The Reinvented Performance Appraisal Coaching

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Basically, organizations are realizing that getting everyone up to speed on coaching skills is not just “a nice way to give feedback and develop people” but a major component for more realistically assessing performance and organizational success. time-consuming.

Top 6 Takeaways from Total Rewards 2016


First, it’s important to build coaching and continuous feedback into your culture and to have an enterprise recognition program. One key point: “It’s more cost-effective to reward an employee at the time they achieve something than replace them when they leave.”.

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3 Things We Learned at 2016 NeuroLeadership Summit


Last week, we attended the NeuroLeadership Summit in New York. The research-driven approach led to great conversations and connections among attendees in learning and development, human resources, the C-suite, and business coaches working with large organizations.

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2016 Health and Wellness Survey Results

HR Daily Advisor

The HR Daily Advisor research team conducted the 2016 Health and Wellness Survey in April 2016. The following are the results of our 2016 Health and Wellness Survey. Health coach.”. Time off for exercise.”. Telephonic health coaching. Health coaching.”.

High Performing Organizations Have Leadership Diversity – #LeadLikeAGirl

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It will take place on Tuesday, October 4, 2016 prior to the conference. The cost to attend is included your conference registration. It’s time to reclaim the word ‘girl’ as a strong term and eliminate the stereotype that the word implies weakness.

Quick Shots for #HR and Business Pros – #HRTechConf Edition

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Business analysts were the coaches and we (the conference attendees) got to select the winner. Oh, and speaking of SHRM, a few of us found time to host #NextChat’s conversation about women in technology. This conference has become one of my “must-attend” conferences each year.

I’m a New Manager. Now What?

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When managers are focused on their job, they hire the best talent, train for success, coach for high performance, and retain employees. They can take a vacation or attend a conference with confidence, knowing that the department isn’t going to fall apart. SHRM-Published Books (@SHRMBooks) June 9, 2016. Creating a new manager onboarding program doesn’t need to be expensive or time-consuming. Every new manager has that moment.

Well-Being Impacts Performance Management

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Think about it, we talk about employee stress all the time. Organizations need to address manager well-being if they want managers to be effective coaches and mentors within their teams. I think it’s time we recognize that well-being applies to management and human resources too.

What Happened at the 2016 HR Technology Conference


The annual HR Technology Conference (affectionately referred to by its attendees as HR Tech) is one of the most interesting trade conferences we attend each year. Build skills at delivering real-time feedback using the app’s suggested tips and comments.

3 Typical Problems First-Time Managers Face—and How to Solve Them

The People Equation

In a webinar with over 900 first-time managers, The Ken Blanchard Companies asked people to list their biggest challenge when they made the leap from individual contributor. This was the most-cited challenge that people attending the Blanchard webinar faced.

Leadership Mindset Matters Most in a Crisis

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Hinden, PhD, PCC, President, Managance Consulting & Coaching. It was a frightening, stressful, and exhausting time. Register today for this timely HR event. Strategic HR 2016 Managance Consulting Coaching Miami South Floridaby Denice R.

Use These 4 Question Types To Facilitate More Effective Meetings


Leadership knows they are expensive , and take up time that could be better spent on producing actual outcomes. Employees can find them to be boring or a waste of time. Sometimes one person dominates the airwaves and other times the conversation gets stalled by a wall of silence.

How to be a Public Speaker in 2016

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You have to market yourself like it’s your full-time job because it is a full-time job. At least 50% of your time should be dedicated to creating content that adds value to the world. You should attend conferences to watch other successful speakers on stage.

4 Ways Great Leaders Can Overcome Company Scarcity Issues


There may not be enough time to develop those immediately below you. While in many cases, it’s appropriate to expect flawless results, the reality is that, many times, the time effort it takes to get that last five percent right far outweighs the value derived from that effort.

should a boss attend the funeral for an employee’s family member?

Ask a Manager

If a staff member has a death in their immediate family, would it be appropriate for me to attend the funeral service or the visitation? My spouse feels that my reaction was the exception, not the norm, and most people would feel *off* if a boss (not even their direct boss) showed up during such a personal time. Lots of people would feel tremendously touched by their boss showing up at such a time, and others might prefer privacy.

Help Your Team Be More Productive with these 4 Tips

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Because you have ignored the one element that helps everyone focus on things that matter most: You haven’t helped them create the space to attend to those important tasks. The concept is simple: Create a system that allows people to focus for an uninterrupted amount of time.

Growing Leaders During Chaotic Times Roundup

Sounding Board

There is no doubt that we are living in chaotic times. It was with this thought in mind that we put on the “ Growing Leaders During Chaotic Times ” event. We had over 130+ people in attendance, moderated by myself (Christine Tao, Founder of Sounding Board) and featuring fantastic speakers such as Dolores Bernardo (Head of Learning, AirBnB), Darren Shimkus (GM, Udemy for Business) and Cynthia Owyoung (Founder, Breaking Glass Forums, ex Github/Yahoo).

The New Role of the CHRO

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We coach. Isn’t it time we started acting like it? As such, it’s time we start treating them as such. They should attend leadership conferences with the CEO, for they should be planning corporate direction with that individual, not planning for execution behind them.

