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Considering Competency Pay

New to HR

This all relates to competency. Competency to the business world is what discipline is to the academic world. Because of this, the idea of paying more for competencies in a company is lacking yet it is a popular idea, but how can such a thing even be implemented?

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Turbocharge Your HR Impact in 2015: Follow These 5 Clear Cut Steps


When I think of HR’s role in 2015, the turbocharger comes to mind. A strong talent function increases the power of a business engine — and 2015 is going to see extreme operating conditions for organizations worldwide. HR Leadership 2015 hr trends

Are Competencies Cursed by the Gods?

Compensation Cafe

There's a world of difference between "competence" and "competencies" but we often confuse the two. I'm specifying business here, because education uses competencies in many practical ways and they don't seem to experience the same level of mayhem.). Employee "competencies".

Cafe Classic: How to Keep Competencies from Expiring

Compensation Cafe

Many of our organizations use competencies to signal how work should be approached and to assess how well we are doing our jobs. Are your competencies up to the task. The competencies you use for employee development or assessment need updating in 2015.

TP is the New Compensation

Compensation Cafe

Hoarders can rest assured that they have proved their competence as superior ruthless predators better able to provide for themselves and/or their families. James (Jim) Brennan is an independent compensation advisor with extensive total rewards experience in most industries.

3 Tips to Design a Transparent Non-profit Compensation Strategy

Compensation Today

Jessica Miller-Merrell, blogging4jobs PayScale reports that a more transparent compensation policy can support the recruitment and retention of employees at many non-profit organizations, especially in a growing multi-generational environment. Who do you compete with for talent?

Executive Compensation 101: What to Consider

HR Daily Advisor

How do you decide the appropriate level of compensation? How do you align executive compensation goals with the overall company compensation philosophy? Executive Compensation–Consider the Angles. Typically, there are competing goals.

Creating Strategy and Being Strategic Aren’t the Same Thing

HR Bartender

There are many different kinds of business strategies – marketing strategies, compensation strategies, recruitment strategies, social media strategies, even strategic plans. But strategic thinking is a competency that needs to be developed.

Compensation in the Human Workplace

Compensation Cafe

Not sure that this question is top of mind for those of us in the compensation space, though. Spreadsheet acumen and data analysis are important, but these will be neither our distinguishing competency nor where our job security lies as the machine age marches forward. Data is data.

How to Speak With Your Non-Profit Employees About Compensation

Compensation Today

By Sonnet Lauberth, PayScale Compensation Professional Compensation can be a tricky topic, especially within the non-profit sector where many employees feel that they are “overworked and underpaid.” Some important things to discuss with your managers include: The basics of compensation.

Four Questions Strategic HR Pros Ask to Drive a Culture of Ethics in Financial Services


But with Big Data, culture can also be measurable, and boiled down into actionable insights so that it permeates everything from hiring and training to compensation practices. Workforce Intelligence 101 compensation culture HR leadership advice

Rising Wages: Time to Know Your Total Cost of Workforce (TCOW)


Organizations that compete for talent with the likes of Walmart, the Gap, Target, or the vendors and contractors of Facebook, can expect to see wage and benefit pressures increasing the rates of vacancy and resignation within their workforce.

PayScale Tools for Today's Comp Pro! Compensation Glossary: Part 1 of 4

Compensation Today

Jenni Marquez, CCP, PayScale Compensation Professional Even the most seasoned HR professional might take a big gulp if approached by their CEO to take charge of anything comp. That’s because, despite being part of the HR department, compensation is like the cool kid at a party.

How to Avoid Losing Talent to Startups

Cornerstone On Demand

By emulating the attractive qualities of startups, corporations can compete for young talent. It's time for corporations to take a page from the startup playbook in order to compete for top talent.

How To 456

Customizing Compensation for the Aging (?!) Millennials

HR Daily Advisor

With a fixed compensation budget, you need to know how best to direct your dollars where they will give you the most bang for your compensation buck, so to speak. Recruiting is a challenge for 2015. What types of compensation does your organization currently use to pay employees?”

A Few Thoughts on Internal Equity

Something Different

<> …So today I read a solid piece ( here ) from Compensation Café Founder and Editor Ann Bares. Compensation hr human resources

The HR Leadership Revolution — Will You Thrive?


A February 2015 study — conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of Visier — surveyed 301 corporate executives at companies with revenue of $1 billion or more across America and asked about sought-after HR leadership skills.

CHRO 410

Moving In Reverse Towards the Future

Compensation Cafe

Even as tradecraft veterans increasingly endorse open transparency in reward systems and recommend robust communications about compensation as the desired best practice, the consensus actua l practice is moving away from that ideal. Confusion about compensation is spreading.

