Preview of HR Technology Conference 2011

Josh Bersin

Here it is the even of the HR Technology Conference - and we eagerly await dozens of news releases, product introductions, tweets, and announcements of exciting new technologies in the areas of. Bersin & Associates, Leading Research and Advisory Services in Enterprise Learning and Talent Management. HR Systems LMS, LCMS

Update from TaleoWorld 2011: Talent Intelligence, Mobile, and LinkedIn Partnership

Josh Bersin

As part of the event Taleo introduced two new product enhancements – one called Taleo Radar and the. This week Taleo held their annual user conference and attracted more than 1,600 customers. Bersin & Associates, Leading Research and Advisory Services in Enterprise Learning and Talent Management. HR Systems Talent Management linkedin successfactors taleo

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Future of Work Agenda Newsletter: May/June 2011

Future of Work

This is the May/June 2011 issue of our free monthly newsletter, Future of Work Agenda. The session was focused on the changing role of the corporate real estate function, something I’ve written about very recently (“ From Workplace Services to Workforce Support ,&# April 2011). We also want to express our appreciation to our Production Editor Lise LaTorre for her outstanding work on this issue, and on every issue of this newsletter for the past nine years.

Future of Work Agenda Newsletter: November 2011

Future of Work

This is the November 2011 issue of our free monthly newsletter, Future of Work Agenda. We also want to express our appreciation to our Production Editor Lise LaTorre for her outstanding work on this issue, and on every issue of this newsletter for the past nine years. We welcome comments on any of these articles. You can also access the newsletter directly on our website, at this link. Sometimes words fail me.

Future of Work Agenda Newsletter: April 2011

Future of Work

This is the April 2011 issue of our free monthly newsletter, Future of Work Agenda. And I discover two important blogs focused on the idea that I care most about: creating workplace environments that are both productive and humane. And even in 2011 it’s clear from recent study published by WorldatWork that flexible work programs (and the culture that accompanies them) are essential if you want to attract and retain good talent.

Study 40

Future of Work Agenda Newsletter: March 2011

Future of Work

This is the March 2011 issue of our free monthly newsletter, Future of Work Agenda. We continue to track and translate the changing nature of work, the workforce, and the workplace—and to apply that knowledge to help our clients build effective, productive organizations. We welcome comments on any of these articles. You can also access the newsletter directly on our website, at this link. We’re back!

A Worthy Goal for 2011 and Beyond


Home Go to Guest Posts Disclaimer A Worthy Goal for 2011 and Beyond New year brings with it new predictions, agendas, resolutions and trends. One thing that remains constant (and has remained constant) is “Excellence” – which is at the core of the success of any organization, product, service or an individual. Quality is often defined as “degree of excellence”, extent to which organizations, people and products reach their potential. Have a quality wrapped 2011.

Decluttering for Learning

The Bamboo Project Blog

Decluttering also helps us become more productive because it improves our ability to focus. . career learning Positive Professional Development productivity

Dreamforce 2011, Workday Tech Summit, and the Post-PC World


This year''s Dreamforce, held the last week of August, was no exception: 45,000 people registered to attend and some great product announcements came out of the event. For those of us that live in the SaaS or cloud world, Dreamforce is the main event of the year. It was a personally exciting time for me, as we announced a major partnership with, and earlier that week hosted our second Workday Tech Summit

From Hero to Host: Giving Up on Being "The Expert"

The Bamboo Project Blog

Leaders-as-hosts invest in meaningful conversations among people from many parts of the system as the most productive way to engender new insights and possibilities for action.

System 103

Future Skills 2020 and the Implications for Professional Development

The Bamboo Project Blog

Super-structured Organizations --social technologies drive new forms of production and value creation. Virtual Collaboration --ability to work productively, drive engagement and demonstrate presence as a member of a virtual team. .

How Prepared Are You For "The Start-Up of You"?

The Bamboo Project Blog

revolution means new products are being phased in and out so fast that companies cannot afford to wait until the end of the year to figure out whether a team leader is doing a good job.

