A Very Special Christmas Eve Story From the HR Capitalist.

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The year is 2002 and it''s Christmas Eve. Carol: Well Kris, that is great news. Capitalist: Well Carol, it''s funny you say that. Capitalist Note: This story is a Christmas Eve tradition at the HR Capitalist. Merry Christmas. It''s Christmas Eve. Time for anticipation.

Food Addiction

Revolutionary Wellness

Individuals who are addicted to drugs, as well as obese individuals, have a lower number of dopamine receptors, causing uncontrollable cravings. In fact, from 1977 to 2002 consumption of calories through sweetened beverages doubled. 2002;44(3):175-80.

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Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day?

Revolutionary Wellness

I can personally say that I have worked with hundreds of people on wellness and weight loss, and after I have preached the importance of eating breakfast, my feedback response is nearly always positive. 2002; 46(1):24-30.

“Calories In, Calories Out” What a Joke!

Revolutionary Wellness

In a recent study 1 , it was proven that both the low-fat and low-carbohydrate diets cannot possibly offer pathways towards total body wellness. In fact, from 1977 to 2002 consumption of calories through sweetened beverages doubled. 2002;44(3):175-80.

Women Advancing The Workforce [nfographic]

Inpower Coaching

Well the trend is finally upon us and more and more women are entering into authoritative roles all over the world. Women-owned businesses are growing significantly, with 20% more business in 2007 than there were in 2002. Although we’ve made great strides over the last hundred years in defining equality and in blurring the line between genders and their roles in society, there aren’t that many women in leadership positions.

Sarbanes-Oxley Whistle-Blower Provision May Extend to Privately Held Companies


The Sarbanes–Oxley Act of 2002 , also known called Sarbanes–Oxley, “Sarbox” or “SOX” , is a United States Federal Law that enhanced standards for all U.S. The whistle-blower section protects employees who make a complaint to the authorities as well as employees who pursue an internal complaint. The Supreme Court ruled earlier this month in Lawson v. FMR LLC that two former employees of privately held companies were entitled to the protection of the SOX whistle-blower provisions.

For Young Creatives, Where's the "New" New York?

Cornerstone On Demand

The group of creative innovators and problem-solvers defined by social scientist Richard Florida in 2002—scientists and engineers, professors and teachers, poets and architects, nurses and doctors, artists and musicians—are spreading their wings and flocking to new frontiers.

Compassion For Self – Part 7

Thrive Global

An exceptionally well and persuasively written clarion call to personal and collective action, “The Great Healing – Five Compassions That Can Save Our World” is unreservedly and urgently recommended.” — Midwest Book Review. __. The core ingredients in the vast majority of food products on supermarket shelves, as well as in the meals you order in restaurants, have changed. Community Compassion Diabetes foods for better health GMO Health and Wellness Nutrition

If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try, try, try again. Then, file an age discrimination lawsuit. Then try again.

The Employer Handbook

It’s about a woman in Ohio, well-educated woman in Ohio. In 2002, with an eye toward teaching in the future, she went back to school and earned a degree in early childhood education.

Actionable Tips for Improving the Employee Experience, Turnover & Patient Satisfaction


If you still need an impetus to pay attention, take a look at the scary stats below that underscore the importance of healthcare facilities taking strategic aim at reduc­ing employee turnover, as well as providing an employee experience that links to improving the patient experience and HCAHPS scores. 2014). 2014 National Healthcare and RN Retention Report. JAMA 2002; 288(16): 1987–93.

Are You Falling for the Myth of “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail”?

Business2Community Leadership

For instance, a 2002 study of major construction projects found that 86% went over budget. In turn, a 2014 study of large IT projects found that only 16.2% Such techniques will also help you implement your decisions well, and formulate truly effective long-term strategic plans.

How to Empower Leaders to Become Engagement Champions


Josh presented the Simply Irresistible Organization model at the Achievers Customer Experience (ACE) conference back in 2014. Since its founding in 2002, Achievers has partnered with hundreds of organizations to improve employee engagement and positively impact business results.

AON 89

Shower Thought: Signalling Belonging To Others In The Workplace.

Thrive Global

It is well understood that non-verbal behavior and “emotional body language” have crucial roles in communication and guiding social interactions (Proverbio, Calbi, Manfredi and Zani, 2014).

New Report May Help COBRA Plan Admins Seeking Insight on HCTC Advance Payment Process

HR Daily Advisor

The HCTC was originally created in 2002 to aid workers displaced by trade-related shifts in employment. From 2002 until the credit’s expiration in 2013, the tax credit fluctuated in size; however, at the time of the credit’s expiration, the credit represented 72.5%

Understanding Change and Its Impact on Engagement


Gray and Laidlaw ( 2002 ) argued that the more embedded these processes are within management, the more effective the outcomes are because they enhance the quality of working relationships, harmony, and trust.” By: Leigh Burger. Senior Implementation Manager, Achievers.

AON 96

Changing Employee Needs Driving a New Look for Overseas Job Transfers, Says Survey

HR Daily Advisor

For the seventh time since 2002, Cartus Corporation has released its “Trends in Global Relocation: Global Mobility Policy and Practices” survey report , which outlines the challenges companies are facing, the solutions they are employing, and where they are sending their transferring employees.

11 Reasons You Should Work at Women-led Companies


Perhaps most notably, an analysis from Quantopian, a Boston-based trading firm, found that between 2002 and 2014, companies with women in control saw returns that were 226% higher. We’d say it’s essential that you enter into a company that is performing well.

Employer Faces Class-Action Lawsuit Because of Vague Language in COBRA Notice

HR Daily Advisor

The employer was only able to get the last claim dismissed because a federal district court in Florida found that a 68-year-old who “cannot read English very well” is not an average plan participant.

Is This The Next Hot VC Investment?

SAP Innovation

As the Internet of Things universe grows ever larger, and with devices ever more complex, tech support is changing as well. Los Angeles-based HelloTech , which opened in December 2014, just received an additional $10 million in Series A funding.

Technology as Enabler of 2016 HR Trends: Personalized Learning and Transparency


Blogs delivered on enterprise social networks (ESNs) are a natural way for leaders to openly communicate with their followers and are a great forum for leaders to share their thinking around business decisions, as well as a means to build trust. 2002). 2014).

Executive Interview: Brendan O’Brien, Co-Founder And Chief Architect At Aria Systems

SAP Innovation

The product architecture he designed for Aria in 2002 is the culmination of that experience; it’s an infinitely flexible and scalable billing solution that can be adapted to any industry or vertical.

Technology As Enabler Of 2016 HR Trends: Personalized Learning And Transparency

SAP Innovation

Learning is social and is the result of interactions with others as well as with content. Blogs delivered on enterprise social networks (ESNs) are a natural way for leaders to openly communicate with their followers and are a great forum for leaders to share their thinking around business decisions, as well as a means to build trust. 2002). 2014).