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The One Habit Business Professionals Need for Success

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I’m not going to keep you in suspense. It’s good posture. Yes, good posture. You would be amazed at what proper posture does for your health, well-being and overall success. And we know that there’s a direct correlation between the way we feel and our work and performance.

Is Your Application Process Killing Your Chances?

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Is finding and attracting qualified applicants a problem for your company? Chances are this is something you are experiencing, since last year, 38% of HR professionals reported difficulties in recruiting employees at all levels of their organization and 55% struggled to find highly skilled employees.

5 Smart Reasons to Snoop on Candidates’ Social Media

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You’ve hired someone whom you believed would be a great fit for your organization, but they’ve turned out to be an absolute disaster! What went wrong? And how can you avoid it in the future? The answer might be as easy as doing a little social media screening.

What Equal Pay Day Means to the Gender Divide — And What HR Needs To Do About It


Today is Equal Pay Day. A day of awareness about the pay gap that exists between men and women, Equal Pay Day symbolizes how far into the next year women must work to earn what men earned in the previous calendar year.

New Report Helps Attract, Retain and Reward Top Talent

The 2019 Best-in-Class Benchmarking Analysis explores what top employers are doing differently to stand out in healthcare cost control and HR management. Use these insights to build a better workplace and confidently position your organization for success.

Happy Employees = Happy Customers [Friday Distraction]

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(Editor’s Note: Today’s post is brought to you by our friends at Kronos , the global leader in delivering workforce management solutions in the cloud.

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HR: The CEO’s Most Trusted Advisor


Among all of the opportunities that HR leaders have, I believe that one of the most valuable is puncturing the CEO bubble by acting in a strategic advisor capacity. As I wrote some time ago, 76% of CEOs value their relationship with HR.

TalentBall: A Home Run for HR

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Break out the peanuts and Cracker Jack—another baseball season has begun. Whether avid followers, casual fans, or somewhere in between, as HR and business professionals, we can all learn a lot from studying the inner workings of America’s pastime.

How To Deliver Bad News At Work – Ask #HR Bartender

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Today’s reader note is one we can all relate to: I’m a new manager. There have been times when I have to conduct a difficult conversation. I don’t have anyone to guide me on how it should be done. Do you have any advice in this area?

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Big Changes? Here's How to Keep Your Team Motivated

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The wonderful part of cleaning the old means there is room to introduce the new. When it comes to business and team processes, creating the new can be just as daunting as it is exciting. Change can make employees a little uncertain or confused when approaching tasks they were confident doing before.

Why (and How) to Switch to a New HR & Payroll Platform

Not all HR & payroll is the same, but it can look pretty similar. If your current platform isn’t meeting your needs, let us walk you through how to differentiate between providers and give you some tips on how to select a platform that works best for your business.

Promote Effective Communication in the Workplace with These 4 Simple Steps


Communication in the workplace is one of our 10 core qualities of a high-performance culture. However, it is so much more than that, because communication feeds into the other nine qualities and affects how everything gets done within the organization. .

7 Trending HR Topics You Must Know in 2016


The legal landscape for employers is constantly shifting and can be very confusing. Below, we touch on seven trending HR topics you need to be aware of in 2016 and direct you to resources to learn. Visit site for full story. Legal News & Compliance hr compliance HR trends 2016

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Standup Meetings Help Build Transparency

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There are only three types of meetings : informational meetings, problem solving meetings, and feedback meetings.

How Recognition Makes WorkHuman


by Lynette Silva. Recognize This! – We all have the ability to create more human workplaces for ourselves and those around us, simply by saying thank you.

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Wage Growth: The Last Employer Holdout to Attract Candidates

You get a job perk! And You get a job perk! Everyone gets job perks! While these perks may have helped get that stellar candidate’s foot in the door, this dynamic of severely low unemployment combined with a historically high job open rate continues with no immediate end in sight. Employers will do well to zero in on one lever many have been avoiding pulling: the almighty salary increase.

Why Empathy Is the Most Important Trait Today


Reflecting upon my career as challenger, innovator & leader, I can safely say that no single idea or business strategy has generated the kind of power that empathy delivers.

From Hoodies to Business Suits: How to Create a Company Dress Code that Mixes Culture and Compliance


As companies grow and start hiring more employees, it often becomes necessary to create a company dress code policy where there wasn’t one before. Likewise, companies often have to alter their. Visit site for full story. Workplace Culture dress code workplace culture

7 Steps to Build Your Professional Peer Network -


This blog is a companion piece to one of our Leadership Intelligence Podcasts, which is part of a series on making the transition into management. In the podcast episode , we describe the need to create a peer network. This blog highlights some of the key points touched upon in the podcast.

Is There Gender Bias in the Workplace?


April 12th marked “ Equal Pay Day ” in the US, a day that unfortunately must remind us that the typical woman earns.79 cents for every dollar a man earns. Reflektive customer Glassdoor supports those findings and reports that their data shows women earn.76 cents for every dollar a man makes. Fortunately in the tech industry, many companies have made it a mission to right this and ensure that a women with equal skill, background and talent is paid the same as a man.

5 Culture Trends for 2019

As we approach 2019, major shifts in the work environment will continue to affect the ways companies do business. Companies that are looking to attract, engage, and retain top talent should leverage these trends to create workplaces where employees thrive.

Keeping Work Human in Tough Times


By Derek Irvine. Recognize This! Tough times can bring difficult personnel decisions, but it is important to keep an emphasis on the human culture that will help employees weather the storm. Tough times often bring some interesting dilemmas for company leadership.

5 Top Risks for Growing Companies (and How to Avoid Them)


Business owners know that there is always the possibility for exposure to certain risks associated with running their organization. Many such risks depend on the type of work you do but many other. Visit site for full story. HR Best Practices top business risks

4 Types of Work Flexibility to Consider for Your Employees


In order to stay competitive with some of the other companies in your industry, you have decided to implement a flexible work policy.

The Role Of HR Analytics In Workforce Planning

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An unprecedented increase in job openings shows that the demand for talent is forcing companies to plan better and recruit better.

Compliance Continuity: Monthly Guidance to Sustain Your Organization's Wellbeing

Natural disasters can result in evacuations, work stoppages, and other disruptions for your employees. With advanced planning, employee benefits can help sustain the overall wellbeing of your workforce before, during, and after a natural disaster.

Optimism 101: How To Lead In Times of Change


Optimists don’t just see the world through rose-colored glasses. They are a key piece of the fabric that helps our organizations and businesses run more smoothly.

How Productive is Overtime?


Remember when a productive work week was capped-off at 40 hours? It seemed that all your work could be accomplished in that time. In recent years, however, increased overtime has become a steadily rising trend in the United States. Today’s average work week for employees is aimed at 47 hours, an additional seven hours of labor cost for the employer. Along with this labor cost, these additional work hours are creating overwhelmed employees that are not being as productive as they can be.

Where to Find Awesome Freebies on Tax Day


It’s that time of year where many of us are scrambling to the finish line to file our 2015 taxes. Due to Washington, D.C.’s ’s observance of Emancipation Day, which falls on April 15 this year, the IRS is deferring to the legal holiday. That means taxes aren’t due until April 18!

3 Secrets Content Marketers Know About Talent Acquisition

Brazen HR

What does marketing have to do with talent acquisition? Plenty, if you consider what hiring managers can learn from content marketers.

The CFO Playbook: 10 Metrics to Transform Your HR Team

CFOs are losing faith in HR’s ability to solve problems with data. Discover the metrics your HR team needs to measure to become more data-driven.