WorkHuman Session Spotlight: Empowering through Diversity and Equality


Diversity means different things to various people. Some people think diversity applies to physical differences, such as race and gender. Others think of diversity in terms of ability. Finally, some people equate diversity with preferences. By Laurie Ruettimann —.

Rewarding Diversity Instead Of Productivity


According to a study by Forbes , workplace diversity is a key driver of innovation and a critical component to success. But, what does diversity in the workplace mean? All businesses are made up of diverse personalities that constitute a larger, corporate identity.

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Why Diverse Organizations Perform Better: Do We Still Need Evidence?

China Gorman

You’ve probably heard that organizations with a focus on diversity have stronger organizational cultures – they have happier and more productive employees, and are more socially ethical than other organizations.

Why the Best Companies Have Diverse Training Departments

ATD Human Capital

Diversity and inclusion in the talent development profession benefits organizations that desire longevity and overall growth. Companies that focus on fostering an equal environment are more successful, because they are better able to branch into emerging markets and increase productivity.

Hiring Diverse Candidates Can Be Good For Your Business – and Your Workforce

TLNT: The Business of HR

The game has now changed, not just on the field, but with regards to breaking barriers for talent acquisition practices and increasing diversity off the field. Hiring outside of the stereotypical box brings diversity to the team and the organization.

Diversity vs Inclusion: What’s the difference?

Digital HR Tech

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) are often used in tandem rather than as diversity vs inclusion. Contents What’s the difference between diversity and inclusion? How D&I leads to organizational success 7 Examples of diversity and inclusion activities On a final note FAQ.

Diversity and Inclusion Drive the Road to Remarkable


Yes, it has been something that weighs on me, but the good news is that diversity and inclusion are hot topics today and rightly so. According to “What Is the Impact of Gender Diversity on Technology Business Performance?” “Half the world is. Half the world was. Half the world thinks.

Making the Connection: Diversity & Profits


Having a robust diversity & inclusion (D&I) program at your company is no longer a nice to have. It is a must: the business case for diversity has become undeniable, as company after company discovers that improved D&I is directly correlated with better business performance. Research conducted by McKinsey & Company found that when it comes to the bottom line, diversity matters. Diversity of Thought for Better Decision Making.

The Carnival of HR: How to Empower Your Workforce

Cornerstone On Demand

Today marks our first time hosting the Carnival of HR , and we're excited to bring you a diverse roundup of blogs from talent management experts around the world.

A Seat at the Table: Top 10 Cities for Women Executives

Cornerstone On Demand

Silicon Valley doesn’t have a stellar reputation when it comes to gender equality at work, but a recent study shows it may actually be one of the best places in America for women to get a seat at the executive table.

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3 Steps to Hacking Your Productivity


What makes us more productive? It’s an interesting question because it’s wrapped up in the definition of productivity itself. Productivity Equals Speed—Or Does It? You could say that he was highly productive in this task. Overall, the end product was more difficult to produce and a less productive endeavor for the company. The point is that productivity isn’t always about getting something done and out the door.

To Close the Gender Gap, Don't Disregard Our Differences

Cornerstone On Demand

Despite the mounting evidence in favor of diversity, many organizations still fail to appropriately address gender parity in the workplace. While most executives would agree that men and women are different, the majority of diversity initiatives are designed to ignore these differences, according to Avivah Wittenberg-Cox, founder of gender diversity consulting group 20-first. What are some faults of typical diversity programs?

Research Says: Top-Team Diversity Equals Greater Financial Gain

Inpower Coaching

Study : Is There A Payoff From Top-Team Diversity? Finding : Companies with diverse executive boards have notably higher earnings and returns on equity. InPower Insight : Increase the diversity of your executive top-team to increase your company financially. Summary : Good news if you’re a company looking to increase your financial performance and/or returns on equity – invite more diverse team into your C-Suite and top executive slots. How diverse are they?

Top workplace trends for 2015: Part 1


2015 has already been a significant year for American workers, as new federal regulations and increased technological flexibility influence company executives to make large-scale employee management changes within their organizations.

Siloed Diversity Holds Us All Back


There is conflict over an issue in the field of diversity and inclusion that needs to be addressed. Here are the two opposing schools of thought: Diversity is a long process, and every disenfranchised group can’t get there at once. The Reality of Diversity Today.

What Kind of Culture Is Your Workplace Promoting?


Diversity. PLASTARC advises that we “default to diversity.” The more diverse your office space is, the more easily you will accommodate the different work styles and preferences of employees. What messages is your office sending to employees?

Diversity & Inclusion Through a Global Lens

ATD Human Capital

Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) continues to evolve in response to workplace and marketplace globalization, with implications for: expanding the potential audience for D&I to include not only employees and suppliers, but also contingent workers, customers, and business partners.

Women, The Workplace, and Capacity

Women of HR

I’ve spoken a lot about this on my blog, and there are a few allusions to doing the right thing from an HR perspective in my forthcoming book, Unleashing Capacity: The Hidden Human Resources (Charles Pinot, 2015.) But things that must be said bear repeating, and it’s time for me to repeat myself: women and their equal pay and progression in the workplace is a serious problem for capacity. Add in recruiting costs and lost productivity.

