Proposed 2015 DOL Overtime Rule Changes: Primary Duty Test

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As you know, on July 6, 2015, the U.S. Here’s what #HR needs to know about the proposed 2015 overtime rule changes Click To Tweet. The post Proposed 2015 DOL Overtime Rule Changes: Primary Duty Test appeared first on hr bartender.

5 Steps For Compensation Across Generations

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As such, compensating the college grad and the executive, and everyone in between means taking on few different steps in the process. Here’s how to distribute employee compensation fairly across the board: Culture Employment

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Top 3 Compensation Considerations for Employers

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Payroll is commonly the highest business expense, and compensation is far from being a cut and dry number. Compensation There are so many factors that go into calculating the actual cost of each and every employee.

Proposed 2015 DOL Overtime Rule Change: What #HR Needs to Know

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On July 6, 2015, the U.S. Why should employers care about the proposed changes to highly compensated employees (HCE)? Jonathan] It is important to remember the highly compensated employee is not a separate exemption.

Why the Pay-for-Performance Compensation Strategy Fails

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Tips Strategy Employment Workplace Compensation HR Emplyee RetentionWhen a market leader implements a model , others follow. After seeing how pay-for-performance has worked out at Apple, for example, other companies may want to follow suit.

Trends in Employee Recognition 2015

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Benefits Compensation compensation hr human resources recognition total rewards<> Rose Stanley, CCP and Practice Leader for World at Work provides highlights from a recent survey highlighting trends in employee recognition programs. Happy Friday, Rory.

ICYMI: What Went Down on the First Day of Convergence 2015

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— Kristen Casalenuovo (@elearninghustle) May 13, 2015. — Sarah Brennan (@ImSoSarah) May 12, 2015. — Future Knowledge (@FutureKnowledge) May 12, 2015. — Sean Clifford (@HCM_Chicago) May 12, 2015. — Lindsay Euller (@lindsayae) May 12, 2015.

Employee Compensation Challenges: Determining What to Offer


Recently I asked for some help in preparing for a local session on employee compensation challenges. I would encourage companies to avoid using free, unverified tools like for building compensation structures. Employee compensation challenges video.

HR Compensation Challenges: Getting Managers On Board


Recently I asked for some help in preparing for a local session on HR compensation challenges. The second most cited HR compensation challenge faced is how to keep managers in line and/or get managers on board with decisions. Is this an employee compensation issue that you face?

The 2015 WorkHuman Fellowship Essay Contest


We are excited to announce the WorkHuman 2015 Fellowship and Essay Contest. Three essay writers from North American universities will be chosen as our WorkHuman Fellows, and flown to WorkHuman 2015 to live-blog the event. ENTER TO WIN A WORKHUMAN 2015 FELLOWSHIP. on May 20, 2015.

Using Deferred Compensation to Pay for Performance

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managers today 1 , so instead I wanted to share this great WorldatWork video focusing on the benefits and drawbacks of using deferred compensation to pay for performance. Compensation hr human resources

Indirect Compensation

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While compensation exists to pay a person for their time, the benefits of doing their job, namely the financial ones, will be what attracts them and motivates them to do well for your company. What is Indirect Compensation? The Advantages of Indirect Compensation.

Compensation Cafe: 6-Hour Work Day?


I shared more in my post on today on Compensation Cafe , discussing companies who have achieved the six-hour workday by eliminating busy work, reducing distractions, and making sure the most important work gets done first. (Of by Derek Irvine. Recognize This!

Will Compensation Remain Stagnant or Grow for 2015?

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percent growth year over year as of the third quarter of 2015. The question remains, will compensation increases remain slow to no-go for the remaining quarter of the year? per hour on wages and benefits for each of their workers in March [2015]”. Tess C.

Compensation Planning Automation


Compensation planning plays a pivotal role in ensuring that your employees remain motivated to work for your company. Your best performers are always looking for the next best company where their talents can be better recognized and compensated for. Traditional Compensation Planning.

Compensation Cafe: Fair Pay, Differentiated Rewards


I intentionally stirred the compensation and recognition pot in my last post on Compensation Cafe. Performance Management Strategic Recognition & Company Values compensation compensation cafe meric increase merit budgets recognition rewards by Derek Irvine.

Turbocharge Your HR Impact in 2015: Follow These 5 Clear Cut Steps


When I think of HR’s role in 2015, the turbocharger comes to mind. A strong talent function increases the power of a business engine — and 2015 is going to see extreme operating conditions for organizations worldwide. HR Leadership 2015 hr trends

Compensation Cafe: Power of Positivity at Work


This week on Compensation Cafe I shared research out of the University of Michigan on how “positive practices benefit the company.” Click over to the Compensation Cafe post for the full picture… and be inspired, too. (A by Derek Irvine. Recognize This!

