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HR 101: The history of LinkedIn

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Reid Hoffman came up with the idea for a professional social network in 2002. Welcome to HR 101. Class is now in session. Today’s discussion will focus on the history of LinkedIn. The history. The dotcom bubble had burst, and it was a time of career uncertainty for many, particularly in the tech industry.

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Top 5 Considerations for Patient Safety


Patient Safety Awareness Week was first observed in 2002 by the National Patient Safety Foundation, which merged with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement in 2017. Patient safety is defined by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) as “freedom from accidental or preventable injuries produced by medical care.”


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Pay Equity Still Lags for Women Administrators

Cupa HR

This represents an increase of just 3 cents from 2002, when women made 90 cents for each dollar a man was paid. Deputy CHROs who are women were paid only 83 cents, a figure that remained unchanged from 2002 through 2022. In 2022, women held one in three campus presidencies, an increase of 60% from 2002.

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Taking Steps Toward Equity on Juneteenth

Cupa HR

Recent research reports include: The Higher Education Financial Aid Workforce: Pay, Representation, Pay Equity, and Retention ( read now ) Representation and Pay Equity in Higher Education Faculty: A Review and Call to Action ( read now ) Higher Ed Administrators: Trends in Diversity and Pay Equity From 2002 to 2022 ( read now ) The Higher Ed Admissions (..)

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How Wayfair Uses People Analytics to Improve DEI


Founded in 2002, the e-commerce giant has grown into a global organization with over 16,000 employees worldwide. E-commerce has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry with the home category alone expected to exceed $1 trillion by 2030 across North America and Western Europe.

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Workers’ Comp: Ways to Protect Employee’s Health Benefits


This issue was decided in 2002, yet the question continues to come up. In 2002, however, the entire panel of workers’ compensation judges decided in the case of Navarro v. How long do we have to continue to pay for his health insurance? Workers’ Comp Ruling.

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What You Need to Know About California Paid Family Leave [+ FAQs]

Patriot Software

California was the first state to create a paid family leave (PFL) program in 2002 (benefits became available in 2004). Since then, 11 other states have created paid family leave programs (plus Washington D.C.). If you’re an employer in California, you must withhold PFL contributions from employees’ wages while running payroll.

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