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managing virtual teams and leading a flexible work environment

O.C. Tanner

These factors form the basis of a strong team and must be present if projects are going to be completed on time, on budget and exceeding client expectations. In addition, support tools must be provided to virtual team members through: Just-in-time training.

Is Brainstorming Dead?

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I can’t tell you how many meetings I’ve attended where teammates have been asked to brainstorm ideas. Essentially, the idea is quite simple: everyone formulates their ideas ahead of time and then comes together collaboratively.

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HR West 2016 Recap: Putting the Human in Human Resources


Fahlbusch advocates for digital onboarding and making an experience that is “easy, accurate, and leaves employees feeling good (with respect to their time).” The day's theme, for me, through four breakout sessions and two keynotes was “leadership.” Dr. Jeffrey Pfeffer , author of Leadership BS: Fixing Workplaces and Careers One Truth at a Time and Power: Why Some People Have It —And Others Don’t , discussed why leadership training is not working.

Finding Your Sunshine At Work

The People Equation

Caroline Adams Miller , a life coach and an expert on developing grit, talked about the heliotropic effect at a conference I attended. That’s my wish for you as well—I hope your search for positive energy is fruitful, even if times seem very cloudy at the moment.

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How to Build a Successful Leadership Pipeline

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Attend career fairs at local colleges, launch internship programs, and create a strong social media and online presence to attract young talent. A graduate recruitment program is the future of the company, so take the time to think about which skills and characteristics are the most important.

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Transform your culture: Lessons from a cooperative, First Credit Union for #CeridianCXDay


Develop leaders to be coaches. Sandra has an executive coaching certificate from Royal Roads University. First Credit Union integrates “the coach approach” into all its one-to-one and performance discussions. The coach approach is all about asking the right questions and enabling employees to discover their own accomplishments and areas of improvement. But, as pointed out in a recent post on Fast Company by Renee Robertson, coaching is not criticism.

HR West 2016 Recap: Putting the Human in Human Resources


Fahlbusch advocates for digital onboarding and making an experience that is “easy, accurate, and leaves employees feeling good (with respect to their time).” The day's theme, for me, through four breakout sessions and two keynotes was “leadership.” Dr. Jeffrey Pfeffer , author of Leadership BS: Fixing Workplaces and Careers One Truth at a Time and Power: Why Some People Have It —And Others Don’t , discussed why leadership training is not working.

want your managers to be more successful? onboard them.

O.C. Tanner

*2016 SHRM Presenter. They need to hire the best employees and then train and coach them for high performance. It’s time to do the same for managers. Now it’s time to support that decision with onboarding. Oh sure, managers get promoted all the time without a replacement.

The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion On Employee Engagement


The next time you are talking to your peers, your professional network, or your co-workers about the impact diversity and inclusion have on employee engagement, think about what I just shared. He also coaches his kids’ sports teams and is an avid hockey player and snowboarder.

Out With Comparisons, In With Confidence


I recently attended a Business Chicks Breakfast at which Nasty Gal founder and Executive Chairperson Sophia Amoruso spoke. It’s a timely lesson for us all. How many times did you get back up when you fell down? How many times were you in the right place at the right time, helping a friend or colleague? Caroline McGuire is a Coach and HR Consultant specialising in maximising potential for individuals both personally and within the workplace.

What NOT To Do Before An Interview


This one may seem counter-intuitive since standard interview advice includes the phrase “early is on time and on time is late.” If you Google the phrase things to do before your interview , you’ll get plenty of hits.

St. Louis Rams – Doing Football Like You Do Employee Engagement

What is Paul Thinking

One of the things I’ve been working on for 2016 (all five days of it) is to try to have a more structured schedule, and that means taking time for breakfast and not spending that time in front of the computer. Is it on flex time and other benefits?

coworker is bringing daily gifts to our team lead, coaching a combative employee, and more

Ask a Manager

She’s had documented attendance and performance issues and has been placed on a PIP. Considering the timing of when the gift was given, it’s likely she hasn’t since it was late on a Friday night when all the department managers were gone for the week. Coaching a combative, negative employee. She has an us vs them mentality when it comes to management and often times takes a combative approach when discussing employee issues, policy changes, updates, or general feedback.

How to Use Emotional Intelligence to Drive Employee Engagement


This can feel exciting and terrifying at the same time. Aimee Lucas, Vice President at Temkin Group, presenting at ACE 2016. Later, I went on to attend grad school and pursued a Masters in Positive Organizational Development & Change. By: Leigh Burger.

How to Link Pay to Performance When You’ve Eliminated Reviews

TLNT: The Business of HR

Performance management is definitely undergoing a midlife crisis; it’s time for it to reinvent itself. For the past few HR and compensation conferences I’ve attended, the question has been heavy in the air: what are you doing about your performance process?

Sometimes You Get Sued and Your Best Employees Come To Your Defense.

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Such is the case with Missouri Softball Coach Ehren Earleywine, who's had a lot of success at Mizzou but was recently under investigation. native, is 453-154 in 10 seasons as Missouri’s coach. Is that grounds for firing a coach? It's every manager's worst nightmare.

HR On-Demand and Augmented Reality


But oh, when I am desperate for a bit of mindless programming, entertainment and personal sanity, I make the time…and I’m talking 4-5 hours of it! Employee safety and peace of mind don’t care if I have a 2-hour block of time carved out to “watch” it.