Why Does It Appear That Bad Training Works?

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The good news in this scenario is that many structured training programs will yield a positive return. As a matter fact, ANY structured training program will yield a short-term positive return. You see, at any given time, all training programs provide similar results.

A Few Thoughts on Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans

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<www.financialsamurai.com> …So in my (seemingly never-ending) quest to learn everything I can about employer sponsored non-annuity based savings vehicles, I have spent a lot of time reading about nonqualified deferred compensation plans.

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Every #HR Pro Should Own a Marketing Textbook

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I believe they want to offer compensation packages that allow them to attract and retain the best people (i.e. Business and Customers Employee Engagement Recruiting and Retention Strategy and Planning Training and Development human resources marketingThere. I said it.

How to Increase Your Training Impact through Business Simulations

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Simulations improve the impact of training because they are the real-life “glue” that connects leadership theory with hands-on action. Once available only to Fortune 500 companies with large training budgets, now even smaller companies can use these training techniques.

Creating Strategy and Being Strategic Aren’t the Same Thing

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There are many different kinds of business strategies – marketing strategies, compensation strategies, recruitment strategies, social media strategies, even strategic plans. Business and Customers Consulting Leadership and Management Training and Development business strategic planning

Cafe Classic - The P90X Workout and Effective Performance Compensation

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I like finding unique training tools for compensation professionals. My newest addition is the P90X training system. There are a few keys to the success of this system that can be applied to any variable compensation program.

Executive Compensation 101: What to Consider

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How do you decide the appropriate level of compensation? How do you align executive compensation goals with the overall company compensation philosophy? Executive Compensation–Consider the Angles. What items besides cash compensation can be offered?

HR and Employment Trends for 2015

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Let’s take a look at some of the HR and employment trends for 2015. The Trends (and Changes) for 2015. As such, the burden is shifting back to employers to provide training. What 2015 trends are already emerging in your organization?

HR Basics: How to Cope When You Have a Compensation Department of One

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Often, we talk about “compensation departments and compensation professionals” as if every company has one or both. But, what if, as is often the case, a company has NO compensation professional on staff? Many successful companies operate with a compensation department of none.

More Results from the 2015 Employee Leave Survey

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The results of our 2015 Employee Leave Survey are in and reveal that 99.4% Start on Monday, November 16, 2015, with a new interactive webinar— Beyond FMLA Basics: How to Handle Complex Tracking and Other Employee Leave Challenges. Monday, November 16, 2015.

How to Negotiate a Compensation Package for a New Hire

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Taylor, PHR, SHRM-CP, PayScale Senior Blogger Hiring great people starts with offering them a competitive work culture and compensation package. PayScale’s 2015 Compensation Best Practices Report revealed that a top concern for companies is attracting and retaining the best talent.

2016 Compensation Budgets Looming: What Industries Support Increases?

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Organizations didn’t know where to even start creating competitive compensation offerings because of the uncertainty of things. Now, it’s up to comp managers to up the ante with strong compensation strategies in the top growth markets. Tess C.

How to Speak With Your Non-Profit Employees About Compensation

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By Sonnet Lauberth, PayScale Compensation Professional Compensation can be a tricky topic, especially within the non-profit sector where many employees feel that they are “overworked and underpaid.” Some important things to discuss with your managers include: The basics of compensation.

Developing employee skills with generous training incentives

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When this is the case, smart companies turn to training and development to bring their current and future employees up to speed. Why make training a highlight of employee compensation and benefits? It makes good business sense to offer on-the-job training for all your employees.

Training as a Strategic Approach to Affirmative Action Planning

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And certainly warrants an investment in time, resources, and good old fashioned training. Compensation Compliance Affirmative Action HR Training OFCCP AuditWhen most HR professionals hear “affirmative action,” words like compliance, regulations, or even audit may follow.

Four Questions Strategic HR Pros Ask to Drive a Culture of Ethics in Financial Services


But with Big Data, culture can also be measurable, and boiled down into actionable insights so that it permeates everything from hiring and training to compensation practices. Workforce Intelligence 101 compensation culture HR leadership advice

PayScale's Compensation Glossary: Part 4 of 4

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Jenni Marquez, CCP, PayScale Compensation Professional Let’s review. If the external inequity is due to internal pay being higher than market, then you likely have a compensation budget problem. Why it matters: Compression is one of the more challenging issues in compensation.

