Give a Bonus of Heartfelt Appreciation This Year


Even after a difficult year, giving employees the appreciation and recognition they deserve is an important bonus. Employees were rightly concerned that years-long traditions around holiday bonuses might not materialize. I didn’t expect [a Christmas bonus] at all.

Money for Motivation: How Incentive Based Pay Works


We want to instantly think that we can drive performance or discourage behaviors through monetary incentives. Here are a few: Bonuses. Group incentives. This is important, because you have to be offering incentives for the right thing.

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Compensation Cafe: Promotions, Bonuses, Raises, Recognition – When They Work (and When They Don’t)


You can’t give all employees promotions, bonuses, or raises. ” Many companies distribute annual bonuses around the holidays, leading me to ponder the best time and use for bonuses as well as the other major reward methods of promotions, raises and, of course, recognition. Bonus & Incentives Social Recognition bonuses compensation cafe promotions raises recognition and reward Recognize This! -

Sign-On and Retention Bonuses Reach All-Time High

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The use of sign-on and retention bonuses appears to be at an all-time high, according to a recently released WorldatWork survey on Bonus Programs and Practices. Note in particular that the use of retention bonuses has nearly doubled since 2010! Retention Bonuses.

Is Santa Administering Your Incentive Plan?

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The end of the business year, when managers everywhere turn their thoughts to – bonuses! I’ve seen senior executives manipulate, excuse me, adjust financial results to ensure that their own bonus awards wouldn’t be reduced. Compensation Philosophy Incentives/Bonuses

Promotions, Bonuses, Raises, Recognition - When They Work (and When They Don't)

Compensation Cafe

You can’t give all employees promotions, bonuses, or raises. Bonuses. Bonuses are a deeply embedded part of the compensation plan in many companies – especially at this time of year. It’s quite nice to receive a bonus, to know that what I do matters.

Employee Incentive Programs for Sales Motivation


It can be challenging trying to find an effective employee incentive program that continually motivates your sales team. There’s a common misconception that employee incentive programs have to be complex or costly. Companies come to us all the time with a similar problem: they are over-spending on their rewards budget with expensive sales incentives and spiffs. Now multiply that by a team of 100 employees and you have yourself a pricey incentive program!

Time for HR’s 2014 Performance Appraisal

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It’s a good time to reflect on your accomplishments of 2014. How close are you now to where you thought you’d be on January 1, 2014? If any portion of wages (or bonuses) is tied to employee performance ratings, the employees can suffer economic harm from inaccurate ratings.

Do Your Incentive Plans Motivate Choking?

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Could it be that we are designing and communicating incentives for our highest performance all wrong? This study specifically looked at the impact of incentives on motor and neurological performance in high-pressure situations.

A Possible Direction for 21st Century Rewards

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And the incentives to get performance management right – which are already considerable in a globalized/first mover advantage/tournament economy - are going to be even greater if base pay ceases to be one of the levers to pull. .

my boss keeps touching my hand, the point of bonuses, and more

Ask a Manager

What’s the point of giving bonuses? Please explain to me the point of bonuses in the workplace. I understand bonuses for exceeding sales quotas for sales people or a “sharing of the wealth” when a company has a spectacular year. But why give employees an “incentive” for what is basically doing the job they were hired to do? How do these bonuses benefit the company? It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

All Decisions Are B.A.D. Decisions

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Base Salaries Benefits & Perquisites Board of Director Compensation Compensation Communication Executive Compensation Incentives/Bonuses International Compensation Nonprofit Compensation Sales Compensation Stock/Equity Compensation Surveys Total Rewards All decisions are B.A.D.

Is Team Chemistry the Next Big Thing in Performance and Rewards?

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Bonus/Incentives Metrics/Analytics Pay for Performance Performance Management - General Is "making teams better" the new holy grail of performance analytics?

Retention and Rewards: The Double Edged Sword

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Others will discover that employees with outdated skills who may be unable or unwilling to meet changing role expectations, and who are now paid at above-market levels, may have scarce incentive to move on and little motivation to upgrade their capabilities.

The (Surprising) Facts About Motivation


The default style management has used to motivate their employees is the stick and carrot incentive. For starters, if the incentive isn’t compelling it doesn’t work. What kinds of incentives might a company use to influence employee behavior?

There May Still Be Enough Time!

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You may have already completed performance appraisal discussions, but performance should certainly be part of the discussion when 2014 increases and bonuses are covered with employees. In the next two weeks, crucial pay discussions are happening in many organizations.

One Way to Revive Tired Old Compensation

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Base Salaries Benefits & Perquisites Compensation Communication Compensation Philosophy Incentives/Bonuses Total Rewards I’ve been reading a lot lately about what Compensation will look like in the future and I remembered a project that I had once worked on. It was in Hong Kong the Asia Pacific headquarters of a global company. . Word was the employees were not happy with their pay package. Some wanted more salary, some more medical, some more vacation, etc.

A Quick-Start Guide to Creating a Salary Structure for Your Company


This might include es-tablishing incentive or bonus plans (i.e., See also: How to Keep Up the Good Work With an Employee Bonus Program. Having a solid salary structure makes it easier to manage your salary expenditure.

A Day In The Life Of Traditional HR

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Sometimes they even deal with bonuses. This involves a lot of numbers and calculations to determine bonuses, extra pay, or vacation pay. Some departments have different incentives, and it is up to HR to ensure these incentives go through properly when the goals are met or exceeded.

Part III - Where Should We Take Employee Rewards in the Future?

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2014, The changing landscape of employee rewards: Observations and prescriptions. Organizations would be more effective and employees would be more engaged if at least half of benefits dollars were converted into cash, especially incentive opportunities.

