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Recording Workplace Conversations – Ask #HR Bartender

HR Bartender

We’ve seen several instances in the media where a customer or bystander has recorded an employee interaction…and it’s gone viral. The Starbucks employee meltdown over a straw is the latest case in point. But what about employees recording each other? I recently received a very interesting reader question: I just discovered that an employee secretly recorded a conversation with someone else in our company. I wanted to know if he had the right to record the conversation.

4 Ways the Workforce is Changing

ClearCompany HRM

The changing workplace isn’t the office of your parents anymore. Three-piece suits ever so neatly accessorized with the perfect tie and skirt suits coupled with the perfect pair of pumps aren’t staples of most work wardrobes anymore. The ideal employee isn’t a “yes man,” they are the team members that question convention and even (wisely) challenge the opinions of their supervisors.


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A “Quick Start Guide” to Change Communication


Written by: Bill Buttimer. Do you want people to actually adopt your new technology? Imagine people effectively using the system that you’ve spent so much of your credibility, time, and money implementing. Fortunately, change communication doesn’t need to be an elaborate or painful process. Follow these practical steps to apply what you naturally know about excellent change management. The key steps are: Grab the attention of your target. Explain the benefits to them.

The Value of Tracking Turnover—And How to Do It Right

Cornerstone On Demand

Turnover reports. Let's be honest—they're kind of boring. But, if you want to be a business that's responsive to employees and boasts a great company culture, you need to track your turnover. People in small business often say, “I don't need to track anything! I know the names of everyone who works here and I can give you a list of everyone who has left, along with their reasons for leaving! Jane left because her husband got a job in Milwaukee.

How Businesses are Managing the New Reality of Work: A Paycor Survey

We wanted to know how COVID-19 impacted businesses and their workforces. Did they need government funds? How many workers did they layoff or furlough? Are employees working from home now? How’s team morale? And perhaps most importantly, what are their plans for the future? This guide offers a pretty good idea of how business leaders are feeling, what keeps them up at night, and what approaches they’re taking to solve problems. Download the guide to see all the survey results and where your organization might stand comparatively.

Travel Reward Points Are An Employee Perk [poll results]

HR Bartender

We recently ask HR Bartender readers who keeps the reward points accumulated during business travel. Honestly, this one didn’t even come close. Maybe that’s why we received a lower response rate than usual. When it comes to business travel, employees get to keep the points. It made me wonder if part of the reason is because employees have to pay for travel then get reimbursed. Employees get the benefit of keeping the points because the company gets the benefit of not issuing company credit cards.

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Data alignment in an Analytical world


Written by: Ray Eaton. We all have heard the statement, “garbage in – garbage out.” This is especially important when working with data and analytics, and extracting data as databases have become much easier to use. When focusing on analytics and the use of system data, System Administrators must focus on today’s environment, and what the requirements are for tomorrow’s data.

Does Kindness Have a Front Seat at Your Company?

Cornerstone On Demand

Kindness often takes a backseat in the workplace, as organizations prioritize the pressure to achieve financial success. Yet, the extent to which businesses are ignoring kindness is still surprising: An astonishing 98 percent of employees report experiencing uncivil behavior at work. And whether it's verbal abuse from a manager, passing blame on mistakes or talking down to others, even the smallest incivilities can foster a culture of disrespect.

Why Experienced Managers Make Bad Talent Decisions


It seems no one in HR has escaped the story of Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game. For those few who haven’t, however, it is the story of how Billy Beane, as the general manager of the Oakland Athletics baseball team, challenged conventional methods of player evaluations. Supported by carefully interpreted statistical data, Beane focused on landing talent the “old school” experts had overlooked.

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Prevent Exit Interviews With Stay Interviews

HR Bartender

We haven’t thought about them for a while, but stay interviews might be making a comeback. They’re defined as structured interviews designed to learn the reasons that employees stay with a company or the conditions that might cause them to leave. As the talent wars continue, stay interviews can be a valuable way to engage and retain employees.

Mission Critical: Leveraging Learning Engineering to Drive Digital Transformation

Speaker: Trish Uhl, Founder of Owl's Ledge LLC and the Talent & Learning Analytics Leadership Forum

Digital is disrupting every part of an organization's value chain at a record pace, creating a critical need to transform operations and employees' ways of working. Formal training alone can't keep up; it's often too slow, too generic, inconvenient, inefficient, unduly expensive and lacks or lags methods for measuring business-related effectiveness. Trish Uhl show you how to start leveraging Learning Engineering, a multidisciplinary approach that combines modern technology, data analytics, decision science, learning sciences and change management with human-centered engineering design methodologies to ultimately deliver targeted learning outcomes and business results that keep pace with the business and merge learning into the flow of work and lead Digital Adoption.