5 Reasons HR Needs a Seat in the C-Suite

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In order to do that, a company needs a CHRO to not only develop a succession plan, but also monitor its progress by identifying promotable talent and cross-training opportunities. Performance assessment is another contentious issue, particularly because of its close tie to compensation.

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Walmart $1 Billion Investment Reaffirms Importance of Total Compensation

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By Tess Taylor, PayScale Senior Blogger and Mykkah Herner, PayScale Director of Compensation Everywhere you turn, there’s more news about big companies like Target, McDonald’s and TJ Maxx raising the minimum wage.

Double the Value of Your Equity Compensation Communications


Equity Compensation is a vital part of an employee benefit package that you must address well with your communications. A recent GuideSpark study found that almost half of employees surveyed wish they had better training in communicating better compensation and benefits.

PayScale Tools for Today's Comp Pro! Compensation Glossary: Part 1 of 4

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Jenni Marquez, CCP, PayScale Compensation Professional Even the most seasoned HR professional might take a big gulp if approached by their CEO to take charge of anything comp. That’s because, despite being part of the HR department, compensation is like the cool kid at a party.

Starting Small: Communicating Compensation Doesn't Have to be All or Nothing

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Think you can’t communicate comp until you have a fully detailed, flawlessly executed Compensation Constitution in place? Here is how to take the first steps toward communicating comp, using some common scenarios where conversing about compensation is key.

Cost-to-Hire: Don’t Spend $100s to Earn Pennies

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Additional variables include unemployment compensation, missed business opportunities, loss of team productivity, poor customer service, outplacement, weakened employer brand, litigation fees. How often do you make bad hires?

The Significance of Training Your Staff on Affirmative Action Planning

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Attending an AAP training course affords the opportunity for professionals to learn from the experts who work directly with OFCCP— providing the comprehensive training and unmatched guidance needed to complete a successful AAP.

Compensation Administration: Why Make It Formal?

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Having a formal plan for determining and administering pay and benefits is often referred to as “compensation administration.” Compensation Administration: What to Consider. What other considerations did you find important when setting up your compensation policies?

A Few Thoughts on the “Hometown Discount” as Part of an Organization’s Comp Strategy

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Why You Need a New Strategy for Retaining Female Talent

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Set standards for both genders and give managers the training they need to be comfortable managing flextime workers. Function as a results-only work environment (ROWE), and create formal compensation policies with clear criteria. There are big changes coming to American companies.

The Basic Components (and Pitfalls) of a Total Compensation Statement

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Many employers are beginning to present total compensation statements (also known as total reward statements) as a means of showing employees how the organization is investing in them. A total compensation statement may include:/p>. Compensation benefits business HR PTO

Make Your Compensation Work Across Generations

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In yesterday’s Advisor , we looked at the first two of Payscale’s five compensation tips for workers at all stages of their careers, referencing their report, Compensation Challenges for a Multi-Generational Workforce. ” Recruiting is a challenge for 2015.

Going to the 2015 ILG National Conference? Visit Berkshire for Some Awesome Compliance Resources!

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Compensation Compliance Affirmative Action HR Training HR solutions Applicant Tracking SoftwareBerkshire Associates is headed to New York to meet with HR and compliance professionals for this year’s ILG National Conference.

How Smart Talent Management Can Shift the Employee Productivity Curve

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Regular training opportunities, for example, can result in higher sales and gross profits for employees. Organizations that devoted the most resources to training and development saw a 45 percent jump in shareholder returns, according to McKinsey and Co.

Compensation Update: Wage Statements, OFCCP Investigations, and Interviews

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The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) has made it well known that compensation inequality is at the top of its enforcement agenda. Compensation 2016 enforcement JD OFCCPBy Susan Schoenfeld, JD.

The HR Leadership Revolution — Will You Thrive?


A February 2015 study — conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of Visier — surveyed 301 corporate executives at companies with revenue of $1 billion or more across America and asked about sought-after HR leadership skills.

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HR, Training and the ‘Gig’ Economy


New survey data finds few organizations are investing in their employees’ training and development these days, and I’m beginning to think the “gig economy” may have something to do with it. For those companies that are providing training, only 35 percent are offering career development opportunities online. And, according Saba, the majority of employees (57 percent) are simply getting their training from “on the job” experience.

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Training Classes and Hours of Work

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If you make an offer to a candidate that is contingent on passing your training classes, can you make those training classes unpaid? The answer to your question depends on whether the time spent in training is hours worked as defined under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).