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Case Study: Strategic Workforce Planning for Rail Infrastructure Managers

Analytics in HR

So, achieving the right number of certified operators requires the operation to gradually reduce the number of workstations.

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As contingent workforces grow, Workday unveils new tool to assist HR


Advertisement - On average, 36% of the workforce for Fortune 500 companies are non-employees and that figure is expected to rise to 50% by 2027, Shashank Saxena, co-general manager for Workday VNDLY, tells Human Resource Executive.


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Office Hours: In 2030, Expect to See AR, VR and 3D Data

Cornerstone On Demand

As just one example, the big data marketplace, sitting now $42 billion, is projected to grow to $103 billion by 2027, and will change how candidate and employee data is gathered, stored and analyzed. Holger Mueller, VP and principal analyst at Constellation Research, is strapping in for that rapidly changing, well-funded future.

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What Are SOC and NOC In Cyber Security? What’s the Difference?


By 2027, the cybersecurity market is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 13.37%. Introduction The cybersecurity industry is growing rapidly, and it’s expected to continue to grow in the coming years. Security Operations Centre (SOC) and Network Operations Centre (NOC) are key positions in any cyber security team.

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Tackling an RPO Model in 2023 to Accelerate Agency Growth

With the global RPO market estimated to reach over $21 bn by 2027, it’s become clear that exploring the RPO model might be the most beneficial way of accelerating growth at their agency. This ebook talks about RPO models, advantages, and opportunities.

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Why Audiovisual Pioneer Dolby is Investing in Its Contingent Workforce


workforce will be freelancers by 2027, extending positive experiences to this essential group of workers is increasingly important to strengthen your talent pool and build positive associations with your brand. . With projections that more than 50 percent of the U.S.

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Kotagal Sworn in as EEOC Commissioner

DCI Consulting

Kotagal’s term will expire in July of 2027. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ( EEOC ). President Biden nominated Kotagal for her current post in April 2022; she was confirmed on July 13, 2023.