Recruiting Best Practices- Your Technology and You


Written by: Bob Campagnoni. Acquiring new talent in your organization requires you to navigate around laws regarding discrimination, confidentiality of candidate information and a fiscal responsibility to your organization through timely hires and adherence to salary expectations. Most of us achieve this by using one of the many vendor provided Recruiting Systems.

3 Ways to Avoid Playing Succession-Planning Jenga

Cornerstone On Demand

There's more to succession planning than identifying the next wave of senior managers or VPs. While it's important to groom future leaders for your company, a singular focus on finding "leadership" often comes at the cost of missing talent for lower-level positions. When this happens, your succession planning strategy can feel a lot like a game of Jenga: take a piece from the bottom, put it on top and hope the tower doesn't crumble!

A Few Thoughts on Pre-Hire Predictive Analytics

Something Different

<> …So I recently came across an interesting press release from a firm called Talent Analytics. The release says that the Company can feed its cloud platform into your ATS/HRIS/LMS etc., assessing how likely each applicant for any given position is to be a flight risk by looking at its current employee population and historical turnover data.

Paying Attention To People

All Things Workplace

Last week I was discussing the Hawthorne Effect during a speech on performance. It led to a lively Q&A, so I thought I'd re-visit this post from December, 2009. The original experiment and its impact on management and human behavior are timeless. . In the 1920s, physiologist Elton Mayo conducted experiments at the Hawthorne Electrical Works in Chicago. He was trying to confirm his theory that better lighting led to greater productivity. So, he had the lights on the factory floor turned up.

The Best Sales Forecasting Models for Weathering Your Goals

Every sales forecasting model has a different strength and predictability method. It’s recommended to test out which one is best for your team. This way, you’ll be able to further enhance – and optimize – your newly-developed pipeline. Your future sales forecast? Sunny skies (and success) are just ahead!

Tips for Maintaining Your Focus as a Leader

The People Equation

In the new book The Disciplined Leader , John Manning writes about the importance of focus—and how it drives leadership success. After reading the book, I had the opportunity to ask John some follow up questions. What follows is an edited version of our conversation. Jen: In the book’s introduction, you write that leaders must learn to focus on the “Vital Few” in order to achieve results. How does one go about staying focused on the Vital Few? .

Don't Fear the Machines—Even Supercomputers Need a Human Touch

Cornerstone On Demand

Amidst the frantic warnings that automation may take the jobs of human workers, it is vital for talent management leaders to be a voice for a more nuanced approach. The advance of technology is inevitable, but rather than an "either-or" choice between humans and machines, innovative talent leaders are finding creative and optimal combinations of human and machine interaction.

Onboarding: A New Employee’s Perspective


If you’ve brought someone new into your company recently, you know how important the first few weeks can be in introducing them to your culture. Onboarding is a hot topic right now, but welcoming new employees is more than plying them with tons of swag, champagne, or even a chauffeured ride to work. As a recent addition to the CultureIQ team, I wanted to share a few things I learned from my onboarding process.

Leadership Is the Answer, But What Is the Question?

ATD Human Capital

Leadership development is faltering most organizations. However, ATD 2015 made one thing clear: people development—especially leadership development—is the answer. Perhaps what we’ve lost is the question. Define that first…then develop and empower leaders at every level to address it. Click here to read full version

ATS 150

Benefits benchmarking data for better employee and organizational wellbeing

Recognize your strengths and identify opportunities to retain valuable employees, increase employee engagement and achieve organizational goals. See where you stand against trends informed by nearly 4,000 employers and face your future with confidence.

What It Really Means To Humanize Work


Mindfulness, values, play, and other themes from the inaugural WorkHuman Summit. By Tim Leberecht. It was about time. As Derek Irvine, Vice President, Client Strategy and Consulting at Globoforce , pointed out in a quick historical office tour stretching from the Ancient Greeks to the knowledge age, we have “2,000 years of experience in removing humanity from the workplace.”

Ten Dad-Friendly Workplaces

Cornerstone On Demand

When we talk about the quest to “have it all," it's almost always in reference to working women trying to balance a stressful 9-to-5 with the equally difficult demands of family. To be sure, women face distinct challenges in the workplace and high expectations at home. But this Father's Day, let's not forget that dads are increasingly juggling work and home life, too.