What Millennials Really Want from Employers


Shortly after, 44% valued competitive wages and financial incentives, while 35% felt that good training and development programs were essential. There are a lot of rumors going around that suggest millennials are notoriously hard to attract and even harder to keep.

Part I - Malaise in the Employee Rewards: What’s Going On?

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Sales compensation has always been a different beast: it has different buyers and economic cycles than employee rewards, and sales incentives constantly evolve to meet new business needs. Supervisors can use that information to adjust raises and bonuses with no help from rewards experts.

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

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For instance at Cisco, a high tech company in Silicon Valley, Compensation has a job title, salary, bonus/commission/stock (if applicable), benefits and intranet access ready for every employee in the acquired company on Day 1. Base Salaries Benefits & Perquisites Compensation Communication Incentives/Bonuses International Compensation Sales Compensation Total Rewards

8 Ways Bosses Can Show Employee Appreciation


Whether it is a well-deserved pay raise, an end of the year bonus or even a $100 gift card, it’s a surefire way of showing them you care. According to a survey by Glassdoor, when asked what employees want this holiday season the number 1 and 2 answers were a cash bonus and a pay raise, respectively. If paid vacation time isn’t an option, use extra vacation days as an incentive for achieving goals or winning a work competition. ‘Tis the season to give thanks and be jolly.

“I know the perfect person…”

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Posted by Robin Erickson on October 21, 2014. Certainly, financial and other incentives are important motivators. The average range for bonuses is $500 to $4,000, depending on the job. 3 Your company should define its own bonus structure based on its budget, culture, available resources, and hiring needs. Whether incentives are cash or some other type of reward, establish award payment timing before beginning the program so employees know what to expect.

6 Ways to Improve Work Performance


Inevitably, the discussion heads in multiple directions: “We should throw monetary bonuses at people!” While monetary bonuses have their uses, it’s time to move on from the carrot-stick mentality as the only, or best, way of motivating people. In a peer-reviewed paper on prosocial bonuses, researchers concluded that “a minor adjustment to employee bonuses—shifting the focus from the self to others—can produce measurable benefits for employees and organizations.”

11 Non-Traditional Ways to Reward Innovative Employees

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Where end-of-year bonuses once stood as the gold standard, today’s reward programs are more varied and reflect an organization’s unique culture and creativity. Editor’s Note : It’s a TLNT holiday tradition to count down the most popular posts of the year. This is No.

Social Sourcing AKA Warm Recruiting

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The referral bonus doesn’t hurt either. The referral bonus doesn’t hurt either. By Edie Ukwuoma. Here’s a scenario: Jim refers his former classmate for a job at his workplace.

Heed These 5 Performance Management Realities—Before It’s Too Late!


Many still hold annual reviews but these meetings are used primarily to address development and career pathing issues—and to discuss compensation (annual pay raises, bonuses, etc.). If your organization uses a top-down approach—placing accountability only on your managers—employees have precious little incentive to take ownership of their goals or become involved in their own development.

4 more reader updates

Ask a Manager

One point I didn’t make in my original post was that HR was more agreeable to the idea of providing financial incentives for exceeding goals than they were to consequences for failing to meet goals (some commenters asked about that). Once I got them to consider the two issues separately, we were able to move ahead quickly with teapot makers who exceed their goals being eligible for a modest bonus at the end of the year.

A Quick-Start Guide to Creating a Salary Structure for Your Company


This might include establishing incentive or bonus plans (i.e., Having a solid salary structure makes it easier to manage your salary expenditure. Not to mention, it can help you retain your current employees, as well as make your recruiting, hiring and promoting efforts more focused and easier to execute. If you’re considering creating a salary structure, here are a few tips to help you get started. Establish value for each position in your company.

Is Your Annual Incentive Pay Plan the Right Fit for Your Business?


You need to develop an effective incentive plan. Overall, the most common strategy is an annual incentive pay plan. In 2014, 90 percent of publicly traded firms offered such plans, according to a WorldatWork and Deloitte Consulting LLP report.

Is Your Annual Incentive Pay Plan the Right Fit For Your Business?


You need to develop an effective incentive plan. Overall, the most common strategy is an annual incentive pay plan. In 2014, 90 percent of publicly traded firms offered such plans, according to a WorldatWork and Deloitte Consulting LLP report. But is an annual incentive pay plan really the best way to motivate employees? How an annual incentive pay plan works. An annual incentive pay plan should: Reward high performance.

A Word to the Wise, Once Again!

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That was the first sentence in the April 15, 2014 Compensation Cafe article. As I said back in 2014, when your company's internal practices become a topic for public discussion, you need to be alert. It May Have Become a Bonus " We all know about this trend, we've helped to create it.

Update: Employee Compensation at Wells Fargo

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We also covered the headline news on employee incentives that eventually brought their CEO down. I've Emailed 200,000 of our Coworkers About our Compensation by Margaret O'Hanlon, October 7, 2014 *. Excessively Successful Incentives by Dan Walter, September 14, 2016.

How Well Do Numbers Speak for Themselves?

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Base pay $750,000; bonus $100,000; non taxable pay $10,198. We do find out about her character, and perhaps her leadership, from the reporter's note that she's declined two raises since 2014. Base Salaries Compensation Communication Executive Compensation Incentives/Bonuses

Cafe Classic: Predicting the Next 10 Years of Compensation

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As someone who spends a lot of time designing and honing long-term incentive programs, I thought I’d skip 2014 and make some predictions about time frames that compensation people really have to worry about.