How Smart Talent Management Can Shift the Employee Productivity Curve

Cornerstone On Demand

The curve shows that an employee naturally becomes more productive as she progresses through her job and increases her comfort level with responsibilities, plateauing after all competencies are learned for a certain role.

A Few Thoughts on Mission Focused Work

Something Different

– trying to compete for top of market talent by making pay the primary value proposition is a losing play over the long run. Compensation Recruiting compensation Department of Labor DOL hr human resources job descriptions STEM <> 1.

Making the HR Technology Leap


When it was all manual, I was just trying to keep the mass of information organized enough to pick anyone competent and qualified. I was talking with a friend last week about technology–specifically the kind we use in the HR, payroll, and recruiting space.

How to Negotiate the Best Possible Salary For Yourself in a New Role

Something Different

…Instead, let’s talk about compensation – specifically how to negotiate the biggest possible salary in your next job. Compensation hr human resources salary negotiation<> 1.

Technology Opens the Door to Business Intelligence, But It’s Not the Key

Cornerstone On Demand

Compensation? The competencies and learning paths are linked to a job code. HR needs to talk the same language for the sake of their customers, meaning that a job code to a recruiter should mean the same to a compensation representative.

Data 376

Compensation Round-Up: JLaw’s Gender Wage Gap, Transparency, and RIP Annual Raises

Compensation Today

Joleen Oerman, B2B Content Marketing Specialist, PayScale Welcome to the Compensation Roundup, where we bring to you the hottest news in comp! Sample what’s happening in compensation right now, get in the know and grab some conversation starters. So, how do you compete?

PayScale Tools for Today's Comp Pro! Compensation Glossary: Part 2 of 4

Compensation Today

Jenni Marquez, CCP, PayScale Compensation Professional PayScale’s Comp Glossary returns! We’ve compiled a list of fundamental compensation terms and why they’re important to know. 3) COMPENSABLE FACTORS Definition: The details about a job that influence how the job is paid.

Why lack of employee engagement in 2015 is the top issue?

Effortless HR

In 2014, only 26% of business leaders thought it was important to retain employees; now in 2015, 50% of businesses believe that it is vital to find a way to keep your best talents. For a company to thrive, it must have an competent leader who can understand, appreciate and lead employees. Incentives are important – whether we’re referring to financial or non-financial incentives, these matter a lot; a valuable worker must be compensated accordingly.

It's About More Than Numbers

Compensation Cafe

I’ve never been particularly good at mathematics, and yet have made for myself a successful career in Compensation. People just expect compensation practitioners to be a whiz at figures. Why do some compensation people succeed (climb the specialist ladder) and others don’t?

Pay Compression is Irrelevant Sometimes

Compensation Cafe

People new to the compensation profession and unfamiliar with the implications of broader human resource management principles frequently assume there must be some kind of standard formula that governs the amount by which the pay of bosses should exceed that of the people who report directly to them.

When Job Descriptions are Linked to Pay

Compensation Cafe

A particular type of document is needed for compensation decisions. However, compensation professionals are traditionally more comfortable dealing with numbers than struggling with the intricacies of the English language.

The Difference Between Being a Generalist and a Strategic HRBP

Something Different

He or she can juggle the priorities of many (at times competing) stakeholders with their client group through strong project and relationship management, policy/process expertise, and excellent interpersonal skills.

Recruitment in the New Talent Marketplace

Something Different

Evolve the existing merit review cycle to compensate top internal talent at a level consistent with what they can find externally (as opposed to spreading increases more or less evenly across the entire workforce).

Three Guys Walk Into A Bar

Compensation Cafe

The other day I was chatting with a new college graduate, one who was expressing interest in Human Resources - specifically within the field of Compensation. Chuck is a broad based subject matter expert with a specialty in international and expatriate compensation.

Women and the Politics of Promotion

The People Equation

Marcus introduces us to several highly competent, successful women and highlights their struggles and triumphs related to their career journey. Also, some of the links are affiliate links, meaning if you click the link and make a purchase, I may receive compensation.

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Justified Anti-Transparency Rules. When Your Past Pay is None of My Business

Compensation Cafe

AB 1017 (Campos), the pay equity law proposed in February 2015, would ban employment advertising that demands salary history from job applicants; and it would require the minimum applicable hiring rate to be both published and paid or exceeded. Compensation Managers : For a change, government becomes your ally! Compensation need not engage in endless contentious battles with recruiters and powerful hiring managers.