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Delta Air Lines CEO explains how employees always come first, despite business challenges

HR Brew

Delta began an annual employee profit sharing program with its employees in 2007. “I Culture is the fabric of your company.” Bastian said it’s important to celebrate successes with employees, as well.

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Technically HR: LinkedIn’s new AI tool for recruiters is making TA easier for the pros

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LinkedIn’s CPO Tomer Cohen told TechCrunch last week that the company has been building out its AI features since 2007. Recruiters can simply search for what they’re looking for. LinkedIn has been actively rolling out new AI-enabled features since October 2023.


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Partner Q&A with JobAdder

Spark Hire

JobAdder started in 2007 in Sydney, Australia. JobAdder then launched in 2007 as a job board posting solution, and has since grown into a comprehensive recruitment management platform. We’re an easy-to-use platform that is used by over 800 companies daily. How did JobAdder get started?

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Good Faith Defense Upheld for Wage Statement Penalties


If this case sounds familiar, it’s because the case started back in 2007 and had quite a journey though the court system. The case sought meal break premium pay as well as penalties for failure to pay final wages at separation and failure to report premium pay on wage statements.

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General Motors New Slogan Opens a New Era in Automotive


These major announcements come on the heels of GM’s strongest fourth quarter performance since 2007. “Everybody In’ demonstrates our intent to lead, while inviting others — policy makers, partners, individuals — to play an active role in moving society forward,” said Deborah Wah, GM’s Global CMO. .

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Talent Shortages Hit the Levels of 2007: In-house Talent Development Comes to Rescue

Rallyware for Human Resources

The post Talent Shortages Hit the Levels of 2007: In-house Talent Development Comes to Rescue appeared first on Rallyware. Subscribe to the Rallyware blog to receive this guide in our second read from the “Talent shortage” series as soon as it is published.

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How CHROs can strengthen their careers with informal advisors


Savvy CHROs will seek out informal advisors to help them navigate, grow and excel in their role, says Conaty, who oversaw GE’s HR department for 15 years before retiring in 2007.