Compensation Cafe: An Argument for Unfair Pay


Laszlo Bock, legendary SVP of people operations at Google, advocates for it as part of his “10 things to transform your team and your workplace,” which was my topic of discussion earlier this week on Compensation Cafe. by Derek Irvine. Recognize This!

Compensation Cafe: Influencer Networks


Click over to my post on Compensation Cafe to read more about these powerful networks, including how to find them, prepare them, and use them to best advantage to achieve the change you need. Culture Management Culture of Appreciation Social Recognition change change agents change management compensation cafe employee recognition by Derek Irvine. Recognize This! — The most powerful agents for change in your organization are your hidden influencers.

Compensation Cafe: Millennials on the Market


” Yesterday on Compensation Cafe , I shared a recent study from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (reported in the Washington Post), that shows how much you earn in the first 10 years of your career is a primary factor in determining your lifetime earnings. by Derek Irvine.

Compensation Cafe: What Irrational Humans Get Right


I mention this today to point you to my post on Compensation Cafe where I unpack a powerful statement made by Harvard Business school professor Francesca Gino in a recent Harvard Business Review article. Check out the full Compensation Cafe post for more. by Derek Irvine.

A Few Thoughts on Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans

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<> …So in my (seemingly never-ending) quest to learn everything I can about employer sponsored non-annuity based savings vehicles, I have spent a lot of time reading about nonqualified deferred compensation plans.

Compensation Cafe: Why Friends at Work Matter


I couldn’t say everything I wanted to about the importance of friends at work in my post on this blog last week , so I continued the theme today on the Compensation Cafe blog. by Derek Irvine. Recognize This! – “Friendships at work” is not a soft topic.

Compensation Cafe: Top 5 Reasons for Bad Days at Work


As I say in my post on Compensation Cafe: “The ROI factor involved in reducing the number of “bad days” experienced by employees is not insignificant. by Derek Irvine. Recognize This!

Compensation Trends Driving Recruitment and Retention in 2015


Compensation is often critical to attracting, retaining, and rewarding high-performing employees. Here's a closer look at some of the top trends that are influencing employee compensation in 2015

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2015


More than ever before, 2015 showed us how important purpose, appreciation, and respect is for employee well being and business success—and how social recognition can help get us there. Rob Lowe Is Coming to WorkHuman 2015.

Study 105

Compensation Will Be Just Fine Without Your Dysfunctional Performance Appraisals

TLNT: The Business of HR

Compensation Compensation & Benefits Evaluations, Reviews & Appraisal HR Insights HR Management Incentives Pay for Performance Performance & Personality Performance Management Retention & Engagement Talent Management Featured

Employee Compensation–What is Your Biggest Frustration?


The post Employee Compensation–What is Your Biggest Frustration? I’m doing a short, two question survey to help me prepare for a presentation I’m doing in February. If you take 2 minutes to respond I’ll send you a copy of the slides and a video discussing the topic. Click here to complete the 2-question survey. appeared first on upstartHR. General Research

Compensation Cafe: A Paycheck Is Not Recognition for a Job Well Done


— Psychologically healthy employees require appropriate compensation and praise for their efforts. It’s the classic discussion of the difference between compensation and recognition, which was the top of my most recent post on Compensation Cafe. by Derek Irvine.

Total Compensation Definition: Understanding Compensation Communication


Digging deeper, the survey also found this: 66% of respondents feel that they are not being adequately compensated and do believe that basic pay is something that drives their decision to quit or stay. What is Total Compensation?

TP is the New Compensation

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James (Jim) Brennan is an independent compensation advisor with extensive total rewards experience in most industries. After corporate HR posts and consulting CEO roles, he was Senior Associate of pay surveyor ERI before returning to consulting in 2015.

Compensation Cafe: Keeping Top Employees in an Era of Disappearing Raises


Without directly intending it, my last two posts on Compensation Cafe addressed how to keep and reward your top performers in a compensation world where raises seem to be disappearing. Bonus & Incentives Social Recognition compensation cafe merit increases raises

Compensation Cafe: Why Work Is More than a Paycheck


My last two posts on Compensation Cafe addressed different aspects of this truism. Trust & Respect Top Drivers of Employer Reputation (30 June 2015). with the Power of Thanks (9 July 2015). by Derek Irvine. Recognize This!

Compensation Cafe: Rethinking Mental Health Days in a WorkHuman World


The topic of my post today on Compensation Cafe , the survey found a top reason for taking a fake sick day was simply feeling overwhelmed at work. by Derek Irvine. Recognize This!