to conduct survey follow-up as well?

Top 16 Blog Posts of 2016


Before you break out the Champagne and ring in the new year this weekend, we thought we’d take a moment and highlight the top 16 most popular posts on the Globoforce blog this year. Thank you to all our readers for your continued support of the Globoforce blog.

33 Thoughtful Employee Recognition & Appreciation Ideas for 2017


33 Thoughtful Employee Recognition & Appreciation Ideas for 2017. Well, it’s not as easy as it seems. Employees give their co-workers gaming “gold” for jobs well done. Through the program, employees have been able to work on anything from sports sites to food blogs.

Because only 10% of your team really matters, right?

What is Paul Thinking

Say you have 100 sales people (or employees with a quantifiable metric) and you want to do something to drive increased performance. A well-designed program demonstrates you value EVERYONE in your audience – not just a few at the top of the pyramid.

Employees on the Brink: What’s their breaking Point? - Sapling Blog


According to the Faas Foundation and Mental Health America, their 2017 survey of 17,000 U.S. Workers are struggling for appreciation and recognition for a job well done. We all wish for employees who wake up in the morning saying “Wow, I get to go to work today!”

7 Can’t-Miss Sessions at Talent Connect 2017

Linkedin Talent Blog

AI will help recruiters zero in on the human elements that matter most— like grit and teamwork —even when the traditional metrics tell a different story. Success stories are always inspiring, but Woolworths’ is instructive as well.

Employee Referrals: A Players, Diversity Hiring, and Key Benefits


Another expert says that referrals should be one of the top metrics that talent acquisition leaders focus on. From an analytics perspective, being able to track quality of hire, time to fill, and other metrics and tie them back to the referral source is an incredibly valuable practice. As mentioned in a recent blog, great companies are made up of great people , and referrals are the best source for bringing those great people to your front door.

Play Ball! When Playing Fair Raises Your Revenue

Great Place to Work

In particular, companies in the top quartile on these metrics enjoy three times the revenue growth of companies in the bottom quartile.” Collecting these stats lets a company know what issues need to be addressed and what strategies are working well.

3 Hiring and Talent Management Trends for 2018


And content will be an even bigger focus for hiring in 2018, as both Facebook and Google became key players in the jobs market in 2017. Blog Hiring Tips Talent Management

Setting Achievable Career Goals and Objectives – Examples


Next, you need to split your larger goals into smaller and more achievable ones so that they become relatively easy to achieve and gives you a sense of satisfaction as well when you tend to achieve them. Increase Performance Metrics : A lot of organisations and industries these days are seen to resort to using performance metrics in order to evaluate an employee’s productivity, performance, and to gauge his level of effectiveness.

Is Autonomy Important In Your Job? They Think So. - DecisionWise


In other words, hire GOOD people, give them what they need to do their jobs well, and get out of their way. Well as it turns out he was a big dog lover. “Control leads to compliance; AUTONOMY leads to engagement.” ­––Danial Pink.

Why Companies Are Massively Integrating Performance Data and Training

Rallyware for Human Resources

Metrics can help you to identify who needs what kind of training, and precisely when. The integration of performance and training data should be done in a well-planned manner in order to accomplish your business’s goals. Subscribe to the Rallyware blog to discover more smart ways to improve engagement and productivity of your teams. Rallyware Blog employee engagement employee training just-in-time training performance data personalized training

Great Grocers: Some of the Best Workplaces are in Your Neighborhood

Great Place to Work

This generosity will result in a positive outcome for Sheetz, as well. However, when companies narrow these and other differences between job roles to create a more consistent experience, they enjoy increased performance in metrics such as productivity and revenue growth.

Great Grocers: Some of the Best Workplaces are in Your Neighborhood

Great Place to Work

This generosity will result in a positive outcome for Sheetz, as well. However, when companies narrow these and other differences between job roles to create a more consistent experience, they enjoy increased performance in metrics such as productivity and revenue growth.

The Ultimate Guide to HR Software in 2018

Rallyware for Human Resources

This service allows fresh hires to get all necessary instructions for their first day on the job, further training information, as well as access to the company’s system files and documents. Metrics and real-time tracking help managers to identify levels of engagement and KPIs to be able to modify the training program on the go. Your employees can update their own information as well as receive emails with their pay stubs.

Shel Holtz & Friends Episode 6: How Communications Platforms Provide Global Clarity of Employee Behavior


This blog series, Shel Holtz & Friends, highlights some key takeaways from the interviews that you can apply to your organization. SocialChorus’s metrics dashboard makes it easy for communications leads to take in a global view of what’s working well and what needs to be axed.

Getting to digital learning: The puzzle is coming together

HR Times

Posted by Josh Haims on February 1, 2017. Think holistically about the end-to-end experience, the jobs people need to do now, as well as their career aspirations. What metrics will you use to measure its use and effectiveness?

Getting to digital learning: The puzzle is coming together

HR Times

Posted by Josh Haims on February 1, 2017. Think holistically about the end-to-end experience, the jobs people need to do now, as well as their career aspirations. What metrics will you use to measure its use and effectiveness?

Event Recap: DenamiCON, Twin Cities’ Conference on Inbound Growth


Tickets sold quickly, but on Tuesday, November 14, 2017, we were fortunate enough to attend DenamiCON : Twin Cities’ Conference on Inbound Growth. As one panelist pointed out, the formula for success = strategy + metrics + people + marketing automation tool.