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Are you still hiring like it's 2009?


It may be because your hiring process is stuck in 2009. At that time, employers had far more leverage in the hiring process, which meant there was less incentive to develop optimized hiring processes that attracted a lot of quality applicants quickly. Is your small business struggling to get enough applicants for open positions ?

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Learning Corner with Jeffrey Pfeffer: Break Some Rules in 2021

Cornerstone On Demand

A favorite article of mine, one assigned in my MBA elective, “The Paths to Power,” is Malcolm Gladwell’s 2009 piece in the New Yorker, “How David Beats Goliath.” The premise: Underdogs often win competitions by not following the rules or conventional wisdom.

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Compensable working time : FLSA :: Disability : Pre-2009 ADA

Ohio Employer's Law

It goes like this: Compensable working time : FLSA :: Disability : Pre-2009 ADA What does this mean (and how dare I make you think about your SATs for the first time in forever)? Remember “dog : bark :: cat : meow”? Today, I am going to propose an employment-law, wage-and-hour analogy.

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Layoffs (Usually) Don’t Work and Why They Harm More Than Help

Workplace Psychology

In a New York Times article about the emotional and financial toll of being unemployed, Luo and Thee-Brenan (2009), shared a New York Times/CBS News poll of unemployed adults (708 unemployed adults between Dec. were about $100,000 per layoff (Cascio, 2009, p. In this case and some others, downsizing does make sense” (Cascio, 2009, p.

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LMS 2009 Research Released

Josh Bersin

Today, at our IMPACT 2009 Research Conference, we released our 2009 Learning Management Systems research which details the pivotal changes taking place in the market for corporate learning platforms. Tags: Enterprise Learning LMS, LCMS Learning On-Demand learning management systems lms 2009.

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How the pandemic accelerated already existing labour market trends


The data that they point to shows that the number of people quitting has increased by 0.10% every year from 2009 to 2019. In 2020, the number of people quitting slowed due to the pandemic and the resulting financial insecurity.

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Thoughts from the 2009 HR Technology Conference

Josh Bersin

Read more» The post Thoughts from the 2009 HR Technology Conference appeared first on JOSH BERSIN. This year’s conference was as exciting as ever, with many product announcements and exciting innovations to see. Madeline Laurano , our principal analyst in talent acquisition, is.