Improving Happiness at Work: Positive Practices and the Power of the Positive Question

The Bamboo Project Blog

A decade of research proves that happiness raises nearly every business and educational outcome: raising sales by 37%, productivity by 31%, and accuracy on tasks by 19%, as well as a myriad of health and quality of life improvements. .

Your Career is in Perpetual Beta

The Bamboo Project Blog

There was a time when we could see our careers as a sort of "finished product." "Beta" is the experimental, developmental stage of a software package.

What Do You Want MORE Of?

The Bamboo Project Blog

As part of our discussion, I shared with LaDonna one of my favorite Robert Kennedy quotes: “The gross national product (of a country) does not allow for the health of our children, the quality of their education or the joy of their play.

Your Career Tools Limit Your Outcomes

The Bamboo Project Blog

As soon as you choose the medium, you have made a decision about what the product will be. . I'm putting the finishing touches on a 28 Day Career Clarity Online Camp that I plan to run in October (more on that coming soon.)

Tools 88

Productivity Reminders…


In knowledge world, productivity is hard to quantify. If you try to adopt old “command and control” style of management to drive knowledge workers, they get even less productive. Understand that knowledge workers cannot always be productive between 9 to 5. They have their creative zones and routines when they are most productive. Equate productivity, not with how much work is done, but how well. … For Managers.

The Art of the "Bare Minimum" or "The Baby Steps Approach" to Achieving Goals

The Bamboo Project Blog

Sign up for my online Career Clarity Camp, which runs from October 10-November 7, 2011. career Positive Professional Development productivityI've noticed that when it comes to achieving my goals, I have a tendency to think I should "go big or go home." I want to work on my professional development, for example, so I create for myself a long laundry list of things I "should" do, elaborate plans with multiple steps that will result in a major overhaul.

SCAN Health Plan

Future of Work

We have proven that those mobile employees are between 15% and 20% more productive than their office-bound peers.

On "Being the Best"

The Bamboo Project Blog

They need this for efficiency and productivity and because it's easier to do than supporting the development of individual people. The quest for technical best is a form of hiding. You can hide from the marketplace because you're still practicing your technique.

A 30-Day Experiment: Appreciating Team Members

The Bamboo Project Blog

The article maintains that happiness at work pays off in greater productivity, creativity and teamwork.

Video 85

"Stand Still When the Hippos Charge"

The Bamboo Project Blog

But in reality when I honor what my brain and body are telling me, I'm actually MORE productive. Yesterday I read a wonderful Change This Manifesto on The Zen of Business: 7 Habits of the Highly Creative by Matthew May.

Employee Engagement and the 3 Word Theme: Stop, Focus, and Finish

David Zinger

In 2011 my theme was: engage, educate, enliven. Leverage the 3 themes to contemplate more focused and productive work. All the best on building a strong and productive theme for the year ahead. Do you have a 3 word theme for your work? History of the 3 word theme.

The 1 Word Every Successful Career Needs

45 Things

Here's my 2011 gift to you: I'm not going to write a list of new year's career resolutions. But you've already asked yourself this question and are ready with, "So, if we implement this new practice, we'll save money and improve productivity.

Tips On Enhancing Team Effectiveness


Colleagues Dynamics Problem Solving Teams Training Workplace Company Effective Teams Effectiveness Goal Increasing Productivity Individual Jappreet Sethi Skill Social group Team Effectiveness Team leader Team-Building Workplace DynamicsVery simply put, a team is nothing but a system of getting people in a company to work together effectively. The idea is that a group of people working together can achieve much more than if the individuals of the team were working on their own.

A Model Lessons Learned System – The US Army

Conversation Matters

Observers write topical products based on collection in theater and have reach back capability for units. The US Army Lessons Learned system has evolved over 40 years to become a model lesson learned system.

