Why the Best Companies Have Diverse Training Departments

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Diversity and inclusion in the talent development profession benefits organizations that desire longevity and overall growth. A diverse training function promotes growth. Diversity pushes others out of their comfort zones, which allows for growth and development.

New Business Realities Require New Leadership Competencies


As business gets more complex (due to globalization, more diverse employees and customers, technological shifts, and other factors), confidence in leaders at all levels is declining. Trend One: The specific competencies needed by today’s and tomorrow’s leaders go beyond visible behaviors.

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Blindfolding Your Bias: How to Make Diversity an HR Staple


Diversity—it’s a key to good business. Whether you’re a tech firm, a hotel, or a hospital, diverse employees can only bring good things to your company. Plus, in a more diverse and inclusive workforce, individual discretionary effort improves by 12%.

3 Free Ways to Share Your Company Culture with Candidates

Cornerstone On Demand

Companies now need to adopt a "show don't tell" approach to attracting and engaging talent if they want to compete for the best people. How do you explain to candidates what it's like to work at your company?

Don't Gamble With Your Development—Lessons from SHRM 2015


For this post, what happened in Vegas won’t stay in Vegas: I’m here to share how I saw the SHRM Competency Model come to life during the conference. By definition, SHRM’s Competency Model is comprised of 9 competencies that "[identify] what it means to be a successful HR professional—across the performance continuum, around the globe, from early to executive career levels."

What Happens to the “Average” Worker When Average Work is Obsolete?

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A recent graphic published by Dent Research Employment highlights the widening gaps between skilled, semi-skilled and low-skilled jobs: In February 2015, 150,000 jobs were created below the median hourly wage; only 123,000 jobs were created above the median ($22.97).

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CEOs Get It. Do HR Leaders?

China Gorman

The survey looks at how business leaders are finding new ways to compete in “an era of unprecedented digital change.” Diversity. Would you have predicted that Diversity was among the 5 most critical themes to emerge?

The Great HR Gender Divide: Part II


As journalists-turned-authors Katty Kay and Claire Shipman explain in The Confidence Code , although women have proven they are competent and hardworking, lack of self-confidence can limit their potential. HR Leadership diversity HR leadership advice

Restaurant Skills (Hint: They Last a Lifetime)


Food and Beverage Service Competency Model. If you’re not aware, a competency model is a tool that defines the key KSA’s (knowledge, skills, and abilities) required to perform a job successfully.

The Great HR Gender Divide: Part II


As journalists-turned-authors Katty Kay and Claire Shipman explain in The Confidence Code , although women have proven they are competent and hardworking, lack of self-confidence can limit their potential. HR Leadership diversity HR leadership advice

4 Business Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace

Brazen Recruiting

The cry for diversity in the workplace has reached a boiling point. companies are spending millions annually on diversity programs and initiatives. And you can’t peruse a news website or industry blog without stumbling across a diversity hiring headline.

The Importance of Articulating “Why” When Providing Feedback

Something Different

Ergo, I am constantly soliciting feedback from my direct reports (whilst at the same time conducting a personal assessment of my own people management competencies) to understand how I can be a stronger team leader.

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Diversity & Inclusion Through a Global Lens

ATD Human Capital

Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) continues to evolve in response to workplace and marketplace globalization, with implications for: expanding the potential audience for D&I to include not only employees and suppliers, but also contingent workers, customers, and business partners.

WorkHuman Session Spotlight: Empowering through Diversity and Equality


Diversity means different things to various people. Some people think diversity applies to physical differences, such as race and gender. Others think of diversity in terms of ability. Finally, some people equate diversity with preferences. By Laurie Ruettimann —.


China Gorman

We say “Global” but what that really mean is that innovation and growth will be primarily driven through the integration of differing cultural norms and diversity. Cross-cultural Competency: ability to operate in different cultural settings. I’m traveling this week and am sharing one of my most popular posts from 2013. Might be worth a re-visit! Skills shortages in 2020 will rise to an entirely new level. And I’m not talking about STEM skills, although they’re critical.

8 Good Things We All Can Learn From Millenials

TLNT: The Business of HR

As we innovate faster, we change faster, so we will encounter more (age) diversity in the workplace. You have to offer a diversity of experiences. We can only admire the beauty of this diversity, embrace the benefits in our lives and get prepared.

Using Collective Sensemaking to Put Caring Back in Health Care

Conversation Matters

Cognitive diversity increases innovation – the inter-professional composition of the care team brings the gift of different ways of thinking to the difficult issues the collaborative care team faces.

Your Best Employee Role Model? It’s When You Have Active, Engaged Managers

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However, today the ability to collaborate, mentor, coach, and guide will have to be the competencies that determine the selection of your future managers. “ I love this job. The work I do is so interesting and I am finally in a job that I am learning so much.

CEOs Seem to Get It, But What About HR Leaders?

TLNT: The Business of HR

The survey looks at how business leaders are finding new ways to compete in “an era of unprecedented digital change.” The research findings are grouped into five (5) themes: Growth; Competition ; Technology ; Partnering ; Diversity.

Personality: The Game-Changing Ingredient for Talent Management Success

ATD Human Capital

A few trends that will have a major effect on all industries include accelerating retirements, multiple generations in the workplace (Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Generation Z), rapidly advancing technology, automation and big data, and the growing demand for diversity and inclusion. To hire for personality, companies must speak a common language that describes the competencies needed for success. In this case, competencies do not refer to skills and abilities.