Let’s Talk Flextime


To an employee, flextime sounds like a dream come true. But to a manager, flextime might seem like a logistical nightmare. We’re seeing more and more companies implement policies that enable employees to choose their preferred working hours. Such policies allow employees to improve the balance between their professional and personal lives, which can have a positive effect on your workplace culture. Flextime Pros.

When Comparing Offers, Always Pick the Best Boss.

The HR Capitalist

So you've got more than one offer to choose from? Congrats! If you're like most people, the fact that you're pondering two different offers means the money is close enough to take either job. That means you're probably comparing the two different companies, wondering which one is a better fit for you or will be the most advantageous to your career. . Comparing companies is one of the biggest mistakes you can make - if you're high potential.

How to Elevate Employee Voice to Guide a Culture Transformation

2020’s boldest people leaders are building and living core values along with their employees. Elevating Employee Voice engages an organization’s “collective hearts and habits” to drive transformation at scale. It connects every individual, manager and team in an authentic dialogue to create shared alignment, ownership and trust in the path ahead.

Hacked, Jacked, and 11 Other Random Things


It’s been a whirlwind this past week and I’m just catching my breath for a bit. The site was hacked for the first time in over six years. Lesson learned: choose a strong password and don’t ignore strange activity with your web host. I was able to scramble and get it working again, but if you happen to run across something that doesn’t look right, please let me know and I’ll address it ASAP. In the meantime, I’m pumped for a wide variety of reasons.

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Tips for Overcoming Employee Inaction

Something Different

<> Encouraging employees to participate in total rewards programs or take necessary actions can be challenging for organizations. Stephen Wendel, Principal Scientist, HelloWallet, discusses the use of incentives and provides tips to overcome inaction including communications best practices. Happy Friday, Rory. Compensation hr human resources

(Webinar) How The Hershey Company transformed its global recognition strategy


Sweet Success at Hershey. Tuesday, June 23rd at 2 p.m. ET | 11 a.m. PT | 1 p.m. CT | 6 p.m. Register now to attend. How does your company recognize employees? Do you have disparate programs or one comprehensive strategy? The Hershey Company grappled with the same questions. From 2012 to 2013, the recognition and reward category in their “Many Voices” employee survey dropped 8 percent. But all that changed after Hershey Smiles.

52 Messages for Becoming a Disciplined Leader

The People Equation

As a leader, are you committed to “relentless self-control and positive work habits?” In the book The Disciplined Leader, author John Manning makes the case for discipline, writing that effective leaders employ “consistent application of certain mindsets and actions that are vital for [their] success.”. Yet, as Manning found when he began conducting research for this book, some people were squeamish about the word “discipline.”

Group Demonstration Webinar: 100% Remote New Employee Onboarding

Speaker: David Secunda, CEO, WorkBright

Companies are looking to adjust their new hire onboarding to accommodate unique ‘social distancing’ challenges like securely collecting personally identifiable information and understanding new compliance regulations like Form I-9 verification. Join Workbright on Thursday, August 27th, to get a first-hand look at how a 100% remote onboarding process works using their system. They'll cover a few of the new COVID-19 related legislation changes and how they can be easily facilitated with their platform.

Why Applying Important Life Skills at Work Matters


by Derek Irvine. Recognize This! Expressing your appreciation to others is a skill and muscle that requires practice and exercise, in all avenues of life. I’ve many sources for inspiration for this blog, but one that has rapidly become a favorite is LinkedIn. LinkedIn has become a powerful resource for far more than recruiting leads. The amount of knowledge, insight and wisdom shared by people from across industries, jobs, roles, and functions is simply astounding.

Trends in Employee Recognition 2015

Something Different

<> Rose Stanley, CCP and Practice Leader for World at Work provides highlights from a recent survey highlighting trends in employee recognition programs. Happy Friday, Rory. Benefits Compensation compensation hr human resources recognition total rewards

WorkHuman 2015 Reading List


One of the breakout hits of WorkHuman 2015 last week was the element of the conference that was perhaps closest to my own heart–the WorkHuman Bookstore. We put the bookstore right into the center of the event for a reason. The ideas and research of our WorkHuman speakers are critical takeaways for us to bring back to our organizations. If you visited the WorkHuman Bookstore, you probably met Anne Marie and Sarah–who did such a fantastic job as first-time-out booksellers.