My Conversation with Paul Sparta: Update on Plateau, SAP, and SuccessFactors

Josh Bersin

Today I had a chat with Paul Sparta, the founder of Plateau and one of the key product leaders at SuccessFactors and now SAP. Paul, who’s current title is Chief Integration Officer, shared. Bersin & Associates, Leading Research and Advisory Services in Enterprise Learning and Talent Management. HR Systems LMS, LCMS Talent Management paul sparta Plateau successfactors

Tips To Create Time And Harness Energy


Career Tips Employee Welfare Lifestyle Tips Problem Solving Self-Improvement Stress Workplace Harness Energy Increasing Productivity Jappreet Sethi Managing Stress Stress ManagementLife for corporate employees has become so hectic these days that if they blink, they may miss something potentially important. It is almost impossible to be fully present in the moment with someone constantly on the phone, the report on the desk and the unanswered mail in the inbox.

8 Google Rules: Improving Management and Employee Engagement

David Zinger

Don’t be a sissy: Be productive and results-oriented. Google Oxygen inspires 8 data driven management practices in a quest to build a better boss. The NY Times printed a long article on Google’s OXYGEN project to look at the top data driven principles of management within Google.

Sharing Our Authentic Work Lives with Our Children

The Bamboo Project Blog

They were normally presented with the perceived perfection of the final product--"a leader"--and had no insight into the actual process that had gone into creating that leader, with all its messiness and confusion. .

Redefine Your Limits – Live to your Full Potential


Career Options Career Tips Human Resources Leadership Self-Improvement Setting Goals Success Success Strategies Tips For Employees Getting Noticed Increasing Productivity Jappreet Sethi Promotion Self Limiting Beliefs Steve Jobs Tips For ManagersWe are limited by the beliefs we set in our mind, history shows that successful people are able to break these shackles and unleash their potential. The difference is the “ T ” between Can Do and Can’t Do. The “ T ” is your Thought.

Tips to Make Your Career Development Plan Work


Career Options Career Tips Performance Reviews Self-Improvement Setting Goals Success Success Strategies Switching Jobs Tips For Employees Career Development Career Development Plan Career Growth Increasing Productivity Individual Development Plan Jappreet Sethi job Performance Management Promotion“Relax— It will all work out, my company loves me” simply isn’t true for a career.

5 Tips for Staying Healthy on the Job

45 Things

But what if a few simple habits could not only alleviate your stress, but make you more productive and happier? For example, choosing protein and minimizing simple carbohydrates is a better choice before a meeting where you need to be focused and productive.

Carnival of HR: Food Edition

Evil HR Lady

I'm not quite sure I'm ready for Feb 21, 2011, there Anders. Welcome to the Carnival of Human Resources. It's a good thing it isn't performance appraisal time because none of you sent me brownies. Or any food, for that matter.

Building Expertise through Continuous Training

Bersin with Deloitte

Last year the company sold approximately 9,500 more vehicles through its eCommerce channel than in 2009, despite fewer customer leads – a 24 percent increase in productivity. For more examples of how companies are improving their L&D initiatives, as well as training benchmarking data, see our report, The Corporate Learning Factbook 2011. With slightly more L&D resources this year, organizations are increasing their training offerings.

Employees, Aging Parents and You

Working Girl

Caring for family while trying to fit it into an already stressful work situation can be challenging and negatively impact physical health and workplace productivity.

6 Ways Managers Can Maximize Performance through Employee Engagement

David Zinger

Workers worldwide believe their employers have not provided the appropriate focus or level of management that would lead to increased productivity, nor have they connected individual performance to organizational goals.

6 Ways to Handle Criticism at Work

45 Things

Keep the conversation productive. After a week lounging around on the beach, I'm back on the job and trying to catch up with my blog. So, here's the latest column I did for Gannett/USAToday: Unfortunately, criticism is a part of the working world. •

ATS 100

4 Ways to Increase Your Chances of Finding Remote Work

45 Things

And employers worry that their workers are beginning to show increasing dissatisfaction, which can affect productivity and efficiency. Many people think they want to work from home until they do it.

Enterprise Social Software Adoption: Now Available in Prescription Strength!

Transparent Office

Here are a few good, generalizable examples: Product information. Elsevier and Getty Images post product specs, FAQs, pricing, and marketing collateral that their Sales Reps need to sell a rapidly changing product line.