Recognizing Across Cultures: Scandinavia


It might seem, at first glance, like such an equality- and values-driven culture would be very good at recognition and reward. I’d like to begin by saying I’m aware that it is taking a great deal of liberty to generalize the cultures of five very unique and diverse Nordic countries!

5 Weeks To Davos: Equality And Empowerment For Women Around The Globe

SAP Innovation

Global Goal #5 : Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. Gender equality is a hot topic in Hollywood these days. As the UN notes , “Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable world.”.

The sudden shift in how we work could be the great equalizer – if we let it.

Thrive Global

That risk is also heightened by traditional gender roles, coupled with the current status of gender equality in leadership where men still vastly outnumber and out-earn women. It is no secret that women are more often the primary carers in opposite-sex families.

Could This One Rule Make You Rethink Workforce Diversity?

SAP Innovation

Facebook’s diversity report was recently released and the results are…could be better. Diversity in the workplace, particularly in tech, has become a seriously hot issue in the past year, and a polarizing one at that. Viewing diversity through a different lens.

Eight Upcoming Talks You’d Be Crazy to Miss. Seriously.


The Talk: Succeeding Through Generational Diversity. The answer is crucial to your organization’s day-to-day productivity and long-term strategic success. It makes you happier, boosts your work and productivity, increases your energy levels, and improves your health and relationships. With 20 years experience in leadership, engagement, diversity, empathy, and organizational development across industries–she is a coach, facilitator and researcher with real substance.

100 SHRM Chapter Seminar Program Ideas


How to develop a diverse workforce. Creating a passionate, productive workforce. Anything you can do I can do better: Ensuring gender equality in the workplace. It’s a new year, and many of you SHRM chapters and state councils out there will be looking for content to engage your members this year. I’m yet again volunteering on the board of NASHRM, my local chapter, so this is near and dear to my heart.

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Neuro-Diversity: Employers Need To Help People “Come Out”

SAP Innovation

What is neuro-diversity? Neuro-diversity is an umbrella term referring to a group of neurological development disorders which share common features, in particular differences in how people learn and process information. There is clearly a movement towards greater equality.

Finance Has a Diversity Problem. Here’s How AI-Based Recruiting Can Solve It.


The finance sector faces a growing diversity problem. Although greater gender, racial and ethnic diversity is proven to boost company bottom lines, discussions of diversity’s benefits don’t always translate to action for hiring managers in US banks and financial institutions.

Women in Technology: United We Stand

Ultimate Software

This percentage drops even further for women of color and women in tech: as of 2015 , the proportions of Black and Latina women in computing occupations were 3 and 1 percent, respectively. The report chalks up the backpedaling to what it calls ‘diversity fatigue’.

Paternity Leave: Does Your Company Offer It?

HR Daily Advisor

It can even be argued that it is a matter of equality—all parents should be able to have the option to take time off after the birth or adoption of a new family member. Such a policy promotes gender equality, in and out of the workplace. FMLA benefits business productivity

When Hiring for Culture Fit, Make Sure You Aren’t Sacrificing Diversity

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Employees who are good culture fits are those who mesh well both professionally and personally – the idea being that a team of employees who believe in your company mission and get along well enough to grab post-work drinks together will be more productive.

A Hands-On, Hands-Off Culture: CEO Aza Steel Wins With OKRs


I spend a lot of time dealing with interpersonal or 'we're all human' stuff.” Steel is very conscious of the positive culture he’s building, but he’s equally conscious to not overengineer it. Steel helped roll out the company’s first cycle of OKRs in the first quarter of 2015.

Teach Workers to Celebrate Diversity on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

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According to BLR’s 2015 Holiday Practices Survey , 32.6% Regardless of your organization’s pay practices, this holiday is a great time to celebrate diversity in your workplace. Clear and open communication is essential to working successfully in a diverse group.

Diversity and inclusion make teams great

HR Management

Is diversity and inclusion (D&I) in organizations and teams just the latest HR craze? Or maybe just a nod to equality compliance? It will highlight communication styles, which helps build a more engaged and productive workforce. Plus, it’s good business practice to embrace diversity and inclusion: Complex and challenging issues are more likely to be resolved when a team includes a range of talents, thought processes and behaviors.

What Do High Performance Teams Look Like?


High performance teams are about harnessing the diverse perspectives and overcoming the tendency that individuals, especially leaders and those in high-level positions, have to move ahead with their own points of view. Balance begins with actually having a many equal sides coming together.

Why Workday is a Top Workplace for Women: Q&A with CHRO Ashley Goldsmith


It’s been shown time and again that a diverse workforce leads to better decision-making, more creativity, and better business outcomes. There’s been a lot of talk in the media lately about diversity in the workplace, and in the tech sector specifically.


Neurodiversity: Employers Need To Help People “Come Out”


Disclosure, I am an “out” dyslexic so I have a vested interest in moving the neuro diversity agenda forward. There is clearly a movement towards greater equality. Neuro Diverse Workforces Are More Creative. What Is Neurodiversity?