12 Critical Competencies For Leadership in the Future


The cumulative impact of these forces demands a new mindset and competences for leaders to be able to stay relevant and make a positive difference to people and hence, business. This article originally appeared in People Matters Magazine, Dec 2015 issue ).

Neuro-Diversity: Employers Need To Help People “Come Out”

SAP Innovation

What is neuro-diversity? Neuro-diversity is an umbrella term referring to a group of neurological development disorders which share common features, in particular differences in how people learn and process information. Neuro-diverse workforces are more creative.

HR Insights: Bridging the Age Gap in the Workplace

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If a company can't compete, it will have to determine another course of action. Recruitment Process Diversity HR solutionsBy hiring candidates from various age groups, organizations can acquire the best of both worlds.

The top 10 recruiting mistakes employers must avoid

Compensation Today

Ignoring first-impression bias When interviewers equate “like” with competence, problems can ensue. Insisting on generic competencies You don’t want to clone employees at your office, but when you insist that candidates all present with generic competencies, you run that risk.

Chapter 2: “Candid Story of Me”

Jeff Waldman

From a work perspective, this particular skill has been highly advantageous as an HR Professional as I am tasked with managing multiple, often competing and complex situations.

The Reluctant HR Champion? It’s About Leading the Workplace Orchestra

TLNT: The Business of HR

The trends shaping the future require fundamental shifts in both the way HR professionals view themselves and the competencies they must master in order to add value. In both developed and developing countries, newer workers are also much more diverse (by gender, ethnicity, etc.)

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A Look in the One-Way Mirror: Facing Inequity as a Female HR Executive

Women of HR

Given the opportunity to compete in the field, we’ve succeeded: to reduce turnover, attract and retain those diamonds in the rough, and build reputations for respectable (and even press-worthy) organizational culture.

Neurodiversity: Employers Need To Help People “Come Out”


Disclosure, I am an “out” dyslexic so I have a vested interest in moving the neuro diversity agenda forward. Neuro diverse people often feel that they will be looked down upon and overlooked for jobs and promotion if they declare their hidden disabilities. What Is Neurodiversity?

Transferring Expertise: The Best Way to Move Tacit Knowledge

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What differentiates an expert from someone who is simply competent is both the number of experiences he has had and the range of those experiences - so that when he begins his search for relevant “Lego pieces” he has more and more varied pieces to choose from. Think of an employee, maybe a testing engineer, a salesperson, or a facilitator, who is competent, but falls short of having the expertise the company needs to replace those retiring.

A Better Approach to Diversity Recruiting Strategies


There has been a lot of research lately showing that companies with teams steeped in diversity are more successful than their less diverse competition. Know your diversity goals – Do you need to hire a certain number or percentage of diverse individuals?

Executive Compensation 101: What to Consider

HR Daily Advisor

Typically, there are competing goals. She’s been working in the corporate world for over 15 years, with experience across multiple diverse departments including HR, sales, marketing, IT, commercial development, and training.

12 Ways To Increase Gender Equality


Make Affirmative Efforts To Increase Diversity Of Applicant Pool For Leadership Positions. Where there is gender diversity on the senior leadership team , companies outperform their competitors. Be careful not to evaluate based on projected confidence rather than actual competence.

The Business Case For Diversity In The Workplace [VIDEO]


Did you know that diverse companies outperform non-diverse companies by 35%? Besides the many financial benefits, isn’t hiring a diverse workforce the right thing to do? It’s amazing that in 2016, we’re still having issues with diversity in the workplace.

Women and the Competitiveness Factor


Many women don’t like to compete with men. Guo quotes Muriel Niederle, an economics professor at the University of Cologne who’s helped conduct a number of studies that found women are eager to compete with other women but much less eager to compete with men.

4 Essential Qualities Of Leadership


And it’s an increasingly important capability as enterprise diversity and distances between people increase. Distance and diversity are compounded by a massive gap between people, their work, goals and feedback. Leadership is a personal quality and behavior, not a role or title.

4 Things You Must Know Before a Job Search

45 Things

How are your successes tied to such competencies? Do you work well with diverse people, and adopt your work style to accommodate any differences?

Considering the Stigma of Affirmative Action


Two recent studies out of the University of Michigan raise some troubling questions about just how far we’ve come as a diverse nation, with equal access to all in life, school and work. demographics discrimination diversity hiring HR profession

12 Ways To Increase Gender Equality

SAP Innovation

Make affirmative efforts to increase the diversity of the applicant pool for leadership positions. Companies with gender diversity on the senior leadership team outperform their competitors. Be careful not to evaluate based on projected confidence rather than actual competence.

Redefining Social: Get Your Head Out of Your Apps!

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It is true that many social media tools are beneficial to our function, as they expand our access to candidates and provide diverse avenues for interaction. Christine has over 25 years of diverse HR experience. By Christine Mellon.


Brave The Flaming Bullseye With Total Talent Acquisition


Competing for the best people, regardless of role or classification, has again become priority number one with an emphasis on the speed and quality of the hiring process. “It is the fire that lights itself. But it burns with a restless flame. The arrow on a moving target.