What Signature Story are You known for to Colleagues?

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During my speaking programs and coaching , you and I plug into the reality of how each workday is part of your ongoing professional story. From your perspective, you go to work, attend meetings, do your job the right way and head home. Image source: Adobe Stock.

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Voice, Value, Feedback – The “Must Try” Communication Tool Driving Employee Engagement


Leaders don’t enjoy preparing them and employees dread attending them. That’s why many leading organizations such as Accenture, Adobe, Gap, GE, Goldman Sachs and Microsoft all recently announced that they are remodeling this “soul-crushing exercise” and moving to something altogether new.

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5 Recruiting Strategies to Win the War for Talent

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Firms like Deloitte have gotten savvy by attending hack-a-thons to recruit top tech talent with resounding success. Firms like Adobe, Accenture and Deloitte have all abolished this time-tested practice in exchange for project- and experience-based performance management with managers giving consistent, real-time feedback as more of a mentor or coach. The millennial generation is now the largest population on the planet, according to Pew Research.

How to Train Managers on a Low Budget

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Think about how we consume information in our personal lives: we listen to playlists over albums, attend book clubs over bookstores and subscribe to newsletters instead of newspapers. While it may be a larger upfront cost, the ability to handpick training content from existing curriculums will save you time and money in the long run. An institutionalized mentoring or coaching program can provide similar impact at little to no cost.

Study: Millennials Seek Employer-Sponsored Learning Opportunities

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do so in real time—rather than at scheduled intervals. In conducting the research, “[w]e wanted to find out what Millennials prioritise and what motivates them in the workplace,” said Steffen Maier, cofounder of Impraise, a web-based and mobile solution for real-time feedback at work.

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CEO Jeff Weiner Reveals the No.1 Challenge Ahead for LinkedIn

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At the same time, more than 4 million members were sourced and hired on the platform (a 32% growth year over year). That means committing to sharing your time, talent, and network connections with at least one person who doesn’t have access to the same resources you do.

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Conference Twitter Primer #HRtechConf 2018


” @Adobe : Changing the world through digital experiences. Coach. aoutwater : Sr Director of Marketing for ADP DataCloud Big Data & Analytics (tweets are my own), youth baseball coach, Kayaker/Backpacker, Go Jumbos. Follow us for timely perspectives on the markets.

HR TechStack – Learning Management System


Your sales, service and partner teams can easily receive just-in-time training; improving skills, competency and product knowledge. That gives them more time to focus on what really matters: teaching and learning. Adobe Captivate Prime.