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Why hair discrimination should be the next focus for DEI progress


In the last four years, 22 states have adopted versions of the Crown Act , first passed in California in 2019 to prohibit employers from discriminating based on hair style and texture that is commonly associated with a particular race or national origin. I want employers to think about their environment.”

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10 Real-Life Examples of Mental Health Discrimination at Work


And while today mental health has become less stigmatized, unfortunately mental health discrimination still occurs. And one place this discrimination can be particularly impactful is in the workplace. Unfortunately, discrimination accusations are on the rise. That’s an increase of 20% from 2010.


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EEOC records the fewest charges of discrimination in over 20 years!

The Employer Handbook

The EEOC received 67,448 charges of workplace discrimination the agency received in FY 2020. Or, go back to FY 2010, when the EEOC received 99,922 charges. Retaliation remains the most popular box checked on a charge of discrimination, as it always will. Number two is disability discrimination. That may sound like a lot.

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Single Racial Slur Can Establish Harassment Claim in 3rd Circuit

HR Daily Advisor

In March 2010, staffing-placement agency STI Group hired two African-American males, “Leon” and “Dave,” as general laborers to work at Chesapeake Energy Corporation. The 3rd Circuit ruled that the district court incorrectly required that the discrimination be “severe and regular” rather than “severe or pervasive.”

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Sumser tech spotlight: This hiring tool ‘distinguishes itself’


The city is a working-class town with significant discrimination and high murder rates. Once Catalyte turned 10 (in 2010), Rosenbaum began incubating what was to become Arena. The heart of Baltimore is the harbor and the shipping industry. In that world, technology is simpler, more brute force.

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How To Avoid Damages Involving Pregnancy Discrimination

Abel HR

In fact, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) logged a whopping 2,753 pregnancy discrimination charges in 2019, which represents the lowest rate in almost a decade and is down almost a third from the 4,029 filed in 2010. So, how does pregnancy discrimination typically look in the workplace?

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Why the Next Equal Pay Case Matters to Every Employer


Under the UK’s Equality Act 2010 , men and women performing equal work are entitled to equal pay, unless a pay difference can be justified. The UK’s gender pay gap stands at 14.9%, compared to the US gender pay gap of 18%, and has seen only a marginal fall since the introduction of the 2